Stay up late to work like this to maintain tenderness

Stay up late to work like this to maintain tenderness

A lot of work has come to the summary and sprint stage, and the work has to be piled up until the night is finished.

Huarong Yuemei was destroyed because of rushing to work?

not worth it!

Do everything you can to stay up late and not lose your good looks.

  ● Before staying up all night, in order to minimize the damage to your body and appearance, stay up all night.

  First, light dinner.

When you plan to stay up late, do not eat too greasy dinner, you should be lighter, eat more vegetables, and ensure that there are enough high-quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins.

  Second, remove makeup and wash your face.

In order to avoid the thick powder or the oil stains accumulated during the day, let the pretty face become full of acne through the torment of staying up all night, you must remove your makeup and wash your face before staying up all night.

  Third, supplement vitamin B group.

Vitamin B can relieve fatigue and strengthen the body’s immunity.

  ● When staying up late, staying up late will increase the “fire”, so it is not appropriate to eat potato chips, biscuits and other foods that are easy to get angry while staying up late.

  First, drink more green tea.

Green tea not only refreshes, but also eliminates excess free radicals in the body, refreshing.

However, for those who are uncomfortable drinking green tea, it is better to drink wolfberry tea or chrysanthemum tea, which can dispel the fire and catch your eyesight.

  Second, eat fruit for supper.

At this time, you should never eat high-calorie or fried foods. You should not eat instant noodles to fill your stomach, so as not to be too hot; you should not eat salty foods, otherwise your face and body will become swollen after staying up late. It is best to use fruits.Porridge, bread to hunger.

  ● After staying up late, people who are not used to staying up late are tired and weak after staying up late. In addition to tonic, it is more important to gradually restore the original sleeping habits.

  First, drink soup or sugar water that has a tonic effect.

The fish soup, bone soup, and chicken soup are all good. The red dates and black chicken soup are also very good, which nourish the skin through internal tonic.

  Second, massage the lymph.

After staying up late, your metabolism will slow down and you will not be able to absorb skin care products.

May wish to stimulate the lymph nodes behind the ears to the jaw, the scapula depression and the armpit by massage, promote lymph circulation, and promote skin metabolism.

  Third, sleep at noon.

After staying up all night, remember to take a nap at noon the next day.

  Fourth, restore the original sleeping habits.

Changing the regular sleep time will disrupt the physiological clock. When restoring your original sleeping habits, you should sleep as much as the night before. You must get up at the same time as usual the next day. When you are tired during the day, you will be able to gradually recover from sleep.habit.
  Fifth, go outdoors more.

After staying up late, more walking and exercise can change the state of weakness.

Learn from Tang Can and hang up to practice yoga

Learn from Tang Can and hang up to practice yoga

Yoga, a method of soothing and meditation, is more and more loved by urban white-collar workers, and has become an important way to shape the body and relieve stress.

The movements and forms of yoga are also getting richer.

In addition to meditation, aerobic yoga, and high-temperature yoga, a few days ago, reporters discovered a new type of yoga in China—Tianjin Yoga.

  Coach Zhu, who promotes this type of yoga, said that plastic rope yoga is a new word abroad, in fact, it is not young.

Plastic rope yoga is called lyengar in English, and was born in India in 1918.

Founder B.



When Dr. Lyengar founded this method of yoga, he pursued the balance of the body from the inside out and the clarity of the mind.

Coach Zhu said that the so-called plastic rope yoga focuses on a “hanging” character, hanging hands, hanging feet, hanging waist . In short, as long as you have confidence in your physical strength, different parts of the body can be hoisted skillfully.

“It may seem difficult and thrilling. In fact, plastic rope yoga is most suitable for people with poor constitutions.

Even people who have never learned yoga can practice.

People who have never practiced yoga or beginner yoga practice traditional yoga, each movement can only last for 30 seconds to one minute, but with the help of a rope, the maintenance time can be extended to about 5 minutes,The fitness effect will increase several times.

  Since it is called plastic rope yoga, as the name suggests, rope is an indispensable auxiliary device.

