Look at your eyebrows to see if you have hidden pain

Look at your eyebrows to see if you have hidden pain

The defense function of the human body is accomplished through various tissues, and the thin eyebrows also play a defensive role. It can prevent dust or sweat beads from flowing into the eyes and ensure that vision is not disturbed.

Some women, for thin eyebrows, often pull out many “unsatisfactory” eyebrows.

  Unless otherwise, plucking out the entire eyebrows, and then painstakingly frowning, this is very obstacle to health.

It should be noted that eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are clear without eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritate the cornea and conjunctiva, cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and can cause corneal ulcers in severe cases.

  Because the nerve blood vessels around the eyebrows are abundant, if the eyebrows are often pulled out, it will easily cause bad stimulation to the nerve blood vessels and cause facial muscle movement disorders, which may cause symptoms such as pain, blurred vision or double vision, and may cause dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often pulling eyebrows will cause eyelids to relax, increase wrinkles and affect aesthetics.

Therefore, remind those ladies who love beauty that nature is naturally beautiful, and you must not pluck your eyebrows easily.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.

If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), resulting in higher raised eyebrows.

  Obese eyebrows: Those with thin and light eyebrows are more common in those with weak blood, weak and sick people. Such patients are prone to cold hands and feet and weak kidney qi.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the outer skin is hypertrophic and the eyebrows are displaced in the early and early stages.

Patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia can also cause eyebrow replacement. Some anticancer or antimetabolite drugs also have this alternative.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.
If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), resulting in higher raised eyebrows.

  Dry eyebrows: Those with straight and dry eyebrow tips, if they are menstrual, they may have abnormal menstruation, and men are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases.

Some children or malnourished people have yellow and scorched eyebrows, which is also a sign of lung deficiency.

  Thick eyebrows: Those with thick eyebrows have deteriorated physiques and have ample metabolism.

However, if women’s eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to hyperadrenal function.

Those with short eyebrows are anxious and irritable. Beware of emergencies.


hzh{display:none;}  眉毛冲竖:眉毛冲竖而起,则是病情危急的征兆,此种患者应抓紧时间救治。  Eyebrows falling down: indicates severe illness, especially biliary palpitations.

  Eyebrows grow lush: This is often a sign of the elderly’s strength. Two eyebrows look beautiful and long, and some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

Old eyebrows are said to have a long life, so some people call this long eyebrows “shoumei”.

  However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the emergence of “shoumei” is not a good sign.

The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in young and middle-aged people may include early external manifestations of some diseases that are in the latent stage, including tumors and immune diseases.

  The sooner Shoumei occurs, it is suggested that the earlier the body offset imbalance occurs, the faster the pace of aging, the higher the probability of tumors, so it is believed that 45?
The appearance of Shoumei after 50 years old accords with the laws of physiological aging earlier, but it should be mainly single.

For young and middle-aged adults, especially those with plexiform and bundle-shaped distributions, they should undergo regular physical examinations and follow-up observations in order to detect and treat early.

Toddler urination: the harm you don’t know!

Toddler urination: the harm you don’t know!

Does your child often urinate?

From now on, let him get rid of this bad habit!

The consequences of long-term urination in young children are unpredictable.

  Because urination is a conditioned reflex controlled by the central nervous system, infantile urination can cause pediatric restlessness, mental stress, easy dispersal, and disordered thinking activities, which affects children’s learning and activities.

When infants hold their urine, temporary disturbances in hypertension and sympathetic nerves occur, and blood pressure rises significantly.

  Modern medical research indicates that people can inhibit the discharge of urine, which is the result of the coordinated action of the inner bladder sphincter and detrusor muscle under the innervation of the brain. Under the influence of young children’s urination idea, artificial urine retention is formed.

After urinating, the urine stays in the bladder for too long, and the toxic substances in the urine are reabsorbed by the renal tubules, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

  If you frequently urinate, the frequency of urination will be reduced, and the clearance effect will be weakened, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Especially girls, it is more likely to cause sphincter system infection. If the time is too long, the peripheral nerves will become paralyzed due to excessive tension and cause people to loseUrination.

Over time, bladder neck obstruction may occur, and dysuria, leakage, and incontinence may occur.

