The more men make money, the more likely they are to bald!

The more men make money, the more likely they are to bald!

According to a recent study published by Hong Kong scientists, the more men earn, the more likely they become bald.

Studies have found that 95% of men earning more than $ 5,000 a month often repeat that their hair is too much.

  At the same time, of those men earning less than $ 650 a month, only one-third have thinning hair.

The study also found that the people most likely to enter the bald ranks in Hong Kong are mainly lawyers and economists, followed by some industry experts in the information technology field, national civil servants, law enforcement agencies and medical staff.
  Researchers say that hair loss is caused by increasing work stress, inability to rest adequately, incorrect diet and lack of sleep.

Among those surveyed, 41% of those threatened by baldness said they slept less than 4 hours a day.

The degree of self-control depends on whether you often lie

The degree of self-control depends on whether you often lie

Self-control is a concept often used in social psychology, which refers to a person’s ability to quickly control his impulses and change his reaction to something.

  We often say that people are selfish. For their own benefit, some people will deceive others. Such examples are endless; but not everyone will deceive others for the immediate benefit, because the cost of lying is often long-term.And far-reaching, it may cause mistrust of others, leading to the loss of more potential benefits.

  But, assuming such a dilemma, do people choose to lie or tell the truth?

The answer to this question is pointed out in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Researchers have found that the amount of self-control resources determines whether people will lie under certain circumstances.

  We often see on television that sophisticated politicians are always “hidden and angry”. This is a manifestation of strong self-control ability, although they will also have ordinary people like joy, anger, panic, sadness, etc.Have emotions, but in social situations, they control these emotions from being discovered by others.

  Although people’s self-control ability is different, everyone’s self-control resources are limited, and this limited self-control resource restricts us to do the “right” thing.

When self-control resources are consumed by some things, we are easily controlled by impulses and cause irrational things. Lying is a typical example.

  The researchers invited some college students to participate in this research. They were interned in stages. Before the research, they used some experimental tasks to consume the experimental group’s self-control resources.

Then ask them to answer some questions, and finally determine their compensation based on the number of questions answered correctly.

  After they answered the questions, the researchers asked them to put the answers on the paper, but in fact some of the answer sheets had written the correct answers in pencil, but the researchers lied that this was because the answer sheets were not enough.College students can draw their own choices regardless of the spots on the answer sheet.

As a result, those students who did not consume self-control resources were basically filled in according to their answers, while those who consumed self-control resources had more lies and changed their wrong answers to the correct choice.

  Such a small experiment illustrates an interesting truth.

In the past, we thought that a person was lying because the person was of bad moral character, and we could easily deny the person because of seeing a little lie of others.

It now appears that they are just at the moment, unable to control their lies.

7 tricks to capture the heart of a derailed husband

7 tricks to capture the heart of a derailed husband

One: Psychological masturbation He just made the mistake that a man should make.

Seventy percent of men never thought about leaving their wife when they were derailed.

The reasons for derailment are nothing more than emotional discord, seeking compensation; loneliness in life, seeking consolation; love for the new but hate the old, looking for stimulus; disharmony in the sex life, seeking new love;

Among them, the first and the last hurt lives most, so women must find out the context and the cause of the problem in the face of the derailment of their husbands.

If there is the determination and wisdom of how his heart goes out and how to come back, then this process is also a great opportunity for his own growth.

Trusting someone who doesn’t trust in some places is a mature manifestation of love.

Sometimes I can’t help but talk to him about TV news or celebrity gossip when he knows it or hasn’t revealed it, and analyze the tragic results of extramarital love.

Forced to marry by lover, entangled, paying high fees, damage to the festival, pain and cry of lover.

  A man is willing to find joy in love and is unwilling to take responsibility. If the cost of a prey is too high, he will put away his tempted mind, or he is already thinking of retreating.

  Two: Do not play tricks with the shadow lover.

  Maybe you will face this kind of embarrassment. People all over the world know that you are in the dark, and the most embarrassing thing is that the shadow lover suddenly appears and wants to divide or occupy your husband.

If any husband is indifferent to you, if you don’t want to divorce, then the tears can only be seen by the friends in the girlfriend.

For the shadow lover who appears, you ca n’t jump like thunder, you can only say, “I never heard him talk about you, are you wrong?


He told me yesterday that he was going to buy a big house with me.

“I guess she was fainted.

