Exercise waist muscles

Exercise waist muscles

(1) Lie on your back with your arms straight.

Scroll 1-1.5 meters in succession, and then scroll left.

Can be repeated 3-4 times.

  (2) Lie on your back with your arms raised sideways and your legs flexed slightly to raise your knees.

Turn your legs to the left at the same time, try to get your knees on the ground, and change direction again.

  (3) Straighten your legs, first transfer your knees to the left, and change direction again.

  (4) Place the abdomen on a square bench, prone, with both feet fixed, elbows bent, and both arms placed behind the head.

The body turned to the sides and his elbows tried to lean back.

  (5) The preparation moves upward, paying attention to the torso and head to sag.

Lifting your body and turning left, your eyes try to look at the ceiling.

After the restoration, change direction and do it again.

  (6) The preparatory action is the same as above, and the head-to-head movement is performed.

  (7) Sit on a stool with both feet fixed, and insert both hands behind your head.

Sit back, sit up, sit back, and repeat 5-6 times.

  (8) Stand against the back door or wall, and fit the shoulder-width rubber band on the wooden board.

First hold the right side of the rubber band with your right hand, turn your body to the left, and then change hands.

  (9) Lie on your back with both hands stretched forward, and try to lift your legs forward.

Do it 4-6 times.

  (10) Stand on the back of the chair with both feet, support the back of the chair with both hands, and do body-side exercise.

Five principles to keep in mind in the workplace

Five principles to keep in mind in the workplace

The five principles that you need to keep in mind imply that deep psychological set-ups can be induced and that underlying motivations lead to behavior.

  Positive hints of wealth creation will enable you to gradually use your willpower to achieve your goals in spontaneous psychology.

  There are five main principles to keep in mind when learning self-suggestion: First, be concise: make your sentences strong and powerful.

For example: “I am getting richer.

“Second, positive: This is extremely important.

If you say, “I don’t want to suffer from poverty,” although not saying “poor,” this negative language changes the notion of “running to poverty” printed in your subconscious.

So you have to think positively: “I’m getting richer.

“Third, conviction: your sentences must be” reasonable “to avoid conflicts and resistance with your mind.

If you feel that “I will make a million in this year” is too impossible, choose an amount you can accept.

For example: “I will make 500,000 yuan this year.

“Fourth, imagine: when you recite or recite the sentence you have set, you must clearly form an image in your mind.

Sheng Shengte said in his book “The Psychology of the Rich”: “You will never get rich unless you can see in your mind how rich you are.

“Fifth, feelings: If you think about your health, you have to feel full of energy; if you think about creating wealth, you have to have a rich life.

Dr. Hill also states: “When you recite (or silently) your phrase.
Focus your emotions.
Otherwise, there will be no results from reading in your mouth, and your subconscious mind will work with the coordination of thoughts and feelings.

Detoxifying Recipe: Tofu and Tofu

Detoxifying Recipe: Tofu and Tofu

The right diet concept also adds a healthy element to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

Today, I recommend a recipe of tofu and potato tofu, so that healthy eating habits can escort us to have a healthy body!

  [原料]  豆腐100克,嫩香椿芽25克,香油3克,精盐2克。  [制法]  (1)将香椿芽择洗干净,放入碗内,倒入沸水,用盘子扣上,焖5分钟,捞出挤去水,切成细未。  (2) Cut the tofu into small dices, cook it in the pot a little, remove it and place it in a plate, add toon buds, refined salt, and sesame oil and mix well.

  [特点] 此菜软嫩可口,气味芳香。  [提示] 制作时,不要把豆腐直接与香椿拌食,应先将豆腐用开水煮一下,晾凉后再拌之。  [功效] 香椿含有丰富的蛋白质、脂肪、碳水化合物、粗纤维、钙、磷、铁和胡萝卜素、维生素C等,具有清热健胃、消炎解毒作用。Toona combined with tofu can provide rich protein and calcium.

Suitable for young children.

  Warm reminder: today’s life brings a lot of possibilities to our living conditions.

The types of diets are constantly increasing. Please pay attention to healthy diets for the health of our body.

Deodorizing lilac tea to help

Deodorizing lilac tea to help

Cloves are a good medicine for removing bad breath in ancient times. The method of deodorizing cloves is very simple. Take the mother clove, which is the fruit of lilac, 4 pieces. First, smash the female clove into a covered tea cup, pour it into boiling water, coverServe for 10 minutes.