Coach Zhu said that the rope uses high-strength rope for climbing, which can bear more than 200 kilograms of weight to ensure safety.

In order to prevent the body from touching the rope, you should use two thick and soft rubber sponge tubes to cover the rope.

  In addition to ropes, bricks and chairs are auxiliary devices for plastic rope yoga.

Bricks, with the help of pads, waist and feet.

“Someone can hold the bricks with both hands or head against the bricks when practicing the forward bend, making it easier for beginners to feel the movements”; the chair is used to assist the movement of the feet and waist.

  The movements of plastic rope yoga are not very different from those of traditional yoga, and each lesson is one hour.

Coach Zhu said that it is usually enough for a junior class scholar to have 5-6 styles.

Because some difficult movements are the whole body is equipped with ropes, you must have a professional teacher to guide and help.

“A coach can only take up to nine people to take classes at the same time. Do not practice by yourself, otherwise it will be easy to strain.

Coach Zhu finally said, “Although there are many benefits to plastic rope yoga, it also varies from person to person.

People with heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, pregnant women are best not to practice. People after surgery should also consult a doctor before practice.

For women, some handstands during menstruation cannot be practiced.

“A lot of celebrities are also yoga practitioners. The following yoga poses are tailor-made for her by Tang Can’s coach Kuang Xuemei.

Do it with Tang Can now, and you will become tall and straight.

  Dove-style action: sit with your right leg bent on the ground, your right heel close to your thigh, your left leg extended, lift your calf, and hook your instep with your elbow.

Hold your hands behind your head.

Hold 5 deep breaths.

Do it again.

  Effect: Strengthen thigh and calf muscles, beautify arm lines, and increase the flexibility of waist and shoulder joints.

  Camel-style movements: kneel on the floor, inhale, upper body and head aligned back, exhale, grasp the heels with both hands, inhale, chest, hips, thighs try to stand forward, relax shoulders.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
  Effect: Corrects bad postures such as humpback, prevents back pain, beautifies the chest, prevents bronchitis, tonsillitis and constipation.

  Kneeling posture: Sit on your knees, with your left elbow folded over your right elbow, your wrists around, holding your hands together, raising your elbows and inhaling.

Exhale, head, chest back.Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: Slender arms, increase complications of wrist, elbow, shoulder joints, prevent shoulder and back pain, correct humpback, beautify thoracolumbar lines.

  Wheeled movements: supine, knees bent, heels close to arms, hands on ears.

Inhale, support your hands with your hands, your thighs, and feet lift your arms, back, and exhale.

Inhale, straighten your elbows, lift your heels, hips, and back up.

Exhale, slowly bend your elbows, lower your hips and knees, and return to the starting position.

  Effect: Contraction of shoulder, back, abdominal and thigh muscles, soft waist and back.

  Dog-style single leg lift: Touch your knees on the ground, hold your hands on the ground, press your hands tightly on the ground, raise your head, and your body will be inverted V.

Lift your left leg slowly so that your left leg is in a straight line with your arms, shoulders, back, and buttocks.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: shrink shoulders, back, thighs, increase back muscle strength, and have anti-fatigue effect.

  Side lunge spread back movement: side lunge, calf vertical to the ground, thigh parallel to the ground, right leg straight.

Expand your chest, stretch your back, taper the cervical spine, hold your hands under your thighs, and hold 3 to 5 deep breaths.

  Effect: Correct hump, including chest posture.

Prevent cervical spondylosis, improve blood circulation to the pelvis, increase thigh and calf muscle strength.

  Dance-style movements: Right leg is upright, left leg is raised, right hand is holding the left instep, left leg is trying to stretch back, right arm is straightened, and the whole body is stretched.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: tighten waist, hips, back, stretch thighs, arms, shoulders, chest, exercise balance ability.

Strong man’s favorite leg training

Strong man’s favorite leg training

Many strength enthusiasts either don’t realize the nature of leg training or are afraid of suffering, they always consciously or unintentionally avoid leg training.

But did you know that leg training is the favorite of real strong men!