Then in front of the husband, if nothing happens, pretend to be stupid, smile and say that you believe in his character, it will definitely not cause you and others to be sorry.

Everyone is willing to be trusted, and his wife’s trust has reduced his proliferation of extramarital affairs.

  Three: Imaginary enemies also worked.

  Maybe life is too rigid.

Is the circle of housewives really narrow, or is it not enough to be a woman in the workplace?

The biggest thing is to remember to go home to cook, but the husband is attracted to the outside world.

  Maybe we have to think and live a different way, find a job, or tell her husband to discuss work with several male colleagues when answering her phone call.
A friend used this trick. When the woman called her, she pretended to be a male colleague and asked for work questions.

This may be unacceptable to wives who have never lied, but isn’t it a dream to talk about the joy of laughing and joking, it can make the gentleman who doesn’t pay attention to you often need to be scared; men must always be competitive to loveHappiness in hand.

But the grasp of scale comes from the source and wife’s self-confidence?

Drawing a tiger is not an anti-dog.

Therefore, it is common to be more in line with the world, to establish self-confidence and work circles, the change of small clothes and the joy of one’s own mood are the core of low spirits to restore the husband’s heart floating outside.

  Four: Without you is another good.

  Maybe it’s time to change my hair style, maybe it’s time to go back to the past without harm.

I often return to the purity of my daughter, put aside the pain of reality, and look back at my teenager with my happy girlfriend, and try to find my past self.

Work hard at work and get the joy of cherishing work.

One day you find that he is back again, and you are no longer touched, just mature acceptance.

You are the garden of the four seasons, there is no longer a heart for winter.

  Fifth: Cherish every turn of the clouds and rain.

  Because you are you, and because you are mature.

Let us not bear sex with too many soul things, too much mental pain, too much punishment.
Like a slut?

Why not?

He is your legitimate husband, trying to please him and himself.

A perfect and gentle sex can make a man remember a lot.

Between the responsibilities that they can bear and the responsibilities that they will bear, men have a natural tendency to avoid harm, they are animals, but in the end they are human, and they are too lazy to be emotionally entangled in orcs.

  Six: Moderate space, free mood.

  Why check his phone?

If you also have your own space, accept your friends’ greetings, be ambiguous but not tempted, and be rigorous but free.

Couples know how to share and are the happiest.

Perhaps because of his handsomeness, as usual, he has admiration or something inexplicable.

  If Leslie Cheung and Mao Mao are married, he may not jump off the building, because love and relatives are two different things. As long as you add a little love to his relationship, he will return.

Pay attention to the way of communication and calmness, if you like.

  Seven: The final pride.

  But forgive a man in a marriage and have a lasting relationship?

Many people define a derailed husband like this.

After those betrayals and dark injuries, the rainbow after the storm is dedicated to mature and wise women.

  If we don’t divorce and don’t do Shakespeare’s tragedy, in fact happiness will always be in our hands and never leave.

How do people laugh in the office!

How do people laugh in the office!

Don’t let others go, but learn to make your own voice.

  The boss appreciates employees who have their own minds and opinions.

If you often just say what others say, then you will be easily covered in the office, and your part in the office will not be very high.

Have your own mind, no matter what your position in the company, you should make your own voice and dare to speak your mind.

  If you have something to say, don’t use talking to people as a debate game.

  Be friendly in the office, be gentle, and be friendly. Even if you have a certain level, you cannot speak to others with a command tone.

Sometimes sometimes, everyone’s opinions cannot be unified, but there are opinions that can be retained. Is it necessary to fight for your life for those issues that are not very principled?

Indeed, some people’s eloquence is very good. If you want to use your own eloquence, you can use it in negotiations with customers.

If you are arrogant and stubborn, it will cause colleagues to stay away, and over time, you will become an unwelcome person unconsciously.

  Don’t show off in public in the office.

  If your professional skills are very good, if you are a celebrity in the office, if the boss appreciates you, can these become your show-off capital?

No matter how capable you are, you should also be cautious in your career. If you have a more capable employee, one day, if you have a more capable employee, then you must be a joke to others immediately.

If one day the boss gives you an extra bonus, you will not even be able to show off in the office, while others will congratulate you while hating you!

  The office is a place of work, not a place of mutual complaint.

  There are always people around us who like to pour bitter water on others.

Although such a dialogue can quickly shorten the distance between people, and make you friendly and kind soon, psychologists have investigated and found that only 1% of people can actually keep secrets.

