Problems you will encounter in the early days of complementary foods

Problems you will encounter in the early days of complementary foods

In the early days of complementary foods, mothers will encounter various situations. Here we will answer a few common questions, so that mothers have a general psychological preparation for the early stages of complementary foods.

  Q: My wonderful daughter has 4 days and 4 months. I have been breastmilk instead. I want to ask, do I have to add complementary food to my baby after 4 months?

(October Bao Miao Miao Mama) A: Breast milk contains full-value nutrients, which can satisfy 0?
April (or 0?
June) Comprehensive needs for infant growth and development.

Because the amount of breast milk secretion can increase with the development of the baby in the early stage (within 4 months), it reaches the highest secretion after 4 months.

  But at this time, breastfeeding alone cannot fully meet the nutritional needs of infant growth and development. Therefore, most infants
Supplementary foods were added in June; then, 4?
In June, the coordination of the digestive system and organs of babies has gradually been able to adapt to other foods other than breast milk. Transforming digestive enzymes have also become active, and you can also try to add complementary foods.

  The timely addition of complementary foods can allow babies to gradually adapt to various foods, and gradually complete the transition from completely relying on breast milk nutrition to relying on other food nutrients in nature, and to completely adapt to human food after weaning.

  It is particularly suggested here that you should gradually add formula to your baby every day before weaning, so that he can adapt.

Because the first year of age should be mainly milk, after the first year of age should also add a certain amount of milk to the baby.

The modern view of nutrition proposes: variety, balanced nutrition, and appropriate supplementation.

Therefore, to cultivate a baby’s good eating behavior should start from infancy.

Addition of complementary food is the main content.

  Q: When a baby eats complementary food, he always spit it out. This is what to eat. Half of it is wasted.

(Natural fruit) A: Feeding at this stage must be patient.

If your baby pushes food out of his mouth, don’t worry, just relax.

Most babies do this instinctively initially, which is their fear of food.

When accustomed, this reflection of the tongue disappears.

If he doesn’t seem interested, take the food away and try again in a day or a few days.

Babies have different appetites every day.

Babies show you that they are full by turning their heads in front of a spoon, or closing their lips tightly.

When babies show signs that they are full, don’t force them to eat more food, because this is a harm to the baby and things are worse.

The mother should not be too worried, at this stage, formula or breast milk can meet all his nutritional needs.

  Tips: Choose the timing of supplementary food supplements to remind moms that the time to start this work can be selected every morning.

Because the mood is good in the morning, so is the baby.

I woke up in the morning and kept talking and laughed.

At this time the baby is most conducive to receiving food other than milk.

  Q: How do I know that my baby can start feeding complementary foods? Certain conditions must be shown to make me understand that I should add complementary foods to my baby?

  A: Yes.

  The specific time of supplementary food supplementation should be based on the specific situation of the baby, such as the weight gain of less than 500 grams per month; or the feeding time is longer than the past; or the baby has abnormal performance after feeding, such as crying, irritability, etc., indicating that the amount of breast milk is no longerEnough, it’s time to add complementary food.

  In addition, the baby has some other manifestations: drooling, nipple biting and toys, seeing adults pouting, eyes bright, etc.

This shows that you can consider adding complementary food to your baby.

But the specific situation also needs specific arrangements.

If the baby is fat, it should be added later during premature babies or during illness. You can also ask the doctor for advice on supplementary food.

  If the baby is completely formula-fed, he should start to add complementary food after he is 4 months of age.

  Q: Are there any places that need our attention in the supplementary food supplementation, which are the detours of the older mothers, which need our special attention?
  A: The misunderstanding of adding complementary foods: 1) Some mothers mix food with infant formula and put it in the bottle, and use a large hole pacifier to feed.

This is wrong.

Babies need to learn how food tastes and how it feels when they put it in their mouths.

Put a small amount of food in front of your baby’s tongue, and slowly let him learn to chew and swallow.
  2) Add complementary foods before going to bed.

This will make it impossible!

The digestive function of the baby at night is relatively attenuated. Adding food can only increase the burden on the baby’s urethra and cause the baby to cry.

  There may be differences Every mother will know that there are individual differences among babies.

Therefore, when you start to cultivate your baby’s eating habits, you must also teach them according to their aptitude.

