Healthy and ethical Chongyang has passed the autumn dryness and still uses the healthy life of the chrysanthemum


“Healthy and ethical” Chongyang has passed the autumn dryness and still uses the healthy life of the chrysanthemum

Yesterday was our traditional festival, the Double Ninth Festival. I don’t know if you have climbed up, Pei, and eat Chongyang cake?

The Double Ninth Festival is the first day of the lunar calendar on the 9th of September.

In the Book of Changes, “Nine” is set as a positive number. On September 9th, two or nine are heavy, so “Chongyang”; because the day and the moon are both nine, it is also called “heavy nine.”

Jiujiu returned to the truth, and at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the ancients believed that Jiujiu Chongyang was an auspicious day.

In the past, Chongyang was the season when the climate turned cold, the yang gradually declined, and the autumn was popular. Therefore, we must pay special attention to health, especially elderly friends.

In fact, the most effective way to deal with autumn dryness is to pay attention to diet. We should focus on a light diet, eat less greasy, sweet, spicy products, like high sugar, so we should eat less.

In addition, you should eat more coarse grains and foods that add vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to diet, since ancient times we have the custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine in the Double Ninth Festival.

We all know that chrysanthemum is a very good traditional Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification.

When we get angry, we often re-enact a cup of tea to clear the heat.

In fact, chrysanthemum can not only make tea, it also has other usages to help us alleviate the various discomforts of the body!

Let me talk about it in detail below.

[Chrysanthemum Wine]In the Chongyang Festival, Chinese folks have the traditional custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine.

Chrysanthemum wine, in ancient times, is expected to be a “auspicious wine” that will be blessed by the yang.

Chinese chrysanthemum wine has been popular since the Han and Wei Dynasties.

According to the “Xijing Miscellanies”, “Chrysanthemum Shu Shu, and picking stems and leaves, chowder for brewing, until the beginning of September 9th, cooked, drink, so the chrysanthemum wine.

“Tao Yuanming of the Jin Dynasty also has the saying that “the wine can cure all diseases, and the chrysanthemum can make the age”.

Later, drinking chrysanthemum wine gradually became a custom of Chinese folk, especially in the Chongyang season, but also to drink chrysanthemum wine.

Chrysanthemum wine is a wine made from chrysanthemum and glutinous rice and koji. It is called longevity wine. Its taste is cool and sweet. It has the functions of nourishing the liver, eyesight, brain and delaying aging.

In addition, there are chrysanthemum wine, flower cake chrysanthemum wine, and white chrysanthemum wine.

[Chrysanthemum Cake]Chrysanthemum cake is one of the famous Chaoshan cakes. The chrysanthemum cake has been in the tide for more than 100 years.

There is a saying that “the meal will be full, the chrysanthemum cake is good”.

The chrysanthemum cake has more cold and fragrant chrysanthemum than the ordinary cake, and the appearance is beautiful. The cake is sweet and soft, the mouth is instant, the tip of the tooth is fragrant, and the heart is clear and clear, and the function of coolness and fire is used.

[Chrysanthemum Pillow]”It is often taken as a pillow bag pillow on September 9th.

“-“The urgent need for the golden side of the party” chrysanthemum pillow, as the name suggests is a pillow containing chrysanthemum.

The chrysanthemum petals are dried in the shade and are included in the pillow, which has a better effect on relieving high blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia and redness.

The chrysanthemum pillow has long been recorded in the medical books, and the “Compendium of Materia Medica” has the saying that chrysanthemum “is a pillow.”

As far as the chrysanthemum pillow is concerned, there are also points of yellow chrysanthemum and white chrysanthemum

Yellow chrysanthemum pillow can prevent wind and heat, white chrysanthemum pillow can raise liver and eyesight.

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What foods are good for cerebral hemorrhage? These 4 food complications cerebral hemorrhage


What foods are good for cerebral hemorrhage? These 4 food complications cerebral hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage is a common cerebrovascular disease, which belongs to one of the “three high” diseases. It is mainly caused by brain sclerosing caused by high blood pressure or high blood fat. Suddenly, the treatment is not timely and causes a stroke.