  In the power world, squats are recognized as the standard for ultimate strength, and leg strength is recognized as a sign of longitudinal full body strength.

This is because leg strength accounts for the largest proportion of total body strength and is the most practical.

  The Squat world record holder is often called the King of Hercules and is the highest honor in the field of strength.

The current copyright award is Israeli Hercules Vladislav Alhazov, who can squat 1,250 pounds and 950 pounds 5 times.

Even more amazing is Hercules Paul Anderson, who squatted up 1,206 pounds as early as 1955.

There are now 32 Hercules worldwide squatting more than 1,100 pounds, of which five are squatting more than 1,200 pounds.

  What is more powerful than extreme squats is relative squat performance, which is the ratio of squat weight to weight.

The first-class Hercules can squat more than 5 times their own weight. At present, there are 23 Hercules in the world squatting more than 5 times their own weight, including Polish Hercules Andrzej Stanaszek who squat 6 times.

1 times!

  In addition to squats, other leg training is also well recognized.

Front squats are almost as important for weightlifters as squats.

Many weightlifters can squat more than 300 kilograms, of which Paul Anderson is 350 kilograms. The current world heavyweight champion Rezazadeh Hossein squats 340 kilograms.

Small-level weightlifters are also very good at squatting forward.

Dabaya, a 69 kg weightlifter, can squat 200 kg five times.

  Many Hercules love leg lifts because it can use extra large weights.

Bodybuilding champion Ronnie Cullman can lift 2,300 pounds eight times.

Even more amazing is the old Hercules Pat Robertson, who is nearly 70 years old and can lift 2000 pounds!

  Many gyms have shoulder-rest squat trainers. Training with this equipment does not require mastery of balance.

Although the barbell squat world record is 1,250 pounds, many strong men can squat more than 1,300 pounds with a shoulder rest.

  In addition to extreme strength, Hercules also has super power endurance.

Everyone is familiar with the leg king Tom Platz squatting 500 pounds 23 times, there are even more powerful.

Weightlifting champion Joe Dube squats 710 pounds 17 times, and strong man Kevin Tolbert squats 600 pounds 30 times.

Paul Anderson squats 900 pounds 10 times, Vladislav Alhazov squats 950 pounds 5 times, Kirk Karwoski and O.


Wilson squats 1,000 pounds twice.

  Strong leg strength is, of course, created by intensive training.

Weightlifters are best at squats and front squats. Many people practice 20 or 30 groups every day.

In addition to the strength of the quadriceps, biceps femoris, buttocks, and calf, the Hercules should consider training sessions separately.

  Common exercises for quadriceps strength, shoulder support squat, Smith squat, box squat, leg lift, leg flexion and extension, lunge squat, weight-bearing steps, lunge walk, squat jump

  Common exercises for biceps femoris strength, prone leg curls, seated leg curls, deadlift straight legs, flexion and extension of the prone biceps femoris, kneeling forward.

  Common exercises for chest strength, side leg lifts.

  Common exercises for calf strength, seated lift, rider lift.

  Following the overall development of the strength of each part, the squat weight should be close to a pair of bench press, deadlift.


8 times.
  Leg circumference of famous Hercules: Paul Anderson thigh 91 cm Chad Ahaz thigh 91 cm Sean Harman thigh 91 cm, calf 57 cm man Mark Henry thigh 97 cm, calf 61 cmHenry’s thigh 107 cm leg O.

Wilson’s thigh 112 cm, Jeff Lewis’ thigh 145 cm, the famous Hercules track and field results Shane Hamman jumped in place 91 cm, Petrov made long jump 3.

7 meters Aleksev 100 meters 11 seconds 5

Can Chinese medicine make hepatitis B virus negative?

Can Chinese medicine make hepatitis B virus negative?

Judging from the current actual situation, there is no reliable evidence to prove that traditional Chinese medicine can make hepatitis B virus negative, whether it is single-flavor traditional Chinese medicine, compound traditional Chinese medicine, or modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation; whether the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine can improve the conversion of hepatitis B virusThe negative rate is inconclusive; it is worth looking forward to whether there are new Chinese medicines that can make hepatitis B virus negative in the future.