In addition, children often urinate, and the bladder sphincter and detrusor muscles are often in a tense state. For example, if the urination time is too long, the bladder is overfilled, and external force will cause the bladder to rupture and cause hemorrhagic shock.

  Therefore, parents and nurses in the nursery should not care about the infants holding urine, they should educate the children to develop a good habit of urinating.

Before the activity, the child should urinate first. After the activity, the child should urinate in time.

When young children raise their hands to urinate, consent should be given.

Parents should also recognize and teach their children to develop good drinking and urination habits at home.

Hot and cold beauty recipes

Hot and cold beauty recipes

Professor Chen Ruifang, director of the health department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that Chinese cabbage can relieve fever and annoyance, nourish the stomach and promote fluids, and diuretic and laxative; modern nutrition research has found that Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamins.E and calcium also contain a substance that can help break down the estrogen that comes into contact with titanium. At that time, women’s moderate consumption of Chinese cabbage, in addition to improving their skin and skin, also helped prevent cancer.

  Recommended method: Chinese cabbage vermicelli pot material: 300 grams of Chinese cabbage, 150 grams of Chinese vermicelli, 25 grams of shrimp, 200 grams of lean meat, a small amount of condiments; practice: slice lean meat, marinate with a small amount of raw powder, salt, and raw oil,Fry until slightly yellow and serve for later; fans, shrimps are soaked in warm boiling water separately; Chinese cabbage is sliced vertically, scalded with boiling water, then stir-fried on the fire, add lean meat, shrimps, add a small amount of wild rice to eight, and addThe seasoning can be done by fans; Function: This dish is delicious and sweet, and has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the laxative, but those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Black fungus lipid-lowering diet remedies

Black fungus lipid-lowering diet remedies

Today, I will introduce three cases of black fungus-reducing diet therapy, which are easy to make in the home kitchen, raw materials are easy to obtain, simple and easy to make, but the combination is very effective.

  Fungus porridge material: 10 grams of black fungus, 20 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of previous rice.

  Seasoning: moderate sugar.

  Method: 1. Spread the black fungus with water, cut into pieces, wash and remove the hawthorn; 2. Add 400 ml of water to the previous rice, cook with black fungus, hawthorn, and sugar until the soup is thick, and cover tightly.5-7 minutes.

  Fungus soup material: 25 grams of fungus, 200 grams of tofu.

  Seasoning: Season with salt, 1 bowl of chicken soup.

  Method: First blister the black fungus, wash it, slice the tofu, and add chicken soup and salt for 10 minutes at the same time.

  Soybean also has the function of regulating blood fat, which is compatible with fungus or reduces lipid.

  Garlic black fungus material: 30 grams of black fungus.

  Seasoning: garlic, shrimp skin, dried red pepper, salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, a small amount of pepper.

  Method: 1. Wash the black fungus clean, remove the root and tear it a little; 2. Boil the water, cook the black fungus, and remove the water to control.

Cut garlic into foam; 3, put peanut oil in the pot, add garlic foam and dried red pepper first, then turn on low heat and slowly cook, wait until garlic foam turns yellow, add a spoonful of shrimp skin, turn off the heat, then add salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, Pepper; 4, pour the black fungus into it, mix well.

  Garlic is also a lipid-lowering food. Unsaturated fatty acids in peanut oil have a great effect on regulating blood lipids. The three lipid-lowering ingredients are together.

  Get up early in the morning and eat warm on an empty stomach.

Hawthorn also has a lipid-lowering effect. This porridge is both nutritious and beautiful, black, red, and white. The most important thing is that it is very fat-reducing.

Test if you are likely to have OCD

Test if you are likely to have OCD

Do the following psychological test questions to test whether you have the possibility of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The specific rules are as follows: “No” is 0 points; “Light” is 1 point; “Medium” is 2 points; “Emphasis” is 3 points”Severe” is 4 points.


Conflicting thoughts or words circle in my head; 2.

Big forgetfulness; 3.

Worry about your clothes being untidy and unhealthy; 4.

Find it difficult to complete the task; 5,

Do things slowly to ensure they are done correctly; 6.

Work must be checked repeatedly; 7.

Difficult to make decisions; 8.

Think again and again about meaningless things; 9.

Focus cannot be concentrated; 10.

Must wash hands repeatedly, count; 11.

Repeating a meaningless action; 12

Often suspected of being contaminated; 13

Always worry about loved ones and make meaningless associations; 14.