The treatment of cerebral hemorrhage is long, and reasonable diet conditioning can help improve the treatment effect and consolidate the curative effect.

So what food is good for cerebral hemorrhage?

This has become a matter of great concern to patients and their families.

These four types of food can have cerebral hemorrhage. 1. The toughness of high-quality protein food blood vessels is closely related to our daily diet. In the study, we found that as long as you eat more protein food in your usual diet, you canEffective spindle tough blood vessels.

If the long-term intake of protein food is insufficient, it will lead to rupture of intracranial microaneurysm. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should eat more protein foods in order to promote the blood vessel wall.Toughness.

There are many foods that may have protein in life, such as eggs, milk, beef and other foods, which can provide us with rich protein.

But pay special attention when eating protein, that is, the best is not to eat too much eggs, because the egg yolk is rich in a large amount of plasma, and excessive may cause vascular obstruction.

2, high potassium food for patients with cerebral hemorrhage, in the usual life should also eat more potassium food, especially some high potassium food should try to eat more.

There are many foods containing potassium, and potassium is more abundant in fresh vegetables and fruits. Studies have found that eating more potassium-containing foods can effectively reduce the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage.

This is because potassium can effectively adjust the ratio of sodium and potassium in the whole cell, and can effectively reduce the effect of sodium and water retention in the body through appropriate adjustment, thereby preventing the effect of cerebral hemorrhage.

The potassium-containing foods in our lives are not only very rich but also very common, such as spinach, tomatoes, green garlic, green onions, potatoes and bananas. These foods are very rich in potassium and contain other nutrients.Therefore, patients should eat more in normal life.

3, flavonoids and lycopene Many elderly people have intravenous porridge atherosclerosis and other complications, mostly because of the “bad” cholesterol content in the body is too high, this time only need to reduce low density lipidProtein can help patients effectively prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.

Therefore, in daily life, experts recommend that elderly patients do not hinder eating more flavonoids and lycopene foods. These two substances can effectively capture oxygen free radicals and block low-density lipoprotein oxidation.It has a good preventive effect on vascular stenosis and blood clots blocking cerebrovascular vessels.

Foods that are clearly flavonoids and lycopene are very common in everyday life, such as onions, coriander, carrots, pumpkins, grass molds, apples, red grapes, tomatoes, watermelons, etc., and the nutrients contained in these foods are effective.Prevention of cerebral hemorrhage and various sequelae of cerebral hemo

Therefore, these foods are essential in the diet of patients with cerebral hemorrhage.

4, methionine food patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should also eat a small amount of methionine-containing foods in daily life, and foods like lysine and glucose should not be enough.Effectively maintain the body’s blood vessel elasticity and improve cerebral blood flow, while at the same time helping patients to effectively excrete sodium salts, thus preventing cerebral hemorrhage.

The above is the introduction of what food is good for cerebral hemorrhage, I hope to help everyone.

In addition to reasonable dietary arrangements, the patient’s mood also has a certain impact on the treatment effect, so patients with cerebral hemorrhage should maintain a cheerful mood and a stable mood during the treatment process, communicate with people around them, and exercise the body in moderation.

Several invalid slimming blacklists


Several invalid slimming blacklists

Can you thin your arms by scraping twice?

銆€銆€A Japanese-made “y-type embossing roller massager”, the advertisement is “Knock and beat to shape the perfect curve, and say goodbye to the ‘Butterfly Sleeve’!

“Introduction, just fix the massager on the arm and massage it back and forth with its 50 embossed particles at any time and place, you can achieve the “slim” function, “big pie face, “butterfly sleeve”, small elephant leg familydedicated”.

銆€銆€Another introduction to the “negative ion simple face-lifting massage machine” is: “Using the vibration of the rotor to oscillate, massage the skin, relieve skin looseness and edema.

Due to the negative ion effect produced by the rotor, the skin is accelerated to metabolize, and the tightening is promoted to achieve a thin face effect.

Other wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and other effects.

“There is also “ultrasonic beauty massage machine”.