The reason why clove can achieve bad breath is that in addition to its scent, which can suppress the bad smell in the mouth, it is also associated with the effect of removing cold. Many people think that the cause of bad breath is only stomach heat. In fact, the bad breath caused by stomach heat is onlyOne type, and most of them occur in people who have stomach heat, food accumulation, etc.

Repeated halitosis is caused by stomach cold. As long as you drink clove tea and quit cold food, you can quickly eliminate bad breath.

Clove is spicy. If you are not used to it, you can mix it with other flowers.

For example, with cinnamon, it can also remove bad breath in the axial direction.

In fact, 1-2 capsules of mother clove in mouth, or 1 clove flower piece in mouth, can also remove the bad breath through the effect. According to the “Taiping Yulan” of the Song Dynasty, during the period of Emperor Han Dynasty, the servants were oldWhen suffering from halitosis, the emperor gave it the fragrance of chicken tongue.

Diao Cun didn’t know much about cloves, and he didn’t know what the emperor had given him.

Diao Cun mistakenly thought that he was at fault. The emperor gave poison to death. When he returned home, he said that his family was crying.

A person with knowledge checked that the medicine he brought back was clove, and the emperor knew that the medicine was a fragrant medicine.

Also, ancient women used lilac tablets to treat bad breath.

In fact, cloves are absolutely healthy for women, and they are also applicable to men.

Because clove has another effect, that is to warm the kidney.

Can be taken both internally and externally.

When taken orally, generally take 3-5 grams of lilac tablets soaked in water.

External use can be more or less. Some people have soaked with asarum and cloves, called “Xiangxiang tincture”, used for external treatment, the effect is also very obvious.

Banana mask seven homemade banana mask practices

Banana mask seven homemade banana mask practices

There are many effects of bananas. It can supplement nutrition, prevent diseases, and also be used for skin care with masks. Here are seven homemade banana masks.

  Many mm like to apply homemade masks. There are many materials for homemade masks. Banana is one of the most common materials. Banana masks are many and simple. Today I will introduce a few simple homemade masks.

  First, refreshing and soft banana mask material: 1 banana.

  Method and usage: Just peel and smash a banana, apply it directly to the face, wait for 15?
Wash after 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: Long-term use can help the skin to be soft and fresh.

  Suitable skin type: especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

  Second, a simple banana mask material: a banana, the one that must be fully cooked, and first put it in the refrigerator to freeze; a tablespoon of honey; an orange or a lemonAdd a few drops of orange or lemon juice.

After applying for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Efficacy: moisturizes, soothes the skin, and makes the skin cool and comfortable.

  Third, homemade banana milk mask material: 1 banana, 2 spoons of milk, 2 spoons of strong tea Method: First mash the bananas, add milk and strong tea, and slowly mix until the paste is smooth.

  Steps: Clean the face thoroughly, then spread the banana paste on both ends, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

  Tips: 1. Strong tea should be used after cooling down.

  2. It is better to use milk instead of milk.

  3. If you want to save time, you can use a blender to mash the bananas.

  Fourth, homemade banana yogurt mask material: 1/4 avocado, 1/2 small or 1/4 large banana, 1 teaspoon pure yogurt.

  Steps: Make avocado, banana and yogurt into a paste, apply to the corrected face, and massage with both hands to promote blood circulation.

If you get better results, you can also apply gauze to the mask after massage, leave it on the shell for 10 minutes, wash it, and then apply toner and moisturizer.

  Efficacy: Banana contains vitamins A, B, C and E; oleic acid in avocado also has a good moisturizing effect; lactic acid in yogurt promotes cell metabolism.

Suitable for dry skin and removing acne red marks and freckles. MM, homemade banana moisturizing mask material: half banana root (preferably rotten bananas), 1 teaspoon of honey (5ml)Pounded into mud.

  Steps: After thoroughly cleaning the skin, apply the mask on the body for about 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water.

  Efficacy: Moisturizes and hydrates dry skin.

For the skin, banana is a very good mask material. Pounding the banana directly into a mud-like dressing can gently clean and moisturize the skin on the shell.

Adding honey can enhance the moisturizing function, which is very suitable for daily use of dry skin.

  Six, banana lemon degreasing mask material: 1 banana, half a lemon.

  How to do it: Squeeze and mash the banana and lemon with their skins, put them on your face and wait for 10?
15 minutes, then rinse with water.

  Efficacy: Effectively remove oil and deeply moisturize the skin.

Can be applied once a week.

  Seven, homemade banana egg mask material: peeled banana half, egg yolk half, powder 4 spoons.

