Today’s Gourmet Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce

Today’s Gourmet Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce

Satay sauce is generally popular in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other places.

Its color is orange, and its texture is delicate. It usually has a spicy and salty flavor, which has the effect of appetizing and digesting. The sand tea sauce produced in Chaoshan and other places evolved from satay sauce.

The recommended “Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce” is a piece of food that the author has tasted when he is looking for food.

  Ingredients: 400g of light chicken, 200g of potato, 30g of satay sauce, 30ml of coconut juice, 15g of ginger flakes, 15g of spring onion, 15g of garlic (striped and peeled), salt, sugar, chicken, soup, Rice wine, peanut oil each amount.

  Method: Wash the light chicken and cut the pieces for later use; wash and peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and steam for later use; open the pan and add oil, sauté the garlic, ginger slices, shallot segments and satay sauce, stir fry the chicken pieces for a while, stirRice wine, potatoes and chicken broth, coconut milk, simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat until the chicken is fully cooked, then season the sauce.

Toilet seat is in trouble, specializing in boys’ private parts

Toilet seat is in trouble, specializing in boys’ private parts

Friends with little boys in the family should pay attention. British urologists found that penile injuries in small boys due to toilet circles are on the rise. Although it is only a small foreskin, it scares parents.

These little boys all wanted to try their own toilet and lift the toilet seat, but did not settle down, and then the toilet seat fell down again.

The doctor made the following suggestions to prevent such accidents: 1.

Install a slower, cushioning toilet seat. Do not allow young boys to use toilets with heavy toilet seats such as wood or ceramic.


Before the children have the ability to raise the seat themselves, usually keep the toilet seat in a raised state.

The trick to prevent insomnia

The trick to prevent insomnia

Insomnia refers to the reduction of regular sleep, or it is not easy to fall asleep, or it is easy to wake up, can not fall asleep after waking up, and even sleepless all night.

  Insomnia is very common and everyone may have experienced it.

Excessive tension, surprise, sadness and other emotions destroy the normal laws of the brain’s neural activity, making the balance of excitement and inhibition process imbalance, can lead to insomnia.

Overall, 15% of adults have severe insomnia.

  There is no doubt that more and more people are insomnia, and most of them are mental workers.

Insomnia has a great impact on life and work, and even leads to the emergence of many social problems. As a result, it has aroused widespread concern in society.

So how do you prevent insomnia?


Avoid mental stress and maintain a good attitude.

Everyone should arrange work and study according to their own characteristics, and the expectations should not be too high.

In this way, there may be unexpected effects.


Try not to stay up late.

Due to social competition, many people work overtime every day.

At night, drink strong tea and refresh your coffee to continue working.

In the long run, the body clock of the human body is disrupted, and the law of sleep is destroyed, resulting in insomnia.

Therefore, you can not drink strong tea, coffee and other exciting drinks before going to bed.


Life tries to maintain regularity.

The law of life is very important to people’s health. Without a good rest, they can’t work well.

Therefore, if you want to have sufficient toxicity to cope with competition, you must have a regular life and ensure adequate sleep.


Exercise properly to prevent insomnia.

Every morning and evening, you can exercise properly, such as walking, jogging, and tai chi, which is conducive to mental relaxation, making the sleep center work properly and falling asleep smoothly.


The diet should be reasonable.

On the basis of guaranteeing three meals a day, dinner should be eaten less, avoiding big fish and spicy food.

Chinese medicine has a famous saying: “The stomach is not harmonious, but lying uneasy.

“It is said that eating uncomfortable will cause insomnia, so dinner can not be eaten too full, and to eat light, easy to digest food as well.


Bathing at night is good for sleep.

Soak your feet for 10 minutes every night with warm water and massage your feet to promote blood circulation and promote sleep.


Avoid excessive excitement or excessive thinking before going to bed.

If you don’t watch too intense movies, TV, and novels before going to bed, don’t think about excessive sorrow, and relax your spirit, which will help you fall asleep.

  Dietary treatment materials: 5 red dates, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 longan, 15 grams of Chinese yam, 100 grams of rice.