It is said that the main effect is: through the high-speed vibration of the machine head 1 million times per second to generate heat, can stimulate skin cells, help the skin metabolism, at the same time, high-frequency ultrasound can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous 5 to 6 cm dermis layerThe beauty ingredients are also brought to the deeper layers of the skin to comprehensively improve various skin aging problems such as rough skin, large pores, wrinkles and slack.

銆€銆€The doctor said: Massager massage does not all the muscles to supplement the massage to achieve local weight loss methods, there are several misunderstandings.

銆€銆€First of all, these are self-massages. The effect of self-massage is far more than the massage for others. The muscles of the human situation are coordinated. Once you raise your hand for your face massage, the facial muscles must be affected by the action of raising your hands.It is in a contracted state, and the massage must be performed while the muscles are relaxed.

銆€銆€In addition, these high-pressure massagers were found to be useless as early as a few years ago, because they are only depressed up and down, pressed to the epidermis, and the real massage should be muscle, the correct massage should be based on muscleLine pattern, with the correct gesture implant massage, directional, frequency, rhythm.

These are not all that the massager can do. The massager can only make the skin itchy and hot.

銆€銆€The effect of passive exercise is far less than active exercise. Everyone knows this, but because of laziness, the massager will always sell well.

銆€銆€Know that the mask is sleeping, is the face small?

銆€銆€A single 200 yuan “far-infrared ultra-thin face mask”, the slogan is really exciting – “reward you a slap face.”

The principle is “using the hot spring effect, strong sweating, to achieve the sauna body shaping effect.

If it is combined with steam and hot weather, the face-lifting effect is more obvious.

“Appropriate and simple, as long as you sleep at night every night,” ultra-light thin sheets, natural minerals radiating far-infrared blended elastic fiber materials will play a magical effect, shrinking the chin excess meat, eliminating double chin.

“The embossing of “bump-weaving waist massage corset” is “a dream product that drives away radish legs and fat belly”, “natural plants, plus special breathability and bumps to assist in weaving, natural massage and burning in action.”Easily shape the curve.”

銆€銆€There is also the “small pig bump-weaving arm massage bundle”, the principle is the same as the corset. – “In the hands-on, the arm muscles and the bundles are naturally massaged.

“Elephant legs byebye hip pants”, “Energy is consumed by natural massage during walking, replacing leg fatigue and shaping the perfect leg shape.”

“The doctor claims that it is useless to drink saliva.” The principle of wrapping the series is: When the face, arms or abdomen are wrapped, the static electricity generated by the friction will cause the skin to heat up and perspire, causing the skin to drain water.

So many people try to look in the mirror and they will feel “it seems to be a little thin.”

In fact, a small number of cells under the skin contain 70% of the water. After being heated or massaged, the water is discharged and the cell volume becomes smaller, which naturally feels a little thinner.

You can drink water, and the cells that have just been “smashed” will pop up again, so you will soon return to the original.

The total number of adult cells will not decrease because you wrap things up, so it is impossible to lose weight by this method.

銆€銆€Girls are eager to face-lift, but so far, the best way to change the shape of the face is still surgery, smoking, some bones, some muscles.

In addition, the injection of botulinum toxin, the muscles will be paralyzed after suffering paralysis, so the face will look small.

銆€銆€Have you ever eaten a “full belly” candy?

銆€銆€鈥淓very time you eat a tablet on an empty stomach, it will slowly swell in your stomach. Even if you eat less, you can feel full.

It can be reduced by 10 to 14 kg for 3 to 4 months.

“Doctor’s statement: and compressing biscuits is a principle of full-blown candy, like compressed biscuits. – After eating, the stomach will produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which will stimulate the vagus nerve of the stomach after inflation. Even if there is no object in the stomach, people will not want it.”Eat.

銆€銆€It is rumored that some stars* use drugs to lose weight. It is also the reason that drugs contain anti-nerve effects, which greatly reduce appetite after smoking.

銆€銆€In short, in addition to surgery, exercise and dieting are always the only way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Can the high nose bridge be clipped out?