  Method: Mix and stir all the above materials well, apply to both ends, leave it for 15 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

  Efficacy: whitens and lifts skin.

Bananas are rich in vitamin a, which not only moisturizes the skin, but also improves the flushing of the face due to microvascular dilatation.

Eggs have the effect of firming and moisturizing the skin.

  The above introduces seven homemade banana masks. Mm, who likes banana masks, hurry up and try it.

Critical period for mom and baby

Critical period for mom and baby

Should I feed the baby with juice?

What to do if baby refuses to eat?

Baby doesn’t like to drink milk, so how can he supplement calcium . There are so many problems like this, mothers who waste time and add supplementary food to their baby.

Don’t worry, we have selected the three most prominent stages of the baby’s replacement problem, and the nutrition experts of the parents will reveal the secrets of correcting them one by one for you.

  6 months to 18 months is the key stage for a baby’s transition from supplementary food supplementation to normal children’s diet. His nutritional needs and habits will change greatly.

Therefore, at different stages of growth and development, mothers have to choose the most healthy way to eat your baby.

  6 months: Features: At this stage, your baby has not conditionedly rejected non-liquid food as before, but has swallowed food in a more coordinated manner.

He can sit up and keep his head still.

Breast milk or milk alone is no longer sufficient for his appetite and nutritional needs.

You can even notice that when you eat, he will pay attention to the food in your bowl. These conditions indicate that the child can start eating solid food.

  The most worrying question for mothers is: Should they feed him whenever he wants to eat it?

  A: It is best to develop a regular diet for your baby 6 times a day.

Sometimes you will find that she only eats a few spoonfuls when eating.

Don’t worry, breast milk or milk is their most important source of nutrition at this stage.

  Question: I just started feeding meat to my 9-month-old baby, but she didn’t like it.

How can I guarantee she can get enough protein?

  A: She should be able to get a lot of protein from breast milk or milk.

Another way is to give him full-fat yogurt and crushed and cooked legumes.

Eggs can also be supplemented with egg whites, but remember to give your child cooked boiled egg yolks.

If you have a family history of allergies, you have to wait until your child is two years old before giving him protein, because protein can sometimes cause allergies in babies.

  Q: Should I feed my child juice?

  Answer: Juices are generally not required for babies.

Although 100% pure fruit juice can supplement human body’s vitamin C and other nutrients, babies who cannot drink too much juice will not have breast milk or milk in their stomachs, and they will also damage the baby’s stomach and teeth.

  What should I eat?

  1) Baby rice cereal: This is the safest food in all foods and rarely causes allergies.

In addition, it can supplement your baby’s iron at this stage.

  2) Squeezed fruits and vegetables: It is best to start with vegetables for your children.

Because children like to eat sweet things, once you have given her fruits, such as pears, she will probably refuse to eat vegetables, such as peas.

  3) Oats, barley, and other baby food: Although you have already given her rice food, you have to give her one at a time to kill her. If she knows whether she will be allergic to a certain type of rice, eating rules: 1Try it, try it again: It’s very common for a baby to spit it out after eating it.

Babies usually have to go through more than ten or more repeated attempts to really get used to and accept a new flavor of food.

  2. Make it thinner: Be sure to make it thinner at the beginning, about one spoonful of rice cereal and four spoonfuls of water and stir to make a thin paste. When the baby learns to swallow, it will gradually thicken and thicken.

  3. A small amount: She may only eat half a spoon or feed per meal.

  4. Eat one at a time: After feeding her a new food, wait at least three or four days before feeding her another new one.

Watch her closely for allergic reactions such as diarrhea, itchy skin, wheezing or vomiting.

  5. Keep feeding without interruption: at the beginning, solid food can be used as her complementary food. Don’t replace breast milk or milk immediately.

Experts recommend breastfeeding babies before feeding them solid foods.

But babies who use bottles and milk can be encouraged to eat solid foods before drinking.

  Reference recipes: Breakfast: 2 scoops of rice cereal, 1 scoop of peach puree, breast milk or milk, morning meal: breast milk or milk morning meal: 2 scoops of rice cereal, 2 scoops of puree, breast milk or milk afternoon meal: breast milk or milk dinner: 2 scoops of rice cereal, 2 scoops of pea puree, breast milk or milk for evening meals: breast milk or milk for 12 months: characteristics: your baby’s growth rate will obviously slow down after reaching the age of one year.He was too busy toddling all day, crawling up to this moment, and he couldn’t even care about eating.

However, when he tried to eat by himself without feeding you, he still had to work hard to catch his food.