  An overdose of traditional Chinese medicine was found to cause the hepatitis B virus to turn negative through in vitro or animal tests.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Western medicines have shown good signs in the screening of anti-HBV in vitro tests, but the actual situation of humans and in vitro tests is very different.

  Two excessive Chinese medicine or patients can indicate the translocation of taking traditional Chinese medicine and hepatitis B virus negative.

But one case or scattered valid cases cannot be convincing evidence.

  Three large numbers of published papers and literature data show that Chinese medicine can make HBV negative, which is not only HBV e antigen and HBV DNA, but also HBV surface antigen, but these results are not repeatable and the reliability is not high.
  At the fourth level, in the continuously updated hepatitis B prevention guidelines around the world, there is no one guideline that recognizes the efficacy of Chinese medicine against hepatitis B virus, and Chinese medicine against hepatitis B virus lacks evidence that meets the requirements of evidence-based medicine.

  Fifth, there is indeed a traditional Chinese medicine that can make the hepatitis B virus negative, but it needs to be supplemented with a test certificate that meets the requirements of evidence-based medicine.

In fact, otherwise, the current excess of new traditional Chinese medicines for hepatitis B has been completed in clinical phase II and phase III trials, and a recognized and effective traditional Chinese medicine preparation has not yet appeared.

  6. If the use of antiviral western medicine plus Chinese medicine can increase the negative rate of the virus, judging from the current trials and published related papers, the combination of Chinese and western medicine can increase the negative rate, but there is still no large sample available.Polycentric, contrasting evidence.

  What will happen to the Seven Future?

Will there be really effective traditional Chinese medicine.

There are hundreds or thousands of traditional Chinese medicines, and there are still a large number of single Chinese medicines that have not been used to treat hepatitis B; the combination of traditional Chinese medicines can be derived from infinite prescriptions, which is difficult to say in the future, but must be tried.

  The treatment of hepatitis B is a difficult and complicated system project. This is not only a problem that can be solved by the hepatitis B virus overcast. Although the virus is turned into a new trend at the moment, this goal is to target antivirus to overcast.The main point of view is that it is easy to be narrow and limited. The cure of hepatitis B involves virology, epidemiology, genetics, immunology and other academic content. The idea of curing hepatitis B by a certain drug is too naive.

  The fundamental goal of Nine Chinese medicine in treating hepatitis B is to improve the quality of life and prolong the survival rate. It should not run wildly with western medicine. Turning overcast is not a strong point of traditional Chinese medicine. It makes patients happy and living a long life is the advantage.The fundamental goal of human health.

Five skin spot medicinal recipes are recommended for summer skin beauty

Five skin spot medicinal recipes are recommended for summer skin beauty

Bladder pigmentation is really difficult to see. Many MMs will lose their beautiful self-confidence due to pigmentation problems.

Traditional Chinese medicine has pointed out that long-term insomnia or lack of sleep, irregular work and rest, and inattention to maintenance, etc., can form stains.

So, how can we effectively remove stains?

The following editors will introduce in detail the five kinds of medicinal recipes recommended by traditional Chinese medicine: 1. Coix kernel lotus seed porridge porridge 150 grams, lotus seeds 50 grams, five red dates (coreless), 15 grams of rock sugar, 1000 ml of cold water.

Wash the coix seed thoroughly and soak it in cold water for three hours. Remove the drained water and set aside.

Remove the lotus seeds, wash them with cold water and set aside.

Add 1,000 ml of cold water to the pot, add coix seed, and boil over high heat, then add lotus seeds and red dates, cook together until cooked thoroughly, and finally add rock sugar to make porridge and serve.

Renlianzi porridge has whitening and moisturizing effects, which can eliminate freckles, age spots, butterfly spots, etc.

  2. Eliminate spots and improve the beauty of Chachuan 7 grams, 10 grams of American ginseng, 3 grams of pearl powder, 15 grams of Poria cocos, 5 roses, 15 grams of red dates (coreless).