銆€銆€The advertisement is very bullish – “With a pincer device, who dares to say that you are falling apart?”

“Clamped on the nose or nose, there is almost no pressure, you can breathe normally,” and “Whether driving, reading, office, watching TV, are the most suitable ‘clip machine’!

“Whether you are a certain nose type, you can get it all, and create a beautiful nose that everyone praises!””Doctor’s statement: Unless you use your nose to raise your nose within 30 days of birth, it is a night talk.”

The ribs at the nose of the human body were formed 30 minutes after birth, unless the device was placed on the baby’s nose at that time – of course, no one would do it.

The nose of an adult has already formed, so this clip is not useful, once it is too hard, it will hurt the epidermis or cause a broken nose.



Dietary fattening considerations

Dietary fattening considerations

1, inedible too much condiments: natural flavorings such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin have certain mutagenicity and toxicity.

銆€銆€2, eat at your own pace: eat not to pass the speed of people’s speed, so that the digestive function can fully play its role.

銆€銆€3, do not pre-advanced food: pre-advanced food, can inhibit the normal function of the body.

銆€銆€4, can not eat hot food: often eat hot food, the esophagus and stomach are vulnerable.

銆€銆€5, try to avoid noise: strong noise will make people nervous, physiological function is attenuated.

銆€銆€6, reasonable to eat hard food: can effectively exercise the gums and muscles.

銆€銆€7, physically weak can eat more meat: more meat protein, can enhance physical fitness.

銆€銆€8. Eat something before drinking: Eat something or drink some water before drinking to prevent drunkenness.

銆€銆€9, must eat fiber food every day: fiber can surround and excrete harmful spoilage.

銆€銆€10, calcium is best absorbed with vinegar: vinegar can ionize calcium, easy to absorb by the human body.

銆€銆€11, the total food is better than the single food: many people have a variety of food, which can easily achieve a nutritional balance.

銆€銆€12, avoid anger, nervous, sad, worry when eating: This will weaken the digestion and absorption function, but also affect the taste.

銆€銆€13, it is not appropriate to watch (read newspaper or TV) while eating.

銆€銆€14, often change the way of eating: eating in the same way, over time, the nutrition will be out of balance.

銆€銆€15, elegant music when eating: elegant music can improve the role of parasympathetic, promote digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€16, do not be afraid to eat vegetable residue: cellulose can promote large bowel movements, eliminate harmful substances, prevent intestinal cancer.

銆€銆€17, can not eat vegetable oil for a long time: the correct oil should be a vegetable oil with 0.

7 animal oils.

銆€銆€18, children’s recipe diet is the same as adults: children’s recipes should be nutritionally comprehensive, especially pay attention to supplement nutrients that are good for the body.

銆€銆€19, eat more deep-colored vegetables: deep-colored vegetables containing carotene, vitamin B2, magnesium, iron and other nutrients are more abundant.

銆€銆€20, more innovative tastes: this can increase appetite.

10 harmful eating combinations are not good for health


10 harmful eating combinations are not good for health

Spinach with tofu, ham sandwich.

These food combinations have been around for a long time, and their wonderful taste has been widely accepted.

But do you know that from a health point of view, in fact, these food combinations are unhealthy, which will lead to loss of nutrition, and may also cause stomach upset and induce disease.

銆€銆€1, spinach and tofu susceptible to stone disease tofu contains magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, and spinach contains oxalic acid, two foods together can produce magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate.

These two white precipitates cannot be absorbed by the body, affecting the body’s absorption of calcium, and are also prone to stone disease.

銆€銆€2, fruit and seafood are not easy to digest and eat seafood, if you eat grapes, hawthorn, pomegranate, persimmon and other fruits, there will be vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.

Because these fruits contain higher acids, when they encounter proteins in aquatic products, they will precipitate and solidify, forming substances that are not easily digested.

After eating seafood, people should eat these fruits at intervals of more than 4 hours.

銆€銆€3, seafood and beer easy to induce gout seafood is a kind of food rich in bismuth and pyridine acid, and beer is converted into two important catalysts – vitamin B1.