  Therefore, when there is a personal crisis in your life, such as broken love, marriage, etc., it is best not to talk to someone in the office casually; when your work is in crisis, such as work is not smooth, have opinions on the boss and colleaguesMoreover, you should not show your bravery in the office. No mature white-collar worker will be so “straightforward”.

If you have a problem with your life or work, you should avoid talking in the workplace. It does not prevent you from finding a few close friends to find a place to talk about after work.

  When speaking, you need to be comfortable with the situation, and the most important thing is to be decent.

The attitude of being humble and humble, elegant body language, and lively and humorous language are all the art of language. Of course, having self-confidence is more important. The art of knowing language can help you become more confident.

Use these language arts skillfully, your career will be more successful!

Redwood Fogo: Are you buying a low-priced “Myanmar Pear”?

Demystifying the true and false Burmese flowers for you

Redwood Fogo: Are you buying a low-priced “Myanmar Pear”?
Demystifying the true and false Burmese flowers for you

The market of Burmese rosewood in recent years can be described as the top of the list of overlapping rosewood sales for many years.

The price has also advanced by leaps and bounds. From the initial price of several thousand yuan per ton to the recent price of nearly 30,000 yuan per ton, it is no longer a general price of redwood, which belongs to the grade of medium rosewood.

However, in the near future, there have been low-priced Burmese flowers on the market, which once caused consumers to “crazy buy”.

Khmer, also known as Angola rosewood, is the performer of these low-priced Burmese flowers, but it is hard to see the sales of Angolan rosewood in the market, most of which are used as “disguise for sale”.

In 1997, it began to introduce parts of Guangdong from the African region and began to sell. At that time, many consumers and merchants thought it was a rosewood made in Cambodia.

It is very similar to the appearance of Burmese huanghuali furniture. It is not easy to distinguish. The main difference is: weak fragrance and light weight.

Angola rosewood has been in the domestic market before 2013, but it is relatively small; since 2014, the sawmill has become more and more; at the end of 2016, there was a small peak, and the funding was sought for, and the price soared;The first half of the year began to stabilize.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of imported Angolan rosewood in each month in 2017 is about 500 cabinets, which is sold to various timber markets in the country, and the weight of a 20-foot container is about 22 tons. Only the import volume in 2017 is conservative.Estimated to be more than decimal, the number is so large, but the large-scale timber market in the country has not updated the price of Angola rosewood, it can be seen that these quantities of wood are not all sold under the name of “Angolan rosewood”.

The price of Angola red sandalwood is relatively low, and it has a certain point of appearance with Burmese flowers. The texture and color are outstanding, and the yield is also high. Some merchants use its characteristics to open new products, but at present its use is partly used.It is pretending to be a high quality mahogany such as Burmese.

Because of the price advantage, it also won part of the market, and was highly praised by the profit-seeking merchants.

In 2010 alone, Cambodia’s forest coverage rate dropped sharply and the environment deteriorated. It began to control the logging industry, including Burmese flowers. As of 2017, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam all control the Burmese flowers.In the past year, more than 100,000 Burmese flowers have entered the market, so in the past two years, the market conditions are very good. So many Burmese flowers and products have been thrown away, and how much is “moisture” can be imagined.

Finally, I recommend you to see the real Burmese rosewood furniture:

How the Heavenly King Bu Xin Dan can’t heal

How the Heavenly King Bu Xin Dan can’t heal

Insomnia is mostly caused by mental insufficiency or anxiety, and is often characterized by the inability to obtain normal sleep. It is mainly manifested in sleep time, insufficient depth and failure to eliminate fatigue, recovery of physical strength and strength, lightness, difficulty in falling asleep, or hesitation酣, sometimes waking up or not waking up again, in severe cases, staying up all night, multiple course complications, often accompanied by fatigue, dizziness, headache, palpitations, forgetfulness and restlessness, such as fatigue, mood disorders, social discomfort, Impaired work and living abilities.

The etiology is related to deficiency of heart, liver, spleen and kidney, and deficiency of yin and blood. The disease is located in the heart. The main pathogenesis is dysfunction of yin and yang of heart, liver, spleen and kidney, dysfunction of qi and blood, and loss of mind.

Although the disease is divided into deficiency and reality, it is common in the clinic to suffer from chronic heart and kidney deficiency, yin deficiency and blood deficiency, internal disturbance due to deficiency, and loss of heart.