Wash the above medicinal materials and put them into a cup. After adding 1000 ml of boiling water, cover the cup tightly. You can replace it after brewing for about 20 minutes. You can drink 1 dose daily and put it after meal.

Xiaoban beauty tea has the effect of beautifying the skin and can be replaced for a long time.

  3, yam wolfberry porridge initial rice 100 grams, fresh yam 50 grams, 15 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of sugar, 10 grams of honey, 1500 ml of cold water.

Wash the rice in advance and soak it in cold water for one hour, remove the drained water and set aside.

Peel the fresh yam, scrape it and cut into small dices for use.

Soak the wolfberry in warm water and set aside.

Add 1500 milliliters of cold water to the pot, add the rice, yam, and wolfberry before the boil.

Chinese yam wolfberry porridge has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the face, eliminating the stains, and is suitable for women with age spots and stains.

  4. Tonic Qi Jujube Tea Toseng, Astragalus membranaceus, Ophiopogon japonicus and Jujube 15 g each.

After washing the above materials, put them in a pot, add 2000 ml of water for 30 minutes, and boil over high heat for 10 minutes.

Buqi Jujube Tea has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing Qi, and is suitable for women with pigmented spots.

  5, orange hawthorn porridge previously 100 grams of rice, two oranges, 30 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of sugar, 1500 ml of cold water.

Peel the oranges and peel off the muscles. Separate the petals one by one. Then remove the orange core with a bamboo stick and cut the orange flesh into small triangular pieces for later use.

After the hawthorn is washed, everything is two, and the seeds are removed and left to use.

Wash the rice in advance and soak it in cold water for one hour, remove the drained water and set aside.

Add 1500 milliliters of cold water to the pot, add the previous rice, orange pieces, hawthorn pieces, boil over high heat and reduce to low heat to make porridge. Add appropriate sugar when eating.

Orange hawthorn porridge has the functions of beauty and skin care, removing spots and beauty.

Skinny leg yoga has been hooked on short skirts ever since

Skinny leg yoga has been hooked on short skirts ever since

I always watch other people wear short skirts, but I wrap myself like a mule to cover the elephant legs.

Let’s practice this set of thin leg yoga moves recommended today to help you aim at the elephant legs and show your charm.

  Watching others wear shorts and short skirts, but he was wrapped like a mule in order to cover the elephant legs.
Let’s practice this set of thin leg yoga movements recommended today to help you slim your elephant legs and show your charm.

  1, supine robot type ① supine, lying on the back, legs straight into the floor, elbows bent 90 degrees, forearms pointing forward of the head, palms upward, the head slightly lifted off the floor.

② Bend the left leg, the sole of the foot close to the right thigh, bend the right leg, the heel is near the left foot, straight forward, the left arm points forward, and the right arm points backward.

  2. The supine variant is supine, facing the ground, with the left leg straight into the floor, the right leg bent, the sole of the foot near the left thigh, the straight thigh, the left arm extended straight against the body, and the right hand extended downward to support the headDepartment, open the chest.

  3. Lie on your back with your legs ① Lie on your back with your feet next to each other and your legs straight on the floor.

② Straighten, point to both ends of the body and insert it on the floor. With your palms on the ground, slowly lift your legs off the floor until they are perpendicular to the floor, keeping your legs straight.

  4. In a boat-type sitting posture, stretch your left leg straight across the floor, straighten your back, slowly lift your right leg away from the floor, and try to raise it, while holding your right foot with your right hand, and holding the upper right with your left hand,Keep your right leg straight.

  5. Half-bow prone position, the belly is on the ground, the thighs are straight and the ground.

Stretch straight up in front of your body, lean back, lean back, lift your feet together, and lift off the floor to the right.

  6. Crawling left leg stretched on the floor, right arm stretched on the floor, right leg stretched and lifted off the floor, left arm stretched and lifted off the floor, leaning forward slightly, change to the other side and repeat.