In addition, at this stage, he can directly drink water in the glass and eat liquid food in the bowl.

  The most worrying question for moms is: What should I do if my baby refuses to eat?

  Answer: Don’t worry, your baby now needs less conversion than he used to in infancy.

He ate little or no of this meal, and the next one or two meals will be made up automatically.

Continue to adhere to the principle of small amounts.

It is enough to give him a spoonful of each food.

  Q: My baby doesn’t like to drink milk, how can he add calcium?

  Answer: Try giving him yogurt and cheese.

But remember that even if she didn’t like milk, she still had to put it on the table.

As long as you don’t force him to drink, maybe he will suddenly become like drinking one day.

If your child is allergic to milk protein, try giving him soy milk, yogurt or orange juice with calcium.

Also give him more green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli.

  Question: When my child is sick, do I have to let him eat when my appetite is not good?

  Answer: No.

But to avoid dehydration, he must be given a lot of liquid food.

When he gets better, his appetite will naturally recover.

  What should I eat?

  Fruit, vegetables, meat.

Even if the child has only a few teeth, he can already chew on his gums.

Children around one year old are willing to put anything in their mouths, so experts suggest to make full use of this feature. Make more tricks at home, such as making soft noodles and meat rolls. At this time, your child’s diet should be similar to that of adultsAlready.
  Drinking whole milk, the transformation in whole milk is particularly critical for the healthy growth and brain development of children.

Therefore, it is best not to give children low-fat milk until the age of two.

  Eating rules: 1. Continue to be vigilant: Continue to observe his reaction after adding new food to him, especially eating allergic foods such as: fish, egg white, citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, peanut butter (wipeOn bread or biscuits), etc.

Doctors recommend that if you have a family history of allergies, wait until your child is 2-3 years old before giving them these things.

  2. Cultivate his own ability: when making food, the size is best used to hold the child’s small hand to scratch or scoop with a spoon, the food must be cut into small pieces to prevent children from getting stuck.

  3. Limit the absorption of liquids and liquid foods: At this stage, children should mainly eat solid foods.

Milk should be given to him at mealtimes.

Usually he can let him drink water when he is thirsty.

  4. Don’t force: If the child starts to eat unruly, it is likely that he is full.

  Reference recipe: Breakfast: half a banana, half a cup of whole milk or breast milk. Morning meal: 1/4 pear, half a cup of whole milk or breast milk. Lunch: half a slice of cheese, 1/4 slice of bread, and a spoonful of cooked carrots.Silk afternoon meal: a small piece of rice cake, half a cup of whole milk or breast milk dinner: carrot minced soft rice, half a cup of whole milk or breast milk 18 months: Features: At this stage your baby loves to be able to try and tryDo more.

But at the same time, she will also use her little ability to compete with you on the problem of eating, not eating well.

At this time, you must not simply and arbitrarily judge that she is not eating well because of picky eating.

Children’s appetite is always elusive, and the appetite varies from day to day, even from meal to meal.

Besides, in the eyes of children, playing with toys is more fun than caring about what to eat.

  The most worrying question for mothers asks: Sometimes my child eats nothing. How can this guarantee his nutrition?

  Answer: No doubt, it is normal for children to eat a good meal every day.

However, when you find that the child’s weight does not increase during the reduction, and her head is not long. In this case, even if she does not want to eat, you still have to feed her one or two spoons of food all the time.

  Q: My child eats only one food at a time. Is this OK?  Answer: As long as the daily nutrition is balanced.

It’s best to change different patterns for each meal (for example, make melon pieces for breakfast, milk oatmeal for lunch, ham chicken for lunch, etc.).

Pay attention to what he eats every second, instead of focusing on a meal or two.

  Q: My child’s diet has been very picky recently.

  A: At this stage, children’s tastes start to change, becoming more and more picky, and sometimes they eat or not to get adults’ attention.

You just have to make the meals you should cook, as long as you don’t make a big deal, he may slowly get rid of the problem.

  What should I eat?

  1) The child eats whatever the adult eats: Experts believe that the child and the adult should eat the same thing, but only in small portions.

But try to eat different tricks, more variety is best.

There are at least three types of meals in each of the five categories mentioned.

  2) Use dim sum: cheese, whole wheat bread or fruit yogurt are all nutritious foods.

Use snacks or snacks to improve the nutrition that your child lacked in the previous or previous meals.

  Eating rules: 1. Eat together: Even if your child can eat, don’t let him eat alone.

He sometimes stunned by stuffing too much into his mouth at one time.

Cut carrots, cherry tomatoes, beans and grapes into small pieces.