If you drink beer while eating seafood, it will combine harmful and harmful substances in the body, increasing the uric acid content in the human blood, thus forming a difficult urinary calculi.

If there is a problem with its own metabolism, drinking beer when eating seafood can lead to a sharp rise in blood uric acid levels, causing gout, resulting in gouty nephropathy and gouty arthritis.

銆€銆€4, milk and chocolate are prone to diarrhea. Milk is rich in protein and calcium. Chocolate contains oxalic acid. If the two are mixed together, the calcium in the milk will combine with the oxalic acid in the chocolate to form a calcium oxalate that does not dissolve the water.Not only does it not absorb, but diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms will occur, affecting growth and development.

銆€銆€5, ham and bacon, beverages are easy to cause cancer, often eat sandwiches with yogurt. When breakfast, people should be careful, ham, bacon, etc. in sandwiches and lactic acid drinks (containing organic acid) can be easily carcinogenic.

Because, in order to preserve sausages, ham, bacon, bacon and other processed meat products, food manufacturers will add nitrate to prevent food spoilage and botulinum growth.

When nitrates come into contact with organic acids (lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, etc.), they turn into a carcinogen, nitrosamines.

Therefore, do not eat this type of processed meat regularly to avoid increasing the risk of cancer.

銆€銆€6, radish and oranges are easy to induce goiter, radish will produce an anti-thyroid substance sulfur residue, if you eat a lot of oranges, apples, grapes and other fruits at the same time, the flavonoids in the fruit will be decomposed by bacteria in the bodyIt is converted to sulfur that inhibits thyroid function and causes goiter.

銆€銆€7, honey and jackfruit cause bloating honey and jackfruit are two very normal things, no harm to the human body.

But when the two foods are eaten at the same time, the molecular structure of honey and jackfruit changes and will continue to expand.

The human stomach can not withstand such indefinite expansion, and severe cases can lead to bloating and death.

銆€銆€8, wine and carrots with food can cause liver pathology: wine and carrots with food is very dangerous.

Experts pointed out that because the rich beta carotene in carrots enters the human body together with alcohol, it will produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease.

Especially after some carrot juice, don’t go drinking right away.

銆€銆€9, red and white radish mixed to affect the vitamin C absorption of white radish vitamin C content is extremely high, but the carrot contains a decomposition enzyme called ascorbic acid, which will destroy the vitamin C in white radish.

Once the red and white radish is combined, the vitamin C in the white radish will be lost.

銆€銆€In this way, carrots replace the role of destroyers when cooked with vegetables containing vitamin C.

There are also courgettes, pumpkins, etc., which also contain decomposing enzymes like carrots.

銆€銆€10, liquor and soda with drinking seriously harm the stomach, intestines, liver, kidney and heart and brain blood vessels because of liquor, soda will quickly make alcohol volatilize in the whole body, and produce a lot of carbon dioxide, on the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneyThe kidneys and other organs are seriously harmful, and they also have damage to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Summer stomach training teaches you how to use your life secrets to protect your stomach health


Summer stomach training teaches you how to use your life secrets to protect your stomach health

In the summer season, many people will suffer from loss of appetite due to the hot weather. In most people, abnormal symptoms such as stomach pain and bloating will occur due to stomach heat. Therefore, here, to help everyone better.To protect the stomach, the following measures have been taken to raise the stomach.

It is uncomfortable to see the type of stomach and stomach cold, and the stomach heat will be uncomfortable. Be sure to figure it out.

People with stomach cold, eating cold things are prone to stomach pain and bloating, but with a hot water bag, there will be a turn.

Usually the stool is also sparse, but also afraid of cold, such people should eat more ginger, longan, cinnamon, jujube and other food.

The people with hot stomach often have dry mouth, bitter mouth, and dry stools. These people have cool and moist foods other than cucumber, bitter gourd, chrysanthemum tea, mung bean soup, and lily.

However, no matter which one, you should eat less spicy food, especially pay attention to the stomach to keep warm.