Don’t move books bluntly. Let your baby feel that eating is a process that is both happy and enjoyable.

It is also necessary to fully believe in the baby’s self-protection ability. Once eat more and eat less, the absorbed nutrients must meet the needs of growth and development.

Reference criteria: weight and mood.

The more elderly people want to maintain health, the more they have to have fun.

The more elderly people want to maintain health, the more they have to have fun.

As the population ages, the number of elderly people in China is increasing.

Health research for the elderly is also an important research paper.

Chinese medicine believes that the elderly should not be at home all day, but should be more fun, if you can, you have to play a good time.

  The play of the elderly is an important part of enjoying the good times of old age.

And the ranking of teenagers is nothing more than the way and content of playing.

  According to reports, the former US presidents all love to play.

Truman loves to walk; Eisenhower loves to play; Kennedy loves to go out to sea, likes water sports; Johnson loves to ride; Nixon loves swimming; Ford loves to play football; Carter and Bush love to run; Reagan loves to ride; Clinton loves jogging. If your body is OK,And no serious illness, although it is already old, you should go to nature to go to the forest, beach, park, scenic spots to play.

This is good for your physical health and can also heal mental illnesses such as autism and depression.

  The ancients said: “Nothing, more troubles,” means not to overwork yourself.

It is more troublesome to do more things, and it is better to have fun and play, which is especially important for the elderly.

  American scholar Nelson’s measures in the principle of anti-aging and longevity: “Middle-aged and elderly people should actively participate in various sports, indoor and upper, spiritual and physical, collective and personal activities, which have a lot of physicalGreat morality.

He believes that the physical strength of regular exercisers and non-exercisers can differ by about 20%.

Nelson is also good at: cultivating certain hobbies, and if the disease has no chance, it will stay away from your body.

  In Japan, an 81-year-old man named Xiong Jingchang, who spent nine years realizing his dream of hiking around Japan.

On the way, every time he went to a place to stay, he bought a ticket for the local station. If there is no station, he went to the post office and stamped a postmark on the stamp to confirm that he had actually arrived there.

  Of course, the content of the play is extensive and the form is diverse. Each old man can vary from person to person and play according to his own favorite and specialties.

But the old man’s play can’t be over-extended, and should be controlled within the range that the body can bear.

If the ramie, the Internet is all night, it is obviously excessive.

  Nowadays, many elderly people have improved their living conditions and have saved some money.

If you have the conditions, you can prove that you have a wonderful world outside to open your eyes.

In a word: It is the most beneficial for health to play and let your body stretch.

Handle time easily so you don’t have to be stressed

Handle time easily so you don’t have to be stressed

According to a recent national survey by the American Office Workers Association, it was found that nearly half of office workers believe that work is the main source of stress in their lives, and 45% of participants often work overtime.

  1. What do you usually do before going to work every morning in different mornings?

  One study found that your work stress is often related to the first thing you do in the morning.

If you often get up early in the morning to work at the table with frustrated family members, or conflict with people in a hurry, I am afraid that the work stress index will jump up a bit.

  Experts recommend that you give yourself a different morning, do a step exercise or meditation, or take a few deep breaths while commuting to the bus.

Go to work with a calm mood, and be more patient in handling things.

  2. Don’t be in a vacuum. Stressful work tends to breed a sense of isolation and helplessness. Psychologists focus and leave themselves alone in a working environment such as a sterile room for a long time. The pressure that cannot be exported will eat up a little bit of health.
Dr. Maxine suggested that using lunch or talking to colleagues after work should be “easy to frustrate”, and work together to find problems and stressors before trying to solve them.

If necessary, you can tell your supervisor that the pressure you are under has affected morale and replaced work.

  3. Do you feel comfortable or worse when you work around the seat?

A good work environment is one of the sources of vitality, which can reduce stress and help health.

  what can you do?

  a. Organize the table to clear the pile of documents on the table. The information in the file should be quickly returned to the place. The cluttered office will have messy hearts.

  b. Adjusting the seat Some people will break into the work area from time to time, increasing the pressure. You can turn the table to face the entrance, or hang a mirror beside the table, so you can see clearly who is walking towards you.Come.

  Or lean the table against the wall to stabilize your mood.

  c. Finding natural light fluorescent lamps is actually not good for work.