In addition, he must sit and eat.

  2. Do n’t eat and make it alone because the child does n’t like it: This will set a bad precedent, and children will get used to bad problems over time. When cooking, just make sure that someone likes the dish.Note that as long as each meal is a little different.

  3. Give him what he is familiar with: Little babies actually discover new things every day, so they like to eat what they have seen and are familiar with.

Try adding sausage and some vegetables to the noodles, he may be more receptive.

  4. Don’t make a fuss about your baby crying while eating: Do n’t make a fuss about them while they are eating and crying, do n’t make a fuss too much. They cry just a few times.

  Reference recipe: Breakfast: half a bowl of rice porridge, 2 slices of apple, half a cup of whole milk, morning meal: 1 small bowl of egg ravioli, half glass of grape juice lunch: 1 small bowl of shrimp meat ravioli, half cup of milk afternoon meal: 1/ 4 bowls of small pieces of melon and fruit, 2-3 rice crackers, half a glass of water Dinner: 1 small bowl of chicken broth vegetable noodles, half a cup of milk

Choose the right exfoliator to return to baby muscle_1

Choose the right exfoliator to return to baby muscle

The normal and healthy stratum corneum is separated and tidy, and it will be replaced naturally by metabolism every time, which can keep the skin hydrated and shiny well.

As you age, the natural exfoliation process slows down, and as a result, too much keratin forms a rough, dry epidermis.

Exfoliating helps deep cleanse the skin and restores its radiance and beauty.

However, there are various exfoliating products. Do you know what to choose?


Avene Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub Gel Reference Price: ¥ 188 Product Description: Contains 60% Avene spring water, two kinds of ultra-fine exfoliating particles, gently exfoliating and blackheads; the surface of the particles is covered with a moisturizing film, during the massageGradually release moisture, form a protective film on the skin surface, re-smooth and bright.

Can also be used with ease on sensitive skin.

Apply on dry skin (avoid eye area), wash with warm water after massage.


YVES ROCHER Nutrient Grain Scrub Mask Reference Price: ¥ 150 Product Description: Scrub particles, gently remove aging cuticles and dead skin, unblock pores, expel toxins, and instantly restore a soft, natural glow to the skin.

The nutritional value of corn is outstanding in cereals. Half of the linoleic acid and vitamin E can adjust the endocrine system, balance oil secretion, inhibit skin aging, and help skin restore softness and elasticity.


FANCL Cheese Moisturizing Mask Reference Price: ¥ 210 Product Description: Designed for dry skin, just apply it for 10-15 minutes to get professional beauty effect.

Aloe vera and kiwi fruit extract can highly moisturize and lock water. It can also remove scars, exfoliate and improve rough skin.


Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Scrub Mortar Reference Price: ¥ 195 Product Description: Converting soft massage, aging keratin with natural scattering of cellulose (cellulose) ingredients, allowing you to become clean and smooth the next morning.

The frosting enzyme (enzyme) in the red capsule softens and removes the aging cutin in the deep depression of the skin, promotes skin renewal, and creates vibrant and healthy skin.

Strawberry extract helps to create healthy and moisturized skin.


L’Occitane Red Rice Exfoliating Powder Reference Price: ¥ 195 Product Description: L’Occitane Red Rice Exfoliating Powder is mixed with water to form a scrub, which effectively removes oil, impurities and old horny pores with multiple pores.


Bedema Cleansing Gel Reference Price: ¥ 228 Product Description: Double exfoliating effect, gentle spherical particles, deep cleansing; Glycolic acid + salicylic acid, promote skin regeneration.

Purifies skin, improves skin texture and tightens pores.

Oil control, strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mild pH, no irritating to the skin.

Suitable for oily, acne and combination skin.


Chanel’s New Scrub Gel Reference Price: ¥ 460 Product Description: Contains unique flower essences, creating a tranquil and comfortable feeling for the skin and soul, while restoring the ideal state of suppleness, freshness and shine.

Stress and tiredness can tarnish the skin.

This unique scrub gel gently and thoroughly removes dead skin and dirt, removes dullness from the face, and restores skin to its natural radiance.


Herborist Face Exfoliating Scrub Gel Reference Price: ¥ 75 Product Description: The contained Chinese herbal medicine Rhodiola rosea herbal extract is gentle and not greasy. The natural corn particles contained in it can gently and effectively remove the aging skin of the facial skin, red eyesTian’s active ingredients can enhance the vitality of the skin, balance the metabolism of the skin cells on the face, keep the skin smooth and soft, and restore delicate and smooth.


be-Bijia soft moisturizing gel reference price: ¥ 69 Product description: Specially containing keratin removing ingredients, can make skin rough, horny soft, actively promote skin metabolism, make skin smooth; and can improve darkMakes skin even and clear.