  7. Stand in a dog-down position, with your feet apart, your legs straight, and your body bent forward until the length is straight in front of your body, your hands are completely on the ground, and you lift your feet up, straight forward, and your headDepartment lowered.

Recommend two walnut diet recipes

Recommend two walnut diet recipes

Core tip: Walnuts have always been crowned the “King of Snacks” due to their rich nutritional elements.

Not only can it effectively lower cholesterol, treat kidney disease, but it can also prevent and treat low back pain.

  Walnut diet: 1. Fried walnut kernels: 10 grams of walnut kernels.

It has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and warming the lungs, moisturizing the intestines and laxative. It is suitable for those with weak kidneys, low back pain, weak feet, or cold, asthma and constipation.

  2. Walnut Bushen Soup: 15 grams of walnut kernels, 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 10 grams of psoralen, decoction, 1 dose daily.

Eucommia can strengthen bones and relieve back pain; psoralen can warm kidney and yang, when used with walnut kernels, can strengthen liver and kidney, strengthen bones, strengthen waist and knee, and is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knee aches and embolism.

The Democratic Party of Ladies and Women

The Democratic Party of Ladies and Women

The so-called social taboo is to pay attention to your own manners and manners.

Any woman who has demeanor and vulgar manners is not a lady.

A person who looks pleasant in appearance and appearance may break you into the ranks of uneducated because of earth-shattering laughter.

  The lady must make a good impression on various social occasions, and must not pay attention to manners and manners.

The following eight manifestations that may be avoided in social situations are not to be avoided. If you want to leave a shadow in the minds of others, you must keep in mind.

  Don’t whisper ladies should make a good impression on various social occasions. Never mind the way of personality, whisper, so as not to make a bad impression.

  Don’t laugh aloud Another act that makes you feel uneducated is laugh aloud.

Even if you hear something “shock-shattering”, you must maintain your manners at a social banquet, and at most, you should end up with a bright smile, otherwise you will laugh.

  Don’t stop talking. If there is a man talking to you at the banquet, you must keep a generous attitude and simply answer a few words.

Don’t be as rushing as reporting, you know the other person hates such conversations.

  Don’t say that a woman with a long tongue and a short tongue is definitely not a graceful and educated lady.

Even if you are dressed in jewellery and luxury, if you are long and short in social occasions, revealing the secrets of others, it will definitely be offensive.

Furthermore, although the “audience” in this kind of situation is mostly strangers, the so-called “bad things are spreading thousands of miles”, I’m afraid that you will be rude and immoral, and other people, especially men, naturally respect you”.

  Don’t be too bad to attend social banquets, others expect to see cute smiles.

Therefore, even if there is any sadness or depression in your heart, you should pretend to have a friendly smile and adapt to the environment.

  Don’t let the muttering rush out in social situations, it’s not good to talk nonsense, but it’s not good to say nothing to strangers.

In fact, in the face of strangers who have met at first, you can also start with a few words of inconsequence, and when you are interested in the other person and your own personality, change naturally to laugh and laugh.

If the old man sat silent, with a solemn expression, it would be incompatible with the joyful banquet atmosphere.

  Do not apply makeup in the public eye. Applying fat powder in the public is very impolite.

If you need makeup to repair your arms, you must go to the bathroom or a nearby powder room.

  Don’t be stingy in social situations, if you find that someone is watching you often-especially men, you should also show calmness.

If the other person is someone who has had a relationship with you in the past, you can naturally say hello to him, but don’t be overly enthusiastic or indifferent, otherwise it will affect the manner.

If the other party has never met you, you should not be too stubborn or glaring at the other party. You can skillfully leave his line of sight.

  All of these things should be considered taboos in social interaction, but there are many more.

In fact, no matter how many taboos are always reminding you what to do, how not to do it.

As long as you can rationally and intelligently deal with some things in society, even if it is a trivial matter, you can naturally show the charm and grace of a lady.

Handle time easily so you don’t have to be stressed

Handle time easily so you don’t have to be stressed

According to a recent national survey by the American Office Workers Association, it was found that nearly half of office workers believe that work is the main source of stress in their lives, and 45% of participants often work overtime.