Yin deficiency and blood deficiency, Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity, so deficiency and anxiety, heart palpitations and fatigue; heart trembling shakes up and then shakes down; blood is dry and fine, so stool is unfavorable; inflammation of fire, tongue is out of heartWaiting for sore tongue sores; Yin deficiency generates internal heat, virtual fire internal disturbance, so see the hands and feet heart heat.

“Ancient and Modern Famous Medical Formulas” said: The heart is the main fire, and so the master is the god.

When the gods fail, the fire is in trouble, so the mind is incorporated into the clearing of the fire and the gods begin to rest.

“So use the King of Heaven to replenish the heart, nourish the yin and nourish the blood, and replenish the heart and soothe the nerves.

  Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan comes from “Total Life”: “The official of the heart is also the god.

Sadness and worry are sad, the god is injured, the master is unknown and the twelve officials are in danger, so forgetfulness; the heart is blood, the blood is dry and dry, so the stool is unfavorable; the tongue is outside, the heart is inflamed, so the tongue is sore.

It is the pill that takes the raw land as the king, and takes it into the foot Shaoyin to nourish the water. The main water can be used to ambush the fire, and Dihuang is the medicine for blood. One can start with Shaoyin.

Jujube, Polygala chinensis, Bai Ziren also raises the mind and soul; Angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Xuanshen, and Shengjiuye also; Erdong helps its body fluid; Wuwei receives its dissipation; Shenling supplements its qi deficiency, and the Chinese bellflower is used as an ambassador.Heart, don’t make it fast either.

“And the famous doctor formula theory” Ke Yunbo: “The heart is the main fire, so the main god is also, the divine decline is the fire, so the person who fills the heart must clear its fire, and soothe the god.

Bu Xin Dan uses the raw land as the king. Take the lower foot Shao Yin to nourish the kidneys and water masters. Shui Sheng can ambush the fire. This is not the yang of the heart, the ear of the heart!

. Qingqi is like no Bai Ziren, blood is like acid-free date kernels, and its spirits have ears; Shenlingzhigan replenishes heart qi, schisandra acid to replenish heart qi, and the cold of the second winter to clear the qi, the heart qi is peaceful.Self-returning 矣; Angelica yin yisheng’s hard work, Xuanshen’s salty to make up for arduous effort, Salvia miltiorrhiza’s cold to clear the fire in the blood, sacrifice and God’s own concubine.

It is more able to fake the bellflower as the boat stern, the distant will as the guide, and the medicine to calm the mind.

“Typical case: Zhang, male, 50 years old.

He was seen on May 16, 2005.

Recurrence is repeated for 3 years and worsened for 3 months.

3 years ago, I had difficulty falling asleep after fatigue, and it was easy to wake up after dreaming, but difficult to sleep after waking up.
3 hours, at least throughout the night.

He had taken oral diazepam, oryzanol and other drugs without significant effect.

In the past month, the above symptoms have been aggravated by overwork, falling asleep for about 2 hours per night, accompanied by palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, tired limbs, hot hands and feet, less dry mouth, less red fur, and thin pulses.number.

Then it was identified that the type is not yin deficiency, blood deficiency, and lack of qi.

Governance to nourish yin and nourish blood, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

Fang Tian Tian Bu Xin Dan added flavor: Raw Dihuang 15g, Xuanshen 15g, Baiziren 15g, Jujube Kernel 25g, Angelica 15g, Asparagus 15g, Ophiopogon 15g, Ginseng 10g, Salvia 15g, Poria 15g, Schisandra 10g, Polygala 15g,30g magnet, 30g raw keel, 10g bellflower.

Seven doses, decoction, one dose a day, three times warm morning, evening and evening.

  The second diagnosis: sleep improvement after taking the drug, falling asleep for 4 hours each night, palpitations, restlessness, dizziness, heat in hands, feet, and tired limbs, all relieved; but still difficulty falling asleep, upset and dreaming, dry mouth; thin red tongue, veinsJust a few.

Reuse 30 g of jujube kernel and 25 g of Ophiopogon.

Seven doses, decoction, one dose a day, three times warm morning, evening and evening.
  The third diagnosis: After taking the medicine, the symptoms were greatly reduced. After falling asleep for 6 hours each night, I was upset occasionally, the tongue was red, the fur was white, and the pulse was thin.

Following the top, seven doses, decoction.