Containing high moisturizing ingredient trehalose, it can exert water retention effect when the skin loses moisture, lock the skin moisture in time, and continue to give dry skin full nourishment.

Problems you will encounter in the early days of complementary foods

Problems you will encounter in the early days of complementary foods

In the early days of complementary foods, mothers will encounter various situations. Here we will answer a few common questions, so that mothers have a general psychological preparation for the early stages of complementary foods.

  Q: My wonderful daughter has 4 days and 4 months. I have been breastmilk instead. I want to ask, do I have to add complementary food to my baby after 4 months?

(October Bao Miao Miao Mama) A: Breast milk contains full-value nutrients, which can satisfy 0?
April (or 0?
June) Comprehensive needs for infant growth and development.

Because the amount of breast milk secretion can increase with the development of the baby in the early stage (within 4 months), it reaches the highest secretion after 4 months.

  But at this time, breastfeeding alone cannot fully meet the nutritional needs of infant growth and development. Therefore, most infants
Supplementary foods were added in June; then, 4?
In June, the coordination of the digestive system and organs of babies has gradually been able to adapt to other foods other than breast milk. Transforming digestive enzymes have also become active, and you can also try to add complementary foods.

  The timely addition of complementary foods can allow babies to gradually adapt to various foods, and gradually complete the transition from completely relying on breast milk nutrition to relying on other food nutrients in nature, and to completely adapt to human food after weaning.

  It is particularly suggested here that you should gradually add formula to your baby every day before weaning, so that he can adapt.

Because the first year of age should be mainly milk, after the first year of age should also add a certain amount of milk to the baby.

The modern view of nutrition proposes: variety, balanced nutrition, and appropriate supplementation.

Therefore, to cultivate a baby’s good eating behavior should start from infancy.

Addition of complementary food is the main content.

  Q: When a baby eats complementary food, he always spit it out. This is what to eat. Half of it is wasted.

(Natural fruit) A: Feeding at this stage must be patient.

If your baby pushes food out of his mouth, don’t worry, just relax.

Most babies do this instinctively initially, which is their fear of food.

When accustomed, this reflection of the tongue disappears.

If he doesn’t seem interested, take the food away and try again in a day or a few days.

Babies have different appetites every day.

Babies show you that they are full by turning their heads in front of a spoon, or closing their lips tightly.

When babies show signs that they are full, don’t force them to eat more food, because this is a harm to the baby and things are worse.

The mother should not be too worried, at this stage, formula or breast milk can meet all his nutritional needs.

  Tips: Choose the timing of supplementary food supplements to remind moms that the time to start this work can be selected every morning.

Because the mood is good in the morning, so is the baby.

I woke up in the morning and kept talking and laughed.

At this time the baby is most conducive to receiving food other than milk.

  Q: How do I know that my baby can start feeding complementary foods? Certain conditions must be shown to make me understand that I should add complementary foods to my baby?

  A: Yes.

  The specific time of supplementary food supplementation should be based on the specific situation of the baby, such as the weight gain of less than 500 grams per month; or the feeding time is longer than the past; or the baby has abnormal performance after feeding, such as crying, irritability, etc., indicating that the amount of breast milk is no longerEnough, it’s time to add complementary food.

  In addition, the baby has some other manifestations: drooling, nipple biting and toys, seeing adults pouting, eyes bright, etc.

This shows that you can consider adding complementary food to your baby.

But the specific situation also needs specific arrangements.

If the baby is fat, it should be added later during premature babies or during illness. You can also ask the doctor for advice on supplementary food.

  If the baby is completely formula-fed, he should start to add complementary food after he is 4 months of age.

  Q: Are there any places that need our attention in the supplementary food supplementation, which are the detours of the older mothers, which need our special attention?
  A: The misunderstanding of adding complementary foods: 1) Some mothers mix food with infant formula and put it in the bottle, and use a large hole pacifier to feed.

This is wrong.

Babies need to learn how food tastes and how it feels when they put it in their mouths.

Put a small amount of food in front of your baby’s tongue, and slowly let him learn to chew and swallow.
  2) Add complementary foods before going to bed.

This will make it impossible!

The digestive function of the baby at night is relatively attenuated. Adding food can only increase the burden on the baby’s urethra and cause the baby to cry.

