[One and a half year old child recipe]_One and a half year old child_has some kind of

[One and a half year old child recipe]_One and a half year old child_has some kind of

When the baby is one and a half years old, he can eat a certain amount of food. He no longer completely accepts liquid food. There can also be some fixed food because the child already has teeth and can chew the food. One and a half years oldBabies are at a critical period of growth and development, so diet is more concerned about nutrition, and parents can learn this mix.

Characteristics of nutritional requirements for babies 1 and a half years old To be healthy and strong, children need to eat a sufficient amount of protein, impurities, traces, vitamins and minerals.

If you can provide your children with a wide range of options, they will surely get everything they need.

The amount of food the child eats is related to the child ‘s activity and whether it is at a peak of growth. For example, after the first birthday, the child’s growth rate gradually slows down, but it quickly increases, at which time the child begins to learn to walk.

By 18 months, the child’s daily conversion needs are three times that of an adult (by weight), because the child’s growth rate is very fast.

Be sure to give your child sufficient energy at this stage, typically 50 calories per 500 grams of body weight.

Children need 25 grams of protein per day, which is not twice as much as an infant, but still twice as much as an adult.

When the child is almost 2 years old, his diet is similar to that of an adult.

From a health perspective, it doesn’t matter what is the most basic food. Children only need a lot of fresh and carefully prepared foods to achieve nutritional balance.

Milk is also the main source of protein that children need (a glass of milk contains 8 grams of protein), and in addition, children need to drink white water or alternative fruit juices.

How to add 1 year and a half baby complementary food?

Main food: Grain, vegetables, meat Supplementary foods: milk, eggs, cereals and beans Breakfast time: morning: breakfast: milk (200 ml) bread (25 g) (about 6 am) breakfast snack: stewed eggs (egg) One, 5 grams of vegetable oil) (around 8 am) Lunch: Soft rice (40-50 grams of rice) Steamed scallops (30 grams of scallops, seasoned with salt) Sautéed vegetables with shrimp skin (3 grams of shrimp skin, 50 grams of vegetables, 5 grams of oil)Carrot tofu soup (5 g carrots, 10 g tofu) (around 12 noon)