  System of law: red dates, lotus seeds, longan, yam, washed with the previous rice until cooked, put warm.

  Function Description: Longan fills the heart and spleen, benefits qi and blood, soothe the nerves; red dates nourish blood and soothe the nerves; lotus seeds, yam benefits Qi Yang, spleen and kidney.
It is a combination of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the heart.
  Recommended medication: Qiye Shenan tablets, melatonin tablets, Tianma capsules, Anxie Bugnao syrup, Ningning granules, Wumai puzzle mixture, compound Zaoren capsule (Hill Anning) and so on.

Three keys to job search success

Three keys to job search success

Some job seekers rushed blindly and “returned”; some job seekers were eager to achieve success, and even flattered the recruiting manager, the results were counterproductive.

In fact, if you pay attention to skills and think well, you can find “shortcuts” on the job search path.

  In the job search process, if you do not understand the application skills and do not sell yourself, it will be difficult to find opportunities.

Some job seekers rushed blindly and “returned”; some job seekers were eager to achieve success, and even flattered the recruiting manager, the results were counterproductive.
In fact, if you pay attention to skills and think well, you can find “shortcuts” on the job search path.

Based on my job search experience, the author summarizes three psychological factors for successful job search for reference of the majority of job seekers.

  It’s normal to be rejected by employers during the job search process.

The reasons are endless: either your education is not enough, or the majors you are studying are incomplete; otherwise, it is limited by age, experience and other factors.

It can be said that unless you are a “tailor-made” professional, the probability that a recruiting unit will fall in love with you at first sight is rare.

The key is to build confidence in the job search process, do not give up any opportunity that may succeed, and have a spirit of unsuccessful vows.

As the so-called “sincereity comes, the stone is open”.

Any employer welcomes the kind of perseverance and perseverance.

  Reveal your own strengths. Anyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The key is to be able to make up for shortcomings with strengths and “make up for the poor with diligence.”

For example, some people may not have a high degree of education, but there are eloquences that others cannot. Others may be too old and far from the “age range” represented by the employer.Management skills.

Maybe some of your strengths are just what the employer wants.

If you can show your strengths appropriately, you may win the favor of employers.

  Before you enter the role, you can plan ahead and apply for more information.

When entering the interview stage, choose the right time to take the initiative, or propose a more perfect reform plan for the existing operation of the recruiting unit; or make a prospect for the company’s development prospects; or talk about what you can do once you are hiredCan bring benefits to them, etc.

The key is to talk about ideas and make recruiters have the impression that although you haven’t officially “entered”, you have already entered the role in advance.

In this case, wouldn’t the employer have a crush on you?

It is also easy to have four internal fires in winter.

It is also easy to have four internal fires in winter.

Many people think that it is easy to get angry only in summer. In fact, cold winter is also the “peak season” for getting angry.

  Most of the causes of winter fires can be attributed to “dryness”: First, people like to sit in a heated room, and eat a lot of meat and spicy food, just like “pouring oil on the fire”, so that the internal heat is constantly gathered.

Second, the pressure at the end of the year is intensified, and many people will inevitably become irritable, worried, and easily get angry.

If the “fire” does not dissipate, it becomes “poison gas”, resulting in a decrease in the body’s immunity and providing an opportunity for various diseases.

  Han Baofei fire is susceptible to colds.

The winter is severely cold, and everyone usually only thinks of the cold caused by the cold, but many colds are “cold fire”, which is a cold caused by internal heat and lungs plus the external cold beam surface.

Some people sit continuously in a hot room without paying attention to hydration. They also eat fat and thick taste. Although the weather is cold, their bodies are in a “hot sky” scene.

Suddenly go out to touch the cold air, you can’t adapt for a while, and a cold will occur. The surface is cold, and the whole body is afraid of cold and fever.Symptoms.

  Heartbreaking sores.

The dry weather in winter, if you take supplements or spicy food stimulantly, you can also cause heartburn, prone to sore tongue, swollen gums, upset, and insomnia.

  Liver-fire dizziness and dry eyes.