  The fourth diagnosis: The condition is obviously improved and stable. After falling asleep for more than 7 hours every night, and tired and exhausted after waking up, the spirit is happy, the tongue is red, the fur is white and the pulse is slow.

Ten prescriptions of Shoufang have solid effects, about one year, no regeneration.

  This card is caused by yin deficiency and blood loss, lack of qi, yang prosperity, yin failure, and yin and yang loss.

Fang Zhong reused Rehmannia glutinosa to nourish yin and nourish blood, nourish the kidney and nourish the heart, to clear heat and soothe the nerves, enter Shao Yin to nourish the kidney water, together with black ginseng nourish yin, moisturize, dryness and reduce fire, in order to control the fiery fire, so that the fiery fire lays down and the gods feel at ease.The taste is the main medicine in the formula; Asparagus, Ophiopogon and coldness are used to clear the yin and clear the fire; Sour jujube kernel, Baiziren nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, nourish the spleen, benefit the spleen;The schisandra qi is used to regain yin and vital energy, soothes the mind and calms the nerves, helps to replenish qi and nourish yin, and to dissipate the energy of the heart; Poria and Polygala both replenish the heart and soothe the nerves, and communicate the heart and kidney; Salvia miltiorrhiza is beneficial to clearing the heart, replenishing blood and activating blood, so that nourishing can be doneStagnation, clear depression and hotness, in addition to upset;

Chinese bellflowers carry medicine upwards, and the date of the Heart Sutra does not make the medicines speed down.

Magnets give birth to keel soaking up the sun, so that the sun enters the yin.

Combination of various medicines, nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, both the root cause and the healing power; nourishing the yin and blood to nourish the mind, lowering phlegm and fire to rest the mind, so that the mind is nourished and worry-free.
  Many people are hurt by feelings, exhaustion, fatigue, chronic illness, excessive energy, and insufficiency of diet, which lead to liver stagnation, yin deficiency and fire, strong heart and spleen, internal sputum and internal disturbance, etc., Yin and yang are lost, yang does not enter yin, such as “lingshu?
“Big confusion” cloud: “Wei Qi must not enter the yin, often staying in the yang, staying in the yang is full of yang, full of yang is full of yang.

If you cannot enter the yin, then the yin is qi deficiency, so your eyes are not dim.

It is common in clinical practice to injure the internal organs for a long time, the deficiency of heart, spleen, liver, and yin, and lack of yin and blood, internal blood consumption of sperm, and influence each other.

Therefore, the pathological changes are always insufficiency of true yin and blood, yin and yang do not cross, so treatment should nourish yin and nourish blood, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

Therefore, Tianwang Buxin Danjiawei is an effective prescription for treating Yinxue deficiency type insomnia.

Clinically, according to the rule of yin and yang growth and decline, syndrome differentiation and treatment based on deficiency and reality of viscera and viscera should be strengthened. Mental adjustment and physical exercise should be strengthened in order to obtain a solid effect.

Understanding your child’s character from color preferences

Understanding your child’s character from color preferences

Understanding the child’s personality is an urgent need for many parents.

Here is a simple method, that is, “judgment of children’s personality according to color.”

This is a psychologist’s follow-up survey of 150 children aged 2 to 5 years. The mark issued a year later is that color and line each have a fixed psychological significance.

If two colors and lines with different meanings overlap and appear on the same screen, it means that there are two different feelings in the heart, and the desires are entangled with each other.

Parents can get a preliminary understanding of the child’s personality based on the following principles, but they may also find that the child’s personality is complex rather than single-colored.

■ People who like red love red is a person with deep personality, full of plenty.

Its disadvantages are more impersonal and more emotional.

Therefore, it is easy to cause troublesome events with the opposite sex.

First of all, children have an instinct to like red.

If you change from red to maroon, you have two advantages in personality and can control their impulsive emotions.

■ Pink Pink Most girls like pretty pink.

If your beloved little daughter likes pink, it means that your family’s economic environment is above average, and it also symbolizes the full performance of your dear love.

Under the protection of love, this kind of girls mostly have the characteristics of “high aesthetics”, “careful and considerate”, “elegant” and “submissive”, which are also attractive.

■ Like yellow Children who love yellow have a talented side and are more eager to pursue their ideals. Although they are less pragmatic, they have a quick response.

However, this type of person is not easy to maintain into adulthood.

If your child grows up and still loves yellow, then he or she will also be a person who is affectionate, emotional, and trusted by others.

However, please note that if you like yellow, you may have severe schizophrenia.