  1. What do you usually do before going to work every morning in different mornings?

  One study found that your work stress is often related to the first thing you do in the morning.

If you often get up early in the morning to work at the table with frustrated family members, or conflict with people in a hurry, I am afraid that the work stress index will jump up a bit.

  Experts recommend that you give yourself a different morning, do a step exercise or meditation, or take a few deep breaths while commuting to the bus.

Go to work with a calm mood, and be more patient in handling things.

  2. Don’t be in a vacuum. Stressful work tends to breed a sense of isolation and helplessness. Psychologists focus and leave themselves alone in a working environment such as a sterile room for a long time. The pressure that cannot be exported will eat up a little bit of health.
Dr. Maxine suggested that using lunch or talking to colleagues after work should be “easy to frustrate”, and work together to find problems and stressors before trying to solve them.

If necessary, you can tell your supervisor that the pressure you are under has affected morale and replaced work.

  3. Do you feel comfortable or worse when you work around the seat?

A good work environment is one of the sources of vitality, which can reduce stress and help health.

  what can you do?

  a. Organize the table to clear the pile of documents on the table. The information in the file should be quickly returned to the place. The cluttered office will have messy hearts.

  b. Adjusting the seat Some people will break into the work area from time to time, increasing the pressure. You can turn the table to face the entrance, or hang a mirror beside the table, so you can see clearly who is walking towards you.Come.

  Or lean the table against the wall to stabilize your mood.

  c. Finding natural light fluorescent lamps is actually not good for work.

The best lighting for the human body is natural light, but indoor natural light cannot provide sufficient lighting and does not prevent you from installing a bulb-type table lamp. This kind of natural light bulb is good for vision or mood.

  4. A nap study confirms that nap can relax and reduce stress.

Expert research has found that many bosses even design a space for employees to take a nap.

He suggested that it cost 15?
30 minutes (don’t exceed 30 minutes, otherwise you will go into deep sleep and wake up feeling more tired). Take a nap and your work performance will be better in the afternoon.

  5. Dare to take vacations Some people dare not take vacations, worrying about not being able to finish their work, and want better performance to deepen the impression of the boss.

In fact, vacations are a good time to relieve stress and increase creativity.

Cherish the right to vacation and improve long-neglected family relationships.

When you return from vacation, you will be full of energy.

Top ten bottom lines in marriage

Top ten bottom lines in marriage

Only when the husband and wife are in a normal relationship can there be a sense of well-being, and the parents and children can live in a comfortable environment.

But sometimes, it ‘s not that the enemies do n’t get together. This couple ca n’t help but make a noise, or make a difference between them. But why some couples are noisy all their lives, but they can also grow old, but sometimes the couple who never make noise is surprised.When a crisis emerges and comes to an end, this shows that noisy does not necessarily shake the roots of the relationship between husband and wife, but neither does not mean that the couple will not break through the bottom line of the relationship.

No matter what the couple does, once they break the bottom line of the relationship and say that the red light may not be lit immediately, they can be resolved by divorce.

I think the relationship between husband and wife proves that there are ten such bottom lines that cannot be broken.

  1. A man beaten by his wife is education, and a woman beaten by her husband is hurt.

Between husband and wife, men are physically strong. If they hit their wives by hand, they will definitely knock down the bottom, saying that women may not be able to bear it, so they must propose a divorce.

Even if the woman barely forgives the other person, she always has scars in her emotions.

In particular, once a man starts, he may not be in his previous relationship, and sometimes he will do it again when he is impulsive until it becomes a habit.

No matter how you feel, you will be lost.

When men treat feelings, the more physically strong they are, the more they cannot move, even if the relationship between two people is completely broken, it is not necessary to move to the other side.

This is no better than a woman beating a man, it can make a man awake, and sometimes it is an education.

  2. Extramarital affairs are destined to be underground activities, and it is marriage that is played after open play.

A spouse has an extramarital affair, but the other party does not know, or is not sure, the relationship between the couple may still be maintained, especially for those who do not want to divorce, but only want a little extramarital romance, extramarital affair does not necessarily lead to a marital relationshiprupture.