Poor sleep quality caused by too much heating at night or often staying up late to disrupt the normal work and rest time of the human body will cause the liver to not rest, so they have to work overtime to detoxify, causing the liver fire to be strong, and easily dizzy.

In addition, there may be symptoms such as irritability, redness of both eyes.

  Stomach fire Sheng mouth bitter constipation.

People who are full of alcohol, who eat spicy and greasy foods are likely to have a strong stomach fire due to hot and humid food and stagnation.

Those with mild stomach fire may seem to be unable to eat forever. In fact, it is the illusion that the stomach heat gives the brain; when the fire reaches a certain level, they will become unable to eat anything.

Stomach fire, upper abdominal discomfort, dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry stool, constipation and other symptoms.

  Therefore, in the cold season, health maintenance is not just to keep warm and supplement replacement, but also to properly “fire” to maintain the body’s balance.

First of all, make sure the indoor humidity is around 50%. You can place a pot of water or a humidifier.

First of all, drink plenty of water to cool down the body. Those who fall in love can add peppermint and chrysanthemum.

Once again, you should eat cold food appropriately for your health. Those with a healthy stomach and stomach can eat cold dishes, and those with a poor stomach and stomach can eat cold foods such as Chinese cabbage and celery, and less hot fruits such as pineapple and orange.

Finally, you must live a regular life, ensure adequate sleep, and avoid staying up late and getting tired.

Finally, don’t reject cold air.

When the weather is good, you can choose jogging, aerobics, Tai Chi and other outdoor sports to enhance the human body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes.

  In addition, Hegu Acupoint (located at the “Tiger Mouth”) has the effect of clearing heat and dissolving the surface. Sometimes massage can relieve gum swelling and pain, constipation, sore throat, nosebleeds and other symptoms.

Four basic principles of devotional yoga

Four basic principles of devotional yoga

Four Basic Principles Anyone who is interested in advancing in devotional yoga must reject certain sinful activities below.

  l. Eating fish, meat, and egg food types Food is full of lust and ignorance, so it cannot be offered to the Lord.

If a person eats this kind of food, it is a violent complicity against isolated and helpless animals, and spiritual progress will soon stop.

  2, funeral always stimulates people’s desire, greed, jealousy and hatred.

  3. Ingest narcotics and alcoholic beverages, including tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, etc., which contain trace anesthetic ingredients and tobacco.

  Drugs, alcohol, tobacco leaves, and any beverages and foods that contain caffeine can overstimulate the senses and anesthetize the mind, making it impossible for people to understand or follow the principles of devotional yoga.

At the same time, you should not eat onions, garlic, chives and other foods with a strong odor.

Try to eat less or no foolish foods such as fungi, which will affect a person’s mind.

  4. Illegal sexual behavior refers to sexual behavior outside marriage or sexual behavior that is not intended for reproduction after marriage.

Sex for pleasure will strengthen one’s physical awareness and stay away from Krsna consciousness.

Classics teach that sex is the most powerful force that binds us to the physical world.

Anyone who is interested in Krsna’s conscious progress should minimize sex or avoid it altogether.

Double Yoga helps improve quality of life

Double Yoga helps improve quality of life

Yoga is a fitness sport that many women love, and too many men also like it.

In fact, men and women can practice two-person yoga, which can not only exercise but also improve the sexual quality of both parties?

  So, can a certain technique of double yoga help improve the quality of sex?

  1. Camel style-Camel style enhanced spine length woman: The two kneeled opposite each other and opened slightly.

The spine is bent backwards, the body leans back, holding the heels of the hands, the tiger’s mouth is extended, slowly relax, and the head is also tilted backwards; the man: the same movements as hers, by holding the thigh tightly, maintaining this posture for 3-5 breaths, strengthening the spineAnd spinal cord complications, nourish the spinal nerves, so that the spine and brain are nourished by fresh blood.

  Note: If the spine is insufficiently elastic and the backward bend is defective, you can help each other to help her (he) support the waist.

  2. Snake-double lotus-type man: prone on the mat, put his hands on the top and bottom, straighten his legs together, and use his arms to support the body into a cobra style.