1, drink porridge and stomach to raise stomach, many people will choose to drink more porridge, porridge has warm, soft, light, sticky and other characteristics, not only warm stomach, but also absorb and absorb.

The layer of sticky material floating on the porridge is called 鈥渞ice oil鈥?in Chinese medicine and has a strong nourishing effect.

But when we drink porridge, we generally save the process of chewing, assuming that the porridge is not very bad, it will directly add to the stomach.

Moreover, the nutritional value of porridge is single. Excessive consumption of porridge causes other nutrients such as protein to be short-lived and causes malnutrition. It should also be distributed with protein-rich foods to eat together. Lean meat porridge is a very good choice.

2, eat less meals, nourish the stomach, many people with poor stomach are following the principle of “small food and more meals”, three meals plus three meals, and even evolved into a bad habit of licking the mouth all day.

The original is very poor, not only simply eat more food, but also the stomach can not get a rest, except for stomach acid, stomach ulcer patients, normal people three meals a day, eat seven or eight full, just likeFeeling hungry in the middle, you can eat less fruits or other nuts to compensate for transformation and nutrition.

3, vegetarian diet, we often feel that meat is not easy to digest, so if the stomach is not good, then refuse to eat, eat vegetables and food.

Although many of them are precipitated fibers, rich in vitamins, but short of essential protein, essential fatty acids and other nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and continuous vegetarian diet, the nutritional imbalance.

The repair and renewal of the gastric mucosa requires high-quality protein to be satisfied, so it is still correct to eat some animal lean meat, fish, egg milk and soy products. In order to digest very well, it is advisable to try a light cooking method.Steamed fish and tofu brain are good choices.

Casserole radish and stomach good nutrition department of the First Hospital affiliated to the People’s Liberation Army Lu Chunjian: The radish is rich in many enzymes that can help digestion, and has a better alleviation effect on bloating and accumulating food.

I recommend that you stew a casserole mutton radish soup, and in the winter there is the role of warming the blood and tonifying the qi.

Ginger juice is very protective of the stomach Henan Provincial Hospital of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department Lu Peiwan: two or three spoons of ginger juice, poured into half a catty of boiled milk, after the temperature, placed in the early morning on an empty stomach.

Small molecule milk and ginger juice can form a protective film on the ulcer surface of the gastric mucosa to prevent gastric acid erosion.

I used to drink milk and diarrhea, and drinking this ginger juice and hitting the milk, there is really no adverse reaction.

The chewed nutrient party chews a pearl and can quickly feel refreshed. The organic acid in the ebony has the effect of curing the liver. The catechin can promote gastrointestinal motility. For sedentary office workers, it can be said thatA good assistant for smooth bowel movements.

Three foods to control diarrhea in summer diarrhea is mainly caused by unclean food or not fresh, cold salad is the hardest hit.

It is recommended that garlic cloves, onions and vinegar do not lick, add more.

The best garlic is seven or eight petals, the best onion is half, and the vinegar is added more.

The big summer heat, the steaming and boiled folks have “small summer heat, steamed and boiled”, there are two folk diet parties, may wish to try.

First, steamed honey sauce, there is the effect of soothe the nerves to help sleep, the second is to cook the river soup, to deal with the “dry eye” effect is good.

In fact, in the summer to raise the stomach, everyone must first be aware of the type of stomach problems that appear in their own, and then you can choose the corresponding method of stomach-raising for the care, here are several ways to raise the stomach,It is the method of recruiting the most common stomach problems.

Is it more meat to eat?


Dietitian: These four kinds of health food should be eaten in autumn.

Is it more meat to eat?
Dietitian: These four kinds of health food should be eaten in autumn.

Old people know that after the beginning of autumn, they will start to “post the autumn” and store energy for the next winter.

However, this kind of “post-autumn” approach is no longer suitable for modern people’s health concept, because there are too many people belonging to too many people, too much “oil and water” in their stomachs, and then carefully posted in autumnHealth problems.

People who focus on health care often choose these four kinds of health foods in the fall. Let’s take a look at the following: 1. Dark vegetables: The autumn climate is dry, which is easy to damage the lungs and cause lung discomfort.