■ Children who love green and green are more easygoing and cheerful in personality, have no worries, have tolerance and forgiveness, and are highly motivated.

This type of person is suitable for the salary class after adulthood. If they can persist in doing it, they can also have a successful day. Many talented boys belong to this type.

■ Love blue has a heavy sense of responsibility, careful attitude, and introverted but not good words.

Essential oil DIY capillary pores are large and greasy

Essential oil DIY capillary pores are large and greasy

The strong secretion of oil from the skin can easily cause many skin problems, such as acne and dull skin.

And because of various skin problems, the burden on the skin, pores will also increase, affecting the quality of the skin.

Accompanied by large pores, pigmentation caused by the production of large amounts of toxins.

These problems can cause serious skin damage.

  Now I will introduce a tea tree oil-controlling and balancing emulsion that can be made for everyone, especially suitable for MM with large pores and mixed oily skin.

  1. Principle: Tea tree water (pure dew) is a distillate aqueous solution produced during the distillation of essential oils.

The water contains about zero.

04% tea tree oil and a variety of sclerotinia, saponin plant sugar and other content components.

Australian refined natural tea tree extract, which has better regulating effect on PH value of oily or comprehensive skin, has the functions of regulating, renewing, purifying, bacteriostatic, astringent, controlling oil and fat, astringent skin, tightening pores, activating cell regeneration abilityRepair acne, acne, suitable for oily and acne skin.

  2. Formula: A.

Grape seed oil 4mlB.

Calendula extract 5mlC.

Witch Hazel Extract 3mlD.

Tea Tree Pure Lotion 30ml (Tea Pure Lotion) E.

Moisturizing complex 5mlF.

Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) stock solution 1% 3mlG.

Easy emulsifier 0.

4 ml

3, using tools: beaker, glass stirring rod, eight treasure spoons, plastic dropper, plastic dropper, plastic measuring cup (or glass measuring cylinder) 4, operating steps: 1) preparation of hyaluronic acid stock solution Note: the hyaluronic acid stock solution here, 1% Hyaluronic acid stock solution, the concept is that 1 gram of hyaluronic acid is dissolved in 100ML of pure water, or it can be 0.

5 grams of hyaluronic acid powder is crushed in 50 ml of pure water; sisters can do the same based on this ratio.

  2) Measure out the measuring cylinder or measuring cup of D, pour it into the cleaned beaker, and then measure the amount of B, C, E, F with a graduated dropper, and also pour into the beaker.

After mixing, stir with a glass rod to mix well.

  3) Dig out the simple emulsifier G with a spoon of eight treasure spoons, add it to the mixed water, and stir well. If you think it is thin, you can add a little emulsifier.

  4) Add grape seed oil and continue stirring with a glass rod until an emulsion is formed.

  5)可以在挤出的乳液里面加入精油哦~~这种里面我就加入了控油和收缩毛孔效果非常棒的天竺葵精油和丝柏精油,为这款乳液的控油收毛孔效果加分的哦   6) Finally put it in the prepared lotion bottle or cream jar. In order to be uniform, it is recommended that you cover a piece and shake it for several minutes. The longer you shake it, the more uniform and fine the cream will be.

  It may be a bit tedious, but it works.

For beautiful skin, don’t be lazy.

The more elderly people want to maintain health, the more they have to have fun.

The more elderly people want to maintain health, the more they have to have fun.

As the population ages, the number of elderly people in China is increasing.

Health research for the elderly is also an important research paper.

Chinese medicine believes that the elderly should not be at home all day, but should be more fun, if you can, you have to play a good time.

  The play of the elderly is an important part of enjoying the good times of old age.

And the ranking of teenagers is nothing more than the way and content of playing.

  According to reports, the former US presidents all love to play.

Truman loves to walk; Eisenhower loves to play; Kennedy loves to go out to sea, likes water sports; Johnson loves to ride; Nixon loves swimming; Ford loves to play football; Carter and Bush love to run; Reagan loves to ride; Clinton loves jogging. If your body is OK,And no serious illness, although it is already old, you should go to nature to go to the forest, beach, park, scenic spots to play.

This is good for your physical health and can also heal mental illnesses such as autism and depression.

  The ancients said: “Nothing, more troubles,” means not to overwork yourself.

It is more troublesome to do more things, and it is better to have fun and play, which is especially important for the elderly.