  Woman: Above him, put his hands on his waist and back, put his legs together and put his feet on his legs, and use his toes and arms to support his body.

Control this position for 3-5 breaths.

  Note: If he feels too stressed in this position, she can support her hands apart.

  3, dance style-dance style test your body balance business woman: balance, right leg lifted up, right hand grabbed the instep, left hand stretched forward to ensure the body upright; man: help to achieve balance behind her, according toAdjust her stance with a range of motion, hold 3 breaths, and then ask her to do the same on the other side.

  Note: The biggest thing two people can do yoga together is to make it easy to maintain balance.

If you ca n’t straighten your legs up, do n’t force them, try your best to maintain balance.

  4, spine twist-spine twist to create the perfect tail curve man: the two sit at right angles to each other, the left leg is close to her left leg, the right leg overlaps, the right foot crosses her left leg, placedOn the ground where her left leg was broken, her toes were forward.

When inhaling, stretch the spine and head upwards, the head will drive the body to twist to the right, and look at the direction of the right shoulder.

Hands open naturally at both ends of the body.

  Woman: The movement is the same as that of his, the right leg crosses his left leg, and the heel is close to the part of his left leg.

Hold 3-5 breaths, and then change directions to do the same.

  Note: Turn the neck, chest, and waist in turn to gently squeeze the stomach, liver, kidneys, and tibia.

  5. Fish style-Fish style can be a breast-enhancing man: the lotus position, the body is leaning back, the headrest is at the intersection of her calves, the hands are tilted upwards, holding her substitute.

As you inhale, arch your hips and maintain the same breathing rate as her.

Adhering to this posture for 5 breaths is very helpful for alleviating waist fatigue; woman: lotus position, holding his hands on his shoulders.

  Note: The fish type is good for expanding the tibia, expelling the turbid air in the body, and is good for the recovery of bronchitis; it can also increase blood circulation in the head and nourish the pituitary and pineal glands.

  Yoga can control the emotions of sympathy and love. Practicing yoga together can increase the mutual love of each other.

At the same time, the reproductive circle (the part related to the gonads) located in the perineum can also be strengthened by correct posture exercises and maintain the balance of estrogen and male hormone secretion.

To improve the quality of sex, both men and women can often exercise.

Recommended food therapy for acute and chronic pharyngitis

Recommended food therapy for acute and chronic pharyngitis

Acute pharyngitis (acute pharyngitis) is an acute attack of the pharyngeal mucosa that spreads to the submucosa and lymphoid tissues. It is often secondary to acute rhinitis or acute tonsils or is part of an upper respiratory infection.

It is also often a local manifestation of a systemic disease or a precursor to an acute infectious disease.

  Chronic laryngitis: Mainly chronic inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa. Diffuse inflammation is often part of chronic catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Local inflammation is often accompanied by inflammation of the larynx lymphoid tissue.

Chronic pharyngitis is a common disease in clinical practice, and frequently occurs. In conventional drug treatment, it is stubborn and recurrent. It is more common in middle-aged people.

  Acute pharyngitis is generally caused by a cold, divided into two types: wind-heat and wind-cold; chronic pharyngitis is mostly caused by virtual fire.

The three types of syndromes behave differently, and the dietary prescriptions are also different.

According to the syndrome type, the following dietary prescriptions are recommended: 1. Chronic pharyngitis: manifested as dry and itchy throat, or slight pain, or foreign body sensation.

The hands and feet are usually hot and the tongue is red.

  Recommended medicated diet: salty olive oatmeal drink (4 salty olives, 30 grams of Ophiopogon, 20 grams of reed root).

Add two and a half bowls of water to these three flavor medicines, fry to one bowl, remove the residue, and take in several portions.

This formula has the effects of nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing and moisturizing dryness, and is suitable for patients with chronic pharyngitis.

  People with inflammation on the virtual fire and a burning sensation in the throat can take Wood Butterfly Tea (Wood Butterfly 10g, Mint 3g, Black Ginseng 10g, Ophiopogon 10g), add water and simmer for 15 minutes, remove the medicine residue and redeemAdd 20 grams of honey and take it gently.

This prescription is cold, and the spleen and stomach are cold.