Therefore, in the daily diet, pay attention to eat more nourishing vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and orange-yellow vegetables.

A trace amount of carotenoids and vitamin A in vegetables.

Vitamin A is a nutrient necessary for the synthesis and repair of epithelial tissue. If it is seriously deficient, it will show dry skin, blocked hair follicles, rough skin, and even dry eyes.

So you can eat more colored vegetables in the fall.

2, purple potato: purple potato has high nutritional value, it is suitable for eating in autumn, because purple potato can be important nutrients such as selenium, iron and precipitated fiber.

Eat purple potatoes often, can fight aging, improve skin texture, regulate endocrine.

In addition, the precipitation fiber in purple potato is very rich, can promote dialysis and peristalsis, and keep the stool smooth.

It is easy to be irritable in the fall. At this time, eating some purple potatoes can cause the effect of reducing liver fire.

3, tofu: Tofu is mainly made from soybeans. Soy contains enough high-quality protein and various trace elements, which can help you detoxify and moisturize your skin.

Chinese medicine believes that tofu is sweet, cool, into the spleen, stomach, large intestine, spleen and qi, spleen and dampness, heat and detoxification effect.

4, walnut: As a kind of nut, the nutritional value of walnut is still very high, very suitable for autumn consumption.

Walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body, which helps to delay the aging process of the brain and reduce the risk of diseases including strokes.



The season of showing beautiful legs in summer, but my elephant legs still have not lost weight.

Although there are many ways to stovepipe, but for those who don’t like sports and don’t like massage, they often give up because they can’t persist.

It doesn’t matter, if you want to stovepipe, try the stovepipe tea. Here are 4 stovepipe teas with remarkable effect on stovepipe!

銆€銆€1, orange jujube tea (profit gasification, cellulite) materials: honeysuckle 50g, chrysanthemum 50g, hawthorn 50g, honey inertia practice: add honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn into the pot, add 2000cc water for 30 minutes, filter juice.

Add boiled water once more, then filter the juice, add heat to the heat, heat until slightly boiled, let cool, add as honey.

銆€銆€2, Shuanghua drink (heat-clearing heat, digestion and lipid-lowering) materials: 1 piece of fresh orange peel, 5 red dates, a practice of black tea bag: red dates cut, and drink with orange peel to drink.

銆€銆€3, weight loss fitness tea (de-fat laxative blood pressure to lose weight) materials: cassia seed, hawthorn each equal, grinding into a coarse-grained practice: take 5g each time, brewing with boiling water, it is recommended three times a day.

銆€銆€4, Chenpi psyllium tea – diuretic, weight loss, refreshing materials: dried tangerine peel 3g, plantain 5g, green tea 5g practices: the material into the cup, brewed with boiling water and soaked in tea.

銆€銆€The above-mentioned stovepipe tea is very simple to make, and it can be made at home. What do you want to wait for the skinny legs? Feel it!