The best lighting for the human body is natural light, but indoor natural light cannot provide sufficient lighting and does not prevent you from installing a bulb-type table lamp. This kind of natural light bulb is good for vision or mood.

  4. A nap study confirms that nap can relax and reduce stress.

Expert research has found that many bosses even design a space for employees to take a nap.

He suggested that it cost 15?
30 minutes (don’t exceed 30 minutes, otherwise you will go into deep sleep and wake up feeling more tired). Take a nap and your work performance will be better in the afternoon.

  5. Dare to take vacations Some people dare not take vacations, worrying about not being able to finish their work, and want better performance to deepen the impression of the boss.

In fact, vacations are a good time to relieve stress and increase creativity.

Cherish the right to vacation and improve long-neglected family relationships.

When you return from vacation, you will be full of energy.

Qi deficiency eat a lot of four medicated diet can be adjusted

Qi deficiency eat a lot of four medicated diet can be adjusted

Many people often listen to qi deficiency, so how should qi deficiency be adjusted?

What can qi deficiency patients eat?

Here we come to understand: how should qi deficiency be adjusted?

  Qi deficiency refers to the lack of vitality inside the body, leading to some consequences for the development of the body.

The so-called qi in Chinese medicine is equivalent to the basic substance of the human body and participates in the functioning of the internal organs.

  Life conditioning: Qi deficiency and physical constitution are often weak, we must pay attention to living health.

You can do more outdoor sports and breathe more fresh air.

Some physical exercises are also necessary, and some Tai Chi etc. are effective.

  Diet conditioning: Pay attention to diet conditioning in your life. It is suitable for eating some nutritious and healthy foods. Do not eat spicy and greasy foods, and do not eat some raw food.

  Mental conditioning: Conditioning one’s own mental condition is of great help in preventing the symptoms of qi deficiency and exhaustion.

Don’t be overly emotional. Keep your mood comfortable and optimistic.

  Symptoms of Qi Deficiency have some kind of Qi Deficiency Syndrome that can cover all aspects of the whole body. For example, Qi Deficiency is weak in external health, muscle surface is not firm, and sweating easily; Qi Deficiency is loss of limb muscles, fatigue around the body; Qi Deficiency does not rise in Qingyang.Deficiency of Qingqiao and mental atrophy, dizziness and tinnitus; Qi deficiency is incapable of using handsome blood, but the pulse is weak or fine; Qi deficiency is caused by imbalance of water and liquid metabolism, water fluid is not changed, and delivery disorders, and sputum can be condensed into a drink.Then the flood of water evil causes edema; Qi deficiency is enough to cause the viscera function to decline, thus showing a series of signs of viscera weakness.

  1. Lung qi deficiency lung main qi, Secretary breathing, external fur coat, regulating water channels.

Lung qi deficiency, the main proclaimed descending, breathing, regulating water metabolism, the role of resistance to external evils will weaken, short-term spontaneous sweating, poor voice, cough, asthma, chest tightness, easy to catch a cold, even edema, unfavorable urination, etc.resulting in.

  2. Deficiency of kidney qi The kidney is located in the waist house, and the essence qi is hidden, and the two yin is opened and closed.

Essence filled the internal organs and glorified the brain.

Kidney qi deficiency, loss of Rongyang, fatigue, dizziness and forgetfulness, weakness of waist and knees, frequent urination, clear leucorrhea, weak tongue, weak pulse.

If the kidneys are not satisfied, they have shortness of breath and more breathing and less breathing.

  3. Deficiency of spleen and spleen is in the center of coke, main movement, Si Shengqing, and blood line.

Weak temper, unable to transport subtle water valleys, qi and blood biochemically boring sources, symptoms of reduced diet, stomach discomfort after eating, fatigue, fatigue, thin body, thin stools, pale yellow tongue, pale tongue, weak veins.

  4, heart qi deficiency, main blood, hidden gods.

Deficiency of heart, can not agitate the blood, can not recuperate, so see heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, labor is aggravated, tired and tired, weak tongue, weak pulse.

  5, Yang (qi) deficiency and qi deficiency can be seen with pale complexion, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, and even syncope.

In addition to the symptoms of qi deficiency, yang deficiency also has chills, cold limbs, spontaneous sweating, slow or slow pulses, fat tongue and pale fur.