  2. Acute pharyngitis: 1) If acute pharyngitis caused by a cold feels wind and heat, dry and burning throat, itching, and then redness and swelling and pain, cough and sputum, fever and thirst will occur.

  Recommended medicated diet: Sydney stewed bean root.

  Production method: Peel a piece of Sydney, cut into slices and put in a pot.

Add 1 bowl of water and fry to half a bowl.

While hot, add 6 grams of mountain bean root powder, appropriate amount of sugar, take three times.

If the sore throat is accompanied by cough, 60 grams of fresh olives and 10 grams of plums are slightly smashed, then add 300 ml of water, fry to 100 ml, remove the residue and add a small amount of white sugar to take several times.

  2) Feel the throat soreness caused by wind chills, and swallow unfavorably.

  Recommended medicated diet: Scallion Liyan Decoction.

  Put 6 grams of Chinese bellflower and 3 grams of licorice in the water and cook for 6 minutes, then add two scallions, cover and cook for one or two minutes, take while hot, take once in the morning and evening to dissolve the effect of dispersing cold.

If you have nausea and vomiting symptoms, you can add 15 grams of ginger slices to the fried eustoma and licorice water, cook for another 2 minutes, and publish the cold-dispelling effect.

The psychological bottom line of interpersonal communication

The psychological bottom line of interpersonal communication

Franklin was admired by the world, not only because he was the founding father of the United States and an outstanding scientist and politician, but also because he has been respected by future generations as the perfect model of human spirit.

Let’s take a look at the psychological inspiration Franklin taught us.

  One day, Franklin and the young assistant went out to work, and when they came to the exit of the office building, they saw a young girl walking not far away.

Maybe she was too hastily paced, and suddenly she stepped on her feet, lost her balance, and fell to the ground all at once.

Franklin recognized her at a glance. She was a staff member who always valued her appearance, and was always well-groomed and glorious.

Seeing this, the assistant was about to take a big step and went forward to help her, but was pulled by Franklin and caused him to evade temporarily.

As a result, the two quickly turned back to the corner of the corridor, watching the female staff quietly.

Facing the helper’s confused expression, Franklin only gently told him: Don’t help her, but it’s not the time yet, wait and see.

After a while, the female staff member stood up, she looked around, took away the dust from her body, and soon returned to normal.

The assistant was still a little puzzled as the female staff member drifted away.

Franklin asked with a slight smile, and asked: Young, would you like anyone to see the unlucky look when they wrestle?

After the assistant listened, he suddenly realized.

  When walking on the journey of life, everyone will have “wrestling”, the embarrassment, embarrassment, temporary fragility, pain at the same time is inevitable.

At this time, what one needs most is a time and space to heal the wounds alone and restore self-esteem.

It is true that this world needs love and is full of hope because of love.

But when you show goodwill to the other party, and donate and care, don’t accidentally hurt the self-esteem of the other party, even if he is your closest person.

Franklin said: The self-esteem of each other is the bottom line of interpersonal communication.

Easy health in the morning

Easy health in the morning

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a method called “Tunjin Exercise and Invigorating Health”.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, the great medical scientist Sun Simiao summarized this method.

In the Ming Dynasty, Gong Juzhong also had new insights on the method of swallowing and refining invigorating health. He pointed out that “Jin is swallowing, in the heart, blood, eyes in the liver, spleen, and vitality in the lungs, and vitality in the kidneys.Bone is smooth, and all diseases are not born.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fluid is mainly used to nourish and nourish.

Swallowing the body fluid secreted by oneself has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach of the “born nature” to protect the kidneys of the “innate nature”.

  Modern medical research also proves that 90% of saliva is water, concentrated, and also contains globulin, mucin, amino acids, amylase, lysozyme and various immunoglobulins.

Swallowing a certain amount of cleaner saliva at one time can improve the effect of promoting digestion.

  The specific method is that, starting from the morning, the lips are slightly closed, and the tongue is against the palate. When the saliva in the mouth increases to a certain amount, slowly swallow it at random and repeat it 3-4 times.

Long-term adherence must be ethical.