But if one party makes the extramarital affairs public, it is definitely a direct challenge to marriage.

At this time, the other party is absolutely intolerable.

  3, scolding each other can be nicknamed love, but the relatives scolding each other can only increase hatred.

Husbands and wives are arguing, and some people say: Fighting is like scolding or love, but what is the extent of it, only the husband and wife know.

Scolding the other person is not necessarily fatal, but no matter what the contradiction is, you can’t scold the other person’s relatives, especially the other person’s biological parents. This is worse than directly scolding the other person, making it difficult for the other person to accept.

Because Chinese people are the most filial piety, and as the closest relatives without blood, if someone scolds the other’s parents, they will definitely make the other angry, and they may immediately slap each other.

  4. Occasional derailment may be forgiven, and disgrace hurts people to despair.

As husband and wife, many often live together with other loved ones, or alternate with each other, but if there is unsettling, such as the unlawful relationship between the wife and the uncle or father-in-law, or the husband and aunty have adultery.

It will directly lead to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife, and even maintain the relationship for some reason, the relationship between husband and wife will be distorted.

Therefore, both husband and wife must consciously keep their share in the family, so that they can love each other and be courteous.

Between husband and wife, in some special circumstances, derailment may occur. If this derailment is only an episode of husband and wife life, it will be fine afterwards.
  5. Don’t deceive the other party into feelings and money, let alone cheat money to support your lover.

Husbands and wives should share common sufferings, but if some people use illegitimate purposes, such as crumbs or give money to women outside, etc., find some excuses to deceive each other and save money.

When the truth is revealed, it will immediately lead to a crisis in the relationship between husband and wife.

If the family’s economic foundation is shaken as a result, it will certainly shake the emotional foundation.

  6, secret online dating is a private matter, but running away from home without turning back.

Believe that online dating, if you have a chance, go online and find excuses to date netizens, and even infatuate with netizens, find excuses, or run away from home for no reason.

In the end, he was deceived by money and deceived and had no choice but to run back.

Such a woman would hurt her husband, forcing others to make a decision to cut it off and take a break early.

  7. It’s okay to be hard on the other side, but it is not allowed to encourage parents to put pressure on them.

Conflicts between husband and wife are originally a matter between husband and wife, but if something happens between husband and wife, add fuel and jealousy to their parents, and let the older generation to replace things with husband and wife.

Especially using their parents to put pressure on the other party. Over time, it must make the other party feel serious discomfort or hurt their self-esteem. Finally, the husband and wife relationship ends, often pulling the loved ones into harmony, and the conflict between the husband and wife is impossible.Settlement is often easy to worsen, and severe cases may also divorce.

  8. Surrender the other party’s credentials, but monitoring the other party is too unreasonable.

I really grasped the other party ‘s handle and could force the other party to correct it or as evidence of divorce, but suspicious is the enemy of husband and wife. Sometimes, there are some feelings, but suspicious will distort the mind, causing some people can not stand, even some.Crazy things come.

For example, to harm the suspect, or to use various means to monitor the privacy of the other party.This kind of behavior reappears, which can make the relationship between husband and wife extremely tense.

This is not necessary if you don’t want a divorce.

  9, the husband and wife need to be rational, not insulting evil.

Between husband and wife, we must be rational and rational, and if one party moves swearing and insults the other, it will definitely cause the other’s spirit to collapse.

Because abusiveness shows that one spouse no longer treats the other as a person.

  10, outside marriage is easy to understand, but the disorder brought back sexually transmitted diseases to destroy the whole family.

It’s a common thing for modern men and women to have affection outside of marriage.

But a man or a woman comes out in chaos, no matter how they usually cover it, or even show how innocent they are, but once the STD is brought back out, the other side of the couple is also infected.

The relationship between the husband and wife must be broken immediately, in fact, this kind of thing is also rare.

The sexual transmission of AIDS can also ruin families.