Uncontrollable antithetical thinking, ideas.

  Analysis of test results: a breakthrough will be added together, and those with a total score of more than 20 should consider the possibility of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Take care of yourself, be a Buddha;

Take care of yourself, be a Buddha;

A word of awakening dreams, a brother and a wife visited a mage.

This is a couple who are very skilled in practice.

The wife said: Once I had a temper with my husband, I immediately admit my mistake, but after the physiological period, my stomach still hurts, I called his husband to tell.

The husband was extremely advancing in practice, took the phone seriously, and seriously thought about Master teaching him.

Then he said to his wife: You are not in regret, and you have no sorrow and no tears when you repent.

The master next to this time suddenly said to the husband: Is this what I teach you?

Have you recently gone outside and worshipped Master?

The old man was honest and was told by Master. He immediately fell into the fog of the clouds and dared not speak. I was too scared to pick up the words and did not understand what Master meant.

I thought, the brother said that it was indeed taught by Master!

Master saw that he was really stupid, and he had to say it himself: I taught the apprentices to manage themselves, who will let you take care of others!

Take care of yourself, you make your wife angry, you have to regret it!

In a word, wake up the dreamer.

Learning Buddha I, learning to become a demon, this seemingly ordinary sentence, too important, too deep.

Many Buddhists have learned Buddhist scriptures and teachings. Why don’t you know the comity!

In the end, if you look at what is not pleasing to the eye, you will learn to become a demon.

This situation is more or less common to many of us.

When I started to learn Buddhism, I knew that I should not be greedy for praise and be able to stand up to criticism.

As a result, listening to my mother’s self-promotion after finishing the work, she wrinkled her nose and pouted, and felt that her mother was blessing herself.

Later I found out that I was stupid. My mother praised it because no one praised it. I tried it later. If I praised it first, my mother would be humble.

Many people are used to holding these principles and managing others: why don’t you still read Buddha!

Why didn’t you still eat meat?

Why don’t you know filial piety!

Why don’t you know the courtesy!
In the end, if you look at what is not pleasing to the eye, you will learn to become a demon.

Taking care of my heart, I always took my heart and met my big cousin yesterday.

The big cousin met a master a year ago. After listening to Master’s teachings, she immediately began to discover the benefits, managed her own temper, and changed her family relationship. However, there are still many unsatisfactory things to come to me.

Tell me how she keeps her mentality, but how can her brother-in-law occasionally provoke her, and her son is still not filial.

She said to her brother-in-law: I am practicing now, I don’t want to be angry with you, don’t mess with me!

Say with your son: You must know filial piety, if you are not filial, your work and marriage will not go smoothly!

I laughed hahaha.

Said her, um, good, you Buddhist, continue, basically can become a magic!

If you learn this way in your life, you can learn to go to hell!

Cousin that look awkward!

I repeated Master’s theory and told her that her brother-in-law did not change because she did not change her position.

In fact, she actually changed herself in order to change others. This starting point is not right.

A little bit of change to others’ minds can’t be.

Taking the heart as a ring, taking pictures is always, and always is our own heart.

Managing yourself is a Buddha; managing others is a lot of people in the magical practice. They are busy pulling the family they want to change to the Master. I hope they can listen to Master’s instructions and change.But in my opinion, this kind of brothers still think that the mistakes are all others. If others want to change in the future, if they want to completely change their minds and want to improve family relationships, it is difficult!

Take a step back and change yourself so hard, let alone change others!

Why don’t you start with the simplest things?

Master taught that it is actually very simple and difficult – just manage yourself, the wrong child is all his own, 100% is his own.

You can’t leave 10% for others.


Dandelion tea can prevent anemia

Dandelion tea can prevent anemia

Dandelion is a medicine and food dual-use species listed by the Ministry of Health.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, dandelion can clear the heat and poison, eliminate food poisoning, and eliminate swelling.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, “Tang Materia Medica”, “Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary” and other historical medical monographs are highly regarded as folk treatment of headache, flu, meningitis, hepatobiliary disease.

  Modern medical research shows that dandelion plants contain dandelion alcohol, dandelion, and choline, organic acids, inulin, glucose, vitamins, carotene and other healthy nutritional active ingredients. At the same time, they are rich in trace elements, calciumThe content is 2 for guava.