  American scholar Nelson’s measures in the principle of anti-aging and longevity: “Middle-aged and elderly people should actively participate in various sports, indoor and upper, spiritual and physical, collective and personal activities, which have a lot of physicalGreat morality.

He believes that the physical strength of regular exercisers and non-exercisers can differ by about 20%.

Nelson is also good at: cultivating certain hobbies, and if the disease has no chance, it will stay away from your body.

  In Japan, an 81-year-old man named Xiong Jingchang, who spent nine years realizing his dream of hiking around Japan.

On the way, every time he went to a place to stay, he bought a ticket for the local station. If there is no station, he went to the post office and stamped a postmark on the stamp to confirm that he had actually arrived there.

  Of course, the content of the play is extensive and the form is diverse. Each old man can vary from person to person and play according to his own favorite and specialties.

But the old man’s play can’t be over-extended, and should be controlled within the range that the body can bear.

If the ramie, the Internet is all night, it is obviously excessive.

  Nowadays, many elderly people have improved their living conditions and have saved some money.

If you have the conditions, you can prove that you have a wonderful world outside to open your eyes.

In a word: It is the most beneficial for health to play and let your body stretch.

Medicated conditioning makes you fall asleep easily

Medicated conditioning makes you fall asleep easily

In the past four years, the number of patients attending the insomnia specialty clinic of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sleep Diseases in Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has increased by more than four times.

Zhang Xi, deputy director of the Chinese Sleep Research Association and chief physician of the Department of Neurology of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, pointed out that long-term insomnia is one of the risk factors for the development of anxiety and depression. Early scientific medication and scientific management are necessary.

  Insomnia, dreams, light sleep, and awakening are the most familiar leaks in urban people who are in a sub-health state.

Tang Boxiang, deputy chief physician of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that these sleep disorders are uncomfortable with traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia, palpitations, depression, fatigue, palpitations and other discomforts. They are related to many diseases and can cause different types of sleep disorders.

For example, depression is mostly related to depression and depression syndrome in western medicine, and fatigue caused by old or weak or chronic illness will also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders are working with Chinese medicine “stomachDisagreement is related to restlessness; palpitations, shortness of breath, and paroxysmal dyspnea caused by cardiovascular disease can also affect sleep.

  Chinese medicine believes that abnormal sleep is mostly caused by excessive emotions, work and rest disorders, chronic illness, physical weakness, and inadequate diet.

Clinically, it is difficult to fall asleep, or to wake up easily, or to fall asleep after waking up, or to wake up at night, or to stay up all night.

  Gelatin nourishes yin and nourishes blood, soothe the nerves, and can be used in the treatment of insomnia.

Professor Gao Xuemin from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced that in the clinic, Ejiao is mostly used for the treatment of kidney yin deficiency, hyperactivity of heart fire, insufficiency of water and fire, irritability, palpitations, and insomnia caused by heart and kidney discomfort.

  Gao Xuemin said that the “Huanglian Ejiao Decoction” by Zhang Shengjing of Medical Saint was very suitable for this group.

This recipe uses Huanglian Qingxinhuo, Ejiao Yangshen Yin.

This is exactly what Chinese medicine calls water and fire in harmony, which avoids heart-kidney dissonance and causes a soothing effect.

Huanglian Ajiao Decoction is commonly used in modern clinics to treat depression and anxiety. It can also cause good sedation and soothing effect for patients with neurasthenia, anxiety, and insomnia.

  Tang Boxiang has a simple and effective way to cope with insomnia: flush an egg with boiling water before going to bed (on fire and then boil), add a spoonful of donkey-hide gelatin powder, a spoonful of jujube kernel noodles and a small amountRefined salt, mix thoroughly, take at moderate temperature.

  For patients with nervous breakdown, dizziness, insomnia and dreams, fatigued patients, the tranquility of Ejiao pot pigeon eggs is a good choice.

Production method: Put 4 pigeon eggs in a stew pot, add 200 ml of water, cook, remove the shells for use, put 1 g of gelatin in a bowl and add 20 ml of water to steam for use.

Wash and tear 100 grams of saffron and slice ginger.

Heat on a wok over a wok. When the plain oil is added to the maturity, add ginger, spring onion and fragrant, add saffron, add 300 ml of water, add Ejiao, pigeon eggs, and simmer for 25 minutes.

Once a day, eat 2 pigeon eggs each time, and eat broccoli at will.

Can replenish qi and blood, rather mind.