  There may be differences Every mother will know that there are individual differences among babies.

Therefore, when you start to cultivate your baby’s eating habits, you must also teach them according to their aptitude.

Don’t move books bluntly. Let your baby feel that eating is a process that is both happy and enjoyable.

It is also necessary to fully believe in the baby’s self-protection ability. Once eat more and eat less, the absorbed nutrients must meet the needs of growth and development.

Reference criteria: weight and mood.

Qi deficiency eat a lot of four medicated diet can be adjusted

Qi deficiency eat a lot of four medicated diet can be adjusted

Many people often listen to qi deficiency, so how should qi deficiency be adjusted?

What can qi deficiency patients eat?

Here we come to understand: how should qi deficiency be adjusted?

  Qi deficiency refers to the lack of vitality inside the body, leading to some consequences for the development of the body.

The so-called qi in Chinese medicine is equivalent to the basic substance of the human body and participates in the functioning of the internal organs.

  Life conditioning: Qi deficiency and physical constitution are often weak, we must pay attention to living health.

You can do more outdoor sports and breathe more fresh air.

Some physical exercises are also necessary, and some Tai Chi etc. are effective.

  Diet conditioning: Pay attention to diet conditioning in your life. It is suitable for eating some nutritious and healthy foods. Do not eat spicy and greasy foods, and do not eat some raw food.

  Mental conditioning: Conditioning one’s own mental condition is of great help in preventing the symptoms of qi deficiency and exhaustion.

Don’t be overly emotional. Keep your mood comfortable and optimistic.

  Symptoms of Qi Deficiency have some kind of Qi Deficiency Syndrome that can cover all aspects of the whole body. For example, Qi Deficiency is weak in external health, muscle surface is not firm, and sweating easily; Qi Deficiency is loss of limb muscles, fatigue around the body; Qi Deficiency does not rise in Qingyang.Deficiency of Qingqiao and mental atrophy, dizziness and tinnitus; Qi deficiency is incapable of using handsome blood, but the pulse is weak or fine; Qi deficiency is caused by imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, water fluid is not changed, and delivery disorders, and sputum can be condensed into a drink.Then the flood of water evil causes edema; Qi deficiency is enough to cause the viscera function to decline, thus showing a series of signs of viscera weakness.

  1. Lung qi deficiency lung main qi, Secretary breathing, external fur coat, regulating water channels.

Lung qi deficiency, the main proclaimed descending, breathing, regulating water metabolism, the role of resistance to external evils will weaken, short-term spontaneous sweating, poor voice, cough, asthma, chest tightness, easy to catch a cold, even edema, unfavorable urination, etc.resulting in.

  2. Deficiency of kidney qi The kidney is located in the waist house, and the essence qi is hidden, and the two yin is opened and closed.

Essence filled the internal organs and glorified the brain.

Kidney qi deficiency, loss of Rongyang, fatigue, dizziness and forgetfulness, weakness of waist and knees, frequent urination, clear leucorrhea, weak tongue, weak pulse.

If the kidneys are not satisfied, they have shortness of breath and more breathing and less breathing.

  3. Deficiency of spleen and spleen is in the center of coke, main movement, Si Shengqing, and blood line.

Weak temper, unable to transport subtle water valleys, qi and blood biochemically boring sources, symptoms of reduced diet, stomach discomfort after eating, fatigue, fatigue, thin body, thin stools, pale yellow tongue, pale tongue, weak veins.

  4, heart qi deficiency, main blood, hidden gods.

Deficiency of heart, can not agitate the blood, can not recuperate, so see heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, labor is aggravated, tired and tired, weak tongue, weak pulse.

  5, Yang (qi) deficiency and qi deficiency can be seen with pale complexion, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, and even syncope.

In addition to the symptoms of qi deficiency, yang deficiency also has chills, cold limbs, spontaneous sweating, slow or slow pulses, fat tongue and pale fur.

  Recommended several medicated meals1. Codonopsis astragali porridge ingredients: Codonopsis 10 grams, Astragalus 20 grams, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Dangshen, astragalus decoction, and porridge with the previous rice, take it every morning.

  2, mutton and spinach soup ingredients: 100 grams of mutton, 50 grams of spinach.

  Method: Cut the lamb into chopped velvet, spinach and cut into spares.

Heat the wok, add a little oil, stir-fry the green onion and ginger, add water, then add the meat, and boil the spinach on high heat to ingest the spinach.

  3, chicken purple rice porridge ingredients: 100 grams of chicken, 10 grams of jujube, 10 grams of walnuts, 100 grams of purple rice.