2 times, 3 for prickly pear.

2 times, the iron content is 4 times that of Prickly Pear, and more importantly, it has selenium which has strong physiological activity.

  American research on dandelion also shows that dandelion is a natural diuretic and digestive holy product.

Dandelion is rich in minerals, which can help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, and its large amount of potassium can also work with sodium to regulate the water and salt balance in the body, which can make the heart rate normal. Dandelion is rich in yolk,Can prevent cirrhosis and enhance liver and gallbladder function.

  The bitterness of dandelion is faint. It is not as intimidating as Coptis chinensis and Cotinus coggygria. Pick a few tender dandelions. When the tea is brewed, there is a faint smell of vegetable leaves in the faint bitterness.

Ideal food for hypertension: seaweed, spring onion soup

Ideal food for hypertension: seaweed, spring onion soup

Hypertension is often caused by qi and blood disorders. In the treatment, the overall physical change is expected to return the body to a state of yin and yang balance.

If the cause is eliminated, hypertension will of course be cured.

However, physical changes take a long time. Patients are accustomed to using “western medicine to lower blood pressure” and require immediate results. They have little patience for the troublesome Chinese medicine treatment and give up the fundamental treatment.

In order to improve blood pressure, in addition to medication to adjust physical fitness, you also need to change your lifestyle. In addition to less oil, less salt, less cholesterol, do not eat fried foods, reduce protein supplements, you can also use food therapy to help.

  If a patient asks his grandfather for pathological reasons, his grandfather will explain it in detail, but if he asks about the diet, he always smiles without answering.

I guess, he may think that the doctor pays attention to professional medical treatment, and the dietary treatment is just a supplement, so leave these trivia to the “nursing staff” to take care of it!

Grandma and grandpa are the best partners. When grandma dispenses medicine, she will tell the patient about the medicated diet to help the patient improve her physique and condition.

I also think that food therapy is a job to help health. As long as it is effective and easy to obtain, it is worth promoting.

Drinking soup for a month can control blood pressure.

Grandma often teaches hypertensive patients to cook soup.

  The seaweed green onion soup is the first soup.

Due to the cold winter, the blood vessels are more constricted, and the blood pressure is often higher. If you take blood pressure-lowering drugs and force the dilation of blood vessels, the nature of the vasoconstriction has not improved, and you will lose elasticity over time.

  Continuous drinking can improve blood vessel elasticity.

I used to drink seaweed soup and thought that green onion is a condiment. Later I realized that seaweed contains a lot of substances that can soften blood vessels. Onion can relax and expand blood vessels and promote circulation to warm hands and feet. The effect is as good as medicine, so the hands and feet are cold.Patients with hypertension, regardless of gender, age, or gender, are suitable to drink this soup.

The only thing to note is that there is a lot of fiber in laver, and people with poor digestion should bite a few more to avoid stomach pain. If the stomach is really bad, you can only drink soup because the soup is the essence.

The most amazing thing is that some hypertensive patients drink seaweed and spring onion soup before meals, and their blood pressure decreases after meals.

People with normal blood pressure drink this soup, but they will not lower their blood pressure.

Although onion can lower blood pressure, but it is maintained close, so it is recommended to drink it frequently to continuously improve vascular elasticity.

  The second soup is miso kelp (bud) soup.

Miso is good for the body, it also helps digestion, kelp can soften blood vessels, but the salinity should not be too high.

Tofu can also be added to the soup. Both miso and tofu are made from soy. It contains very good lecithin, which can be inserted into the blood vessels to dissolve and remove dirt, thereby protecting the cardiovascular system.

  The third soup is celery, onion and garlic soup.

Celery and onion can lower blood pressure, garlic contains sulfur, can protect the liver and blood vessels, and strengthen the liver’s function of removing toxins. In addition, coriander and tomato are good foods with good taste and health.

  The effect of these three soups is between Bozhong, you can drink it in turns, or you can continue to take your favorite flavor.

  Three soups for some people: 1.

People who have a greasy diet, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure.


People who are angry, thirsty, stiff shoulders and necks, high blood pressure.


People who have a lot of exercise or work activity and are prone to tiredness or poor sleep.

  Constraints: 1.