Labor therapy to get rid of the psychological shadow of the elderly

“Labor therapy” to get rid of the psychological shadow of the elderly

“We are not ruining things, this is also contributing to the country!
“Seeing the reporter’s incomprehensible eyes, an old lady said humorously.
銆€銆€Wang Fuying, the director of the Presidency of the People’s Republic of China, said that this is the work that the nursing home has specially hired for the old people.
The old people cut the plastic scraps into pieces and used them as fillers in the craft box.
銆€銆€Finding a “work” for the elderly in the nursing home is a new attempt to manage the elderly in Linyi County.
銆€銆€According to reports, since the county’s old people’s homes were reformed and expanded last year, more and more five-guarantee old people have lived in the nursing homes and lived in concentrated support.
There is no worry in the old people’s homes, but the mental state of the old people has not improved accordingly, but generally the mood is low.
Why is that?
銆€銆€After investigation and analysis by the civil affairs department, the old people in the old people’s homes all came from the countryside. Most of them worked hard for many years. Nowadays, the life of eating, drinking, and playing in the old people’s homes makes them feel uncomfortable, from the body to the spirit.Lazy.
What is more serious is that this 鈥渇ree-for-all鈥?lifestyle has caused them to lose their sense of social identity and feel that they have become a burden on society, resulting in feelings of loss, pessimism and world-weariness.
銆€銆€”Not only must the elderly have a good body, but also the mental health of the elderly.
Therefore, the temporary nursing homes have tried to get old people out of the psychological shadow in their labor.
They determined the three principles for sending old people to live, “no heavy physical consumption, no technical requirements, no danger.
At the same time, the old people do not force, do not urge, do not interfere when working, and maximize the freedom for the elderly.
Soon, the board of nursing homes reached a cooperation agreement with a nearby handicraft factory to process packaging and filling.
銆€銆€This kind of “labor therapy” is endorsed and supported by the old people. The old people enjoy happiness while working, and laughter returns to them.
They said: This is much more boring than it is all day!
銆€銆€Wang Fuying, dean of the Nursing Home, said, “After the old people have been alive, the mood is generally much better.
We also send the rewards to the elderly for pocket money, and the rest are used to improve the lives of the elderly.
This not only solves the psychological problems of the old people, but also increases their income and improves their lives.

Expert: Give you the most professional weight loss advice

Giving you the most professional weight loss advice, whether it is to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight, is not a complicated thing.

If we are willing to learn some healthy eating methods and are willing to exercise regularly, then we can train ourselves to be people who live in a “healthy way”.

In addition, dieting from time to time can help us eliminate body toxins and make us healthier.

  When we start dieting, we should take good feelings as our standard.

After the diet begins, in order to get a healthier lifestyle and stay in shape, just doing exercise is not enough, you need to do other things.

For example, the food should be in moderation, and the food should contain nutrients, vitamins, etc. that the body must ingest.

Also, make sure that the food is free of harmful substances or toxins.

This is a healthy habit that must be sustained.

  The more nutrients you need for your body, the better.

Avoiding the wrong food is something you must pay attention to.

In fact, there must be certain rules in doing exercise so that you can get exercise regularly.

If you feel that your body is changing, especially if your appearance has changed, don’t be too happy to change it at will, or complicate your diet plan.

  If you plan to lose weight, you must have faith – you will be successful!

If you don’t have enough confidence, you often fail.

You have to think like this: I want to lose weight!

I am going to lose weight!

I am going to lose weight right now!

What kind of weight loss motivation you have is entirely up to you for those who want to lose weight or want to have a healthy life.

You want to lose a few pounds before the high school classmates, or want to lose a few pounds at a time to become a lady, this has to give yourself a motive to achieve.

  We all need to pay attention to and consider the “food pyramid”, which is the nutrition distribution map.

This is necessary!

We don’t have to doubt and fear it.

This form is very simple, so we should pay attention to it every day: 1.

Hey, oil and sugar – a small amount.


Milk, yogurt and cheese – 2?
3 copies 3.

Pork, poultry, fish, dried beans, nuts and eggs – 2?
3 copies of 4.

Vegetables – 3?
5 copies of 5.

Fruit – 2?
3 copies of 6.

Cereals, bread, cereals, rice, pasta – 6?
11 copies of 6?
11 is a large range, and the amount we absorb every day depends on our daily activities or special circumstances. For example, for a woman who is breastfeeding a child, she has to take more – 3 servings of milk and cheese.3 servings of meat; for middle-aged women working in the office, the amount of food needed – 6 servings of cereals, bread, and 2 servings of meat.

Although 6 grains seem to be many, we must pay attention to what the weight is.

For example, a bowl of noodles in a noodle shop is equivalent to the 6 pastas we have mentioned here.
Note that the amount of food is just as important as the type of food you pay attention to.

  Exercise is the foundation for building a healthy body.

Exercise must be the most basic and routine part of our lives.

Every day we have to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

The sports involved are not complicated, simple sports such as swimming, jogging, and even cycling.

In addition, it is necessary to do weightlifting every two weeks.
Weightlifting can effectively build muscles and burn adults, try to stick to it!

People who can average 20 times a minute and who can lift 100 times every five minutes can achieve incredible weight loss.