  Method: Wash the above ingredients, chop them, add water and cook together.

  4. Astragalus juvenile chicken material: 1 juvenile chicken, 9 grams of astragalus, ginger, spring onion, salt, and rice wine.

  Method: Wash the chicken, wrap 9 grams of yellow spots in a gauze bag, take a thin thread, fasten the gauze bag at one end, insert it into the pot, and tie the other end to the pot handle.

Add ginger, spring onions, and an appropriate amount of boiled soup to the pot. After the broiler chicken is cooked, take out the astragalus bun.

Add salt, season rice wine, and serve immediately.

Can benefit Qi tonic.

What should you pay attention to when bathing in winter?


What should you pay attention to when bathing in winter?

In the opening year of 2011, the temperature dropped directly to the freezing point. On the way home from work, I walked on the streets of the cold and windy city. I think everyone wants to go home and wash a warm bathtub to relax. Use the improvement of living conditions and take a bath every day.It became the habit of most families.

Love you clean, you must pay attention to the following places in the cold winter bathing – bathing should not be too diligent winter people sweat less, plus the air is very dry, the automatic removal of sebum will not be much.

Bathing too hard will wash away the oil secreted on the skin surface and the protective flora that normally parasitizes on the skin surface. It will easily damage the stratum corneum of the skin, causing itchy skin, the skin’s resistance will also weaken, and the water will evaporate more easily.The skin will dry out.

For dry skin, it is recommended to wash once every 2-3 days. When it comes to winter skin, it will produce severe dandruff, which can be prolonged. The skin of the elderly is in atrophy state. It is recommended to wash once every 7 days, and the elderly over 70 years old.Can be extended to 10 days to wash once.

銆€銆€Bath time avoids long bath time is too long, the skin is easy to dehydrate, people are prone to fatigue, leading to heart disease, lack of oxygen, causing coronary spasm, thrombosis, and even causing severe arrhythmia and sudden death.

In addition, the bath time is too long, the blood supply to the skull is correspondingly reduced, which may lead to cerebral palsy and accidents.

Therefore, it is advisable to take a bath for 20 minutes and shower for 3-5 minutes.

銆€銆€The water temperature should not be too high. The high water temperature is easy to damage the oil on the surface of the skin, causing the telangiectasia to expand and the degree of dryness of the skin.

At the same time, it will increase the burden on the heart, because the blood vessels of the whole body are obviously dilated, causing a large amount of blood to flow to the whole body skin, resulting in hypoxia of the heart.

In particular, elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, hypertension, etc., high water temperature, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased burden on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and increased blood viscosity, may lead to shock.

Therefore, the water temperature is preferably from 24 掳 C to 29 掳 C.

銆€銆€After eating or fasting, it is not advisable to take a bath of rice. The body needs to mobilize a part of the blood from the whole body to the body. Immediately after bathing, take a bath instead of digestive tract blood flow, which hinders digestion and absorption of food and causes stomach upset.

In addition, the heart and other parts of the blood supply is insufficient, easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, and even angina or sudden death.

Hypoglycemia caused by fasting, lack of blood supply to the brain, can cause syncope.

Bath time should be about 2 hours after a meal, or about 1 hour before the next meal.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to use a bath containing a high amount of alkali. Because the skin is slightly acidic, the alkaline body lotion and soap can damage the skin’s acid-base balance, resulting in dry skin and tightness.

Therefore, optional neutral shower gel, bath soap.

In addition, after bathing, apply body lotion after bathing. In the relatively dry area, rub some urea grease or petrolatum every day to lock the surface moisture and reduce dry damage.

銆€銆€After bathing, take care to keep warm and bathe. Before going out of the bathroom, be sure to wear clothes, shoes and hats, and dry the whole body with a dry towel. Wear clothes and shoes as soon as possible to prevent colds.

From a place with a high temperature, suddenly came to a place with a low temperature, there is no warm clothing on the body, resulting in cold contraction of blood vessels, blood pressure, which increases the burden on the heart.

So do a good job of warming up, take a towel when you are out of the shower, or change your clothes in the bathroom in advance.

If necessary, use electric appliances such as electric ovens or Yuba.

銆€銆€Bathing should not be too powerful to bathe when the force is not too large, easy to get rid of a large number of protective keratinocytes, and wash away the sweat and sebum together to form a chemical protective film to reduce the skin’s natural protective function.

The bathing of the elderly can not be too fast, in order to prevent the body position from changing too fast or the amplitude is large, resulting in blood pressure drop.