For those with weak spleen and stomach, or those who are prone to diarrhea, they should chew seaweed and seaweed a few times, or only drink soup, because seaweed and seaweed are not easy to digest.


Long-term consumption of garlic can damage liver and eyes.

Garlic is irritating and should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Patients with gastric ulcers and the body have inflammation such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis, myofasciitis, etc. It is also not suitable to consume. Eating too much can easily cause eyelid inflammation and conjunctivitis.

  Miso kelp (bud) soup ingredients: miso, kelp (bud), carrots, tofu (cut into small dices), firewood, spring onion.

  Practice: 1.

After boiling the water, add an appropriate amount of miso and mix well; 2.Add diced carrots, kelp (bud) soaked in water, cover with low heat and simmer for 3;

After the carrots are softened, add diced tofu (no water) and turn to high heat. After boiling, add a bit of wood fish to taste, and sprinkle with green onions after turning off.

  Ingredients of seaweed and spring onion soup: about 15 grams of seaweed, shallot and sesame oil.

  Practice: 1.

Soak the seaweed in clean water and change the water once or twice to remove impurities; 2.

Add seaweed into the boiling water, add a few drops of sesame oil after cooking, chopped the shallots and sprinkle with some spring onions.

  How to eat: Eat at least 2 every week?
Three times, for six months in a row, can restore blood vessel elasticity and lower blood pressure.

The taste of seaweed and spring onion soup can be changed. You can add some jellyfish skin, or black fungus, tofu, sea cucumber, red fur, and more.

  Celery, onion and garlic soup ingredients: celery 1?
2 two (about 2?
3), 5 onions, 5 cloves of garlic, 5 coriander, 1 tomato
2 pieces.

You can buy ravioli in traditional markets or supermarkets. Buy skinned ones instead of peeling them.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the celery into sections, shred the onion, slice the garlic, cut into small pieces and cook with the skin, cut one tomato into 8 pieces; 2.

Add 4 bowls of water to cook all ingredients for 8 minutes, drink before bed.

  How to eat: It takes about three days to lower blood pressure.

Ten things embarrassing boys

Ten things embarrassing boys

After a long wait in embarrassment, it finally rained!

Although not large, he took a small umbrella and waited on her way to work.

  ”You didn’t bring an umbrella?

I’ll take you home!

“It doesn’t matter, it’s not too rainy, I’ll go by myself.

Umbrella is so small, you can fight it yourself!

“Embarrassing two invited dinner, of course she was there.

  Full of food and drink, he shouted: I have invited this meal!

He rushed to the front desk to pay the bill, and when he returned, he was followed by a lady.

Because the money is not enough.

  Embarrassing San met for the first time and walked for a long time.

He said, “I’m hungry, how about you?

“A little bit” “It’s time to eat, you go home” “No one in my house today, I’m ready to eat out” “Oh, I know one of the noodles is fine, let’s go together?

“Then I walked a little more than two stops together and came to a stall.

“Boss, come with two bowls of three fresh noodles.

Susan Xian.

“I don’t want eggs, do you?

Don’t you?

“Boss, don’t add eggs to both bowls.” “I’m fine, leave now.”

Why are you leaving?

I’ll send you . wait, boss, all you need is a bowl!

“Embarrassed four. She often borrows books from him, and there are often small notes in the books.

But once, she accidentally took the wrong book and found that there were a lot of notes inside.

Of course not for her.

  Embarrassing Wu finally waited until she was on the night shift.

He called over.

  ”Hello, is it you?

What’s the matter

“Hey, it’s okay” “Oh, I still have something to do.

Don’t call after you’re fine.

“” Dududu -. “There are a lot of people in the embarrassing six cars, he was originally inside, not so crowded.

But suddenly I found a pretty girl at the door!

So I tried my best to squeeze into the door.

Finally squeezed to her side, before she had time to look carefully, she couldn’t help but vomited him, then got out of the car and said sorry

  The embarrassing seven days gave the opportunity: it rained, and she did not bring an umbrella.

So he volunteered to ride her home, and she sat in the backseat to parachute him.

How romantic!

After a few steps, they fell into a puddle together.So she took a taxi and left. He carried the car home by himself.

  Embarrassed Eighth he changed into a new dress and waited for her downstairs.

To surprise her, he decided to jump out of the tree and scare her.