  Recommended several medicated meals1. Codonopsis astragali porridge ingredients: Codonopsis 10 grams, Astragalus 20 grams, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Dangshen, astragalus decoction, and porridge with the previous rice, take it every morning.

  2, mutton and spinach soup ingredients: 100 grams of mutton, 50 grams of spinach.

  Method: Cut the lamb into chopped velvet, spinach and cut into spares.

Heat the wok, add a little oil, stir-fry the green onion and ginger, add water, then add the meat, and boil the spinach on high heat to ingest the spinach.

  3, chicken purple rice porridge ingredients: 100 grams of chicken, 10 grams of jujube, 10 grams of walnuts, 100 grams of purple rice.

  Method: Wash the above ingredients, chop them, add water and cook together.

  4. Astragalus juvenile chicken material: 1 juvenile chicken, 9 grams of astragalus, ginger, spring onion, salt, and rice wine.

  Method: Wash the chicken, wrap 9 grams of yellow spots in a gauze bag, take a thin thread, fasten the gauze bag at one end, insert it into the pot, and tie the other end to the pot handle.

Add ginger, spring onions, and an appropriate amount of boiled soup to the pot. After the broiler chicken is cooked, take out the astragalus bun.

Add salt, season rice wine, and serve immediately.

Can benefit Qi tonic.

The psychological bottom line of interpersonal communication

The psychological bottom line of interpersonal communication

Franklin was admired by the world, not only because he was the founding father of the United States and an outstanding scientist and politician, but also because he has been respected by future generations as the perfect model of human spirit.

Let’s take a look at the psychological inspiration Franklin taught us.

  One day, Franklin and the young assistant went out to work, and when they came to the exit of the office building, they saw a young girl walking not far away.

Maybe she was too hastily paced, and suddenly she stepped on her feet, lost her balance, and fell to the ground all at once.

Franklin recognized her at a glance. She was a staff member who always valued her appearance, and was always well-groomed and glorious.

Seeing this, the assistant was about to take a big step and went forward to help her, but was pulled by Franklin and caused him to evade temporarily.

As a result, the two quickly turned back to the corner of the corridor, watching the female staff quietly.

Facing the helper’s confused expression, Franklin only gently told him: Don’t help her, but it’s not the time yet, wait and see.

After a while, the female staff member stood up, she looked around, took away the dust from her body, and soon returned to normal.

The assistant was still a little puzzled as the female staff member drifted away.

Franklin asked with a slight smile, and asked: Young, would you like anyone to see the unlucky look when they wrestle?

After the assistant listened, he suddenly realized.

  When walking on the journey of life, everyone will have “wrestling”, the embarrassment, embarrassment, temporary fragility, pain at the same time is inevitable.

At this time, what one needs most is a time and space to heal the wounds alone and restore self-esteem.

It is true that this world needs love and is full of hope because of love.

But when you show goodwill to the other party, and donate and care, don’t accidentally hurt the self-esteem of the other party, even if he is your closest person.

Franklin said: The self-esteem of each other is the bottom line of interpersonal communication.

Ten things embarrassing boys

Ten things embarrassing boys

After a long wait in embarrassment, it finally rained!

Although not large, he took a small umbrella and waited on her way to work.

  ”You didn’t bring an umbrella?

I’ll take you home!

“It doesn’t matter, it’s not too rainy, I’ll go by myself.

Umbrella is so small, you can fight it yourself!

“Embarrassing two invited dinner, of course she was there.

  Full of food and drink, he shouted: I have invited this meal!

He rushed to the front desk to pay the bill, and when he returned, he was followed by a lady.

Because the money is not enough.

  Embarrassing San met for the first time and walked for a long time.

He said, “I’m hungry, how about you?

“A little bit” “It’s time to eat, you go home” “No one in my house today, I’m ready to eat out” “Oh, I know one of the noodles is fine, let’s go together?

“Then I walked a little more than two stops together and came to a stall.

“Boss, come with two bowls of three fresh noodles.

Susan Xian.

“I don’t want eggs, do you?

Don’t you?

“Boss, don’t add eggs to both bowls.” “I’m fine, leave now.”

Why are you leaving?

I’ll send you . wait, boss, all you need is a bowl!