Who knew that when she jumped out, she stepped on the watermelon rind, sitting in a puddle, and splashing her mud spots.

  Embarrassed Jiu he was invited to a friend’s house to play, and found a lot of gifts he gave his girlfriend.

When I pressed anger, my friend was proud of her girlfriend.

  Embarrassing ten felt that the relationship was very good, and she asked, “How did you remember writing a note for me?

“I wrote to every girl in the class, only you have an answer.

Menstrual Skin Care Collection


Menstrual Skin Care Collection

Menstruation is a characteristic sign of female physiology.

In daily life, there are often people with large changes in the skin during menstruation.

The main manifestations are greasy skin, enlarged pores, scattered acne, acne and folliculitis, obvious skin capillaries, dark circles and so on.

At this special time every month, how should skin care be performed?

  Due to changes in hormones in the body during menstruation, progesterone metabolism disorder, increased blood supply to the skin and sebum secretion, resulting in oily skin and telangiectasias, the skin becomes very sensitive and resistance is reduced, resulting in rashes and hair follicle infections.

If you have insufficient sleep and excessive fatigue during this cycle, short-term pigmentation can occur around the eyes. These changes usually disappear naturally after the menstrual period.

  One or two days before the menstrual period, due to the effects of hormones in the receptor, whether it is skin or hair, the secretion of sebaceous glands will be more vigorous, resulting in excessive lipids, heavier head oil, skin loss of transparency, and prone to acne, so thisSkin care procedures and skin care products should be reduced.

Cleansing products are best for degreasing. You can apply an extra layer of serum to balance the secretion of oil on the T-shaped part of the oil, or ask the doctor to prescribe a small amount of medicine a week before menstruation to adjust the hormone balance.
If you find that the oil has been particularly strong in the past few days, you should consider menstrual issues and change the robes you use.

In addition, when menstruation comes.

Emotions can also become depressed or easily cause constipation and rough skin.

Strong sebum secretion will not only lead to double pores in sebum, but also easily form melanin pigment, which will increase the dark spots.

During this time, the skin is easily affected by ultraviolet rays, so the sun protection, spot removal and whitening work are also very important.

  During menstruation, pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep.

Clean the skin with warm water 2-3 times a day and use some cleansing cream as appropriate to prevent skin infections.

Due to the increased sensitivity of menstrual skin, prone to allergic reactions, you should avoid using too many cosmetics, try to use cosmetics that are not likely to cause allergic reactions, or that have been used without allergic reactions.

The skin should be massaged properly to improve the blood circulation of the skin around the eye circles and eliminate dark circles.

Because the look of menstruation is not good, you can’t ignore makeup.

The foundation should be enhanced with a softening effect, while lipsticks are alternated with pink, pink and other pink hue, which will make the complexion cause earlier rosy and energetic.

Rebellious, cold colors will make the complexion look more haggard, should not be used during this period.

  In addition, there will be odors in the body during menstruation. To enhance cleaning, it is best to take a bath twice a day during menstruation.

It is not advisable to take a bath during menstruation, because the bath can easily cause sewage to enter the vagina and breed bacteria.

During the menstrual period, the lower body is most susceptible to infections and infections, so cleaning and care during this period is very important.

Clean the vagina with an acid cleanser.

The vaginal pH value of women on weekdays is about 3 to 5. The slightly acidic vagina can effectively prevent bacterial growth, but the vagina will be alkaline during menstruation. At this time, a pH of 3 should be used.
5 lotions.

  During menstruation, you should take a rich and balanced diet and drink plenty of water to supplement the body’s nutrition and blood volume. At the same time, you need to maintain a stable mood and a good mood to reduce skin changes during menstruation.

  In the 10 days after the end of the menstrual period, it is a period of strong estrogen secretion in the body. It is also the time when the skin’s metabolism is fastest and nutrients are absorbed. It does not hinder grasping these 10 days to give the skin a deeper moisture. Use bold high qualityNutrition to increase skin’s moisturization and smoothness.

The skin cell regeneration ability of mature skin has weakened, and more special care products that stimulate the production of elastic fibers are needed to maintain it.

You can use low-irritation massage products to make the skin a natural protective film to prevent skin dryness.

For people with oily skin, the essence of applying a face is better than massage. In this period, you should choose care products more carefully and make appropriate adjustments according to your skin texture.