“Embarrassed four. She often borrows books from him, and there are often small notes in the books.

But once, she accidentally took the wrong book and found that there were a lot of notes inside.

Of course not for her.

  Embarrassing Wu finally waited until she was on the night shift.

He called over.

  ”Hello, is it you?

What’s the matter

“Hey, it’s okay” “Oh, I still have something to do.

Don’t call after you’re fine.

“” Dududu -. “There are a lot of people in the embarrassing six cars, he was originally inside, not so crowded.

But suddenly I found a pretty girl at the door!

So I tried my best to squeeze into the door.

Finally squeezed to her side, before she had time to look carefully, she couldn’t help but vomited him, then got out of the car and said sorry

  The embarrassing seven days gave the opportunity: it rained, and she did not bring an umbrella.

So he volunteered to ride her home, and she sat in the backseat to parachute him.

How romantic!

After a few steps, they fell into a puddle together.So she took a taxi and left. He carried the car home by himself.

  Embarrassed Eighth he changed into a new dress and waited for her downstairs.

To surprise her, he decided to jump out of the tree and scare her.

Who knew that when she jumped out, she stepped on the watermelon rind, sitting in a puddle, and splashing her mud spots.

  Embarrassed Jiu he was invited to a friend’s house to play, and found a lot of gifts he gave his girlfriend.

When I pressed anger, my friend was proud of her girlfriend.

  Embarrassing ten felt that the relationship was very good, and she asked, “How did you remember writing a note for me?

“I wrote to every girl in the class, only you have an answer.

Cheating makes me feel guilty and want to stop

Cheating makes me feel guilty and want to stop

The most beautiful youth gave him, but he was a coward!

  I met him when he was in college. In the beginning, he pursued me, saying that my eyes were particularly beautiful, like the combination of Miyazawa Rie and Li Jiaxin. He also said that he was the happiest man, and his girlfriend had the characteristics of two transnational beauty.

He has always been smooth and smooth. I just like it. This is also a weakness of my character. As long as it is my favorite, I will tolerate any shortcomings.

  My big problem is anxiety, I can’t wait, and I have a burst of fire and restlessness.

I have Aries’s hot personality and ambitious, workaholic, likes challenges, and is arrogant; he is a typical Sagittarius, unruly. He always has himself in his heart and will not change for others.

As a result, he and I are often upset on small things, and no one will give in.

  Having said that, he is actually quite good to me. I have a big temper and can’t stand his indecisive character. He has been in love for seven years and has had ten breakups. The pressure from my parents is also the key to the breakup.

They don’t like him. They put all their hopes on me, hoping that I can separate love and marriage and say that things are not perfect.

  The parents are well-connected and have many relationships. They have selected a high-ranking child who is wealthy and promising. I now have a well-paid job that they arranged.

Honestly, I appreciate their help.

That high-ranking son likes me too. He chased me for five years, and I dragged him for five years, just because of his first love.

I love first love very much, but he never wanted to confirm, never repaired the bad relationship with my parents, and did not make great achievements in his career. Although he had a good teaching position in a key middle school, he had a good temper and conditions that had nothing to do with him.Hopelessly promoted to the position of vice-principal.

While my career was steadily rising, he was stagnant.

I’m going to work in Shanghai for two years. I wanted him to keep me, but I was rational but unwilling to know that he had no conditions to keep me, but nothing except love.

How much is love, exactly?

I love him, but I don’t want to live with him, and I feel a bit ashamed to think of it here.

  In this way, I separated from him, chose the high-ranking son, and replaced my heart with revenge for him to bring me a happy life.

I left him the best youth, but he didn’t work hard for me.

He is a coward!

  In the evening of my wedding, my husband and I were having sex and wept while cuddling the body of our first love.

The next day I couldn’t help but sent him a text message saying that I hate him so much that I hope he will die soon!

He didn’t return to me, making me even more forget about him.

  But all I can do is to return to his heart and secretly seize the joy of being threatened and threatened without him, but unable to return to him.

He is incapable of satisfying me, and I cannot bear him.

Living together, it was impossible before and now.

  I betrayed my husband, but loyal to love. Two years after my marriage, my husband and I returned to Beijing and met him again.

It was said that it was a re-encounter. I might as well say that I could not help looking for him near his house.

He lost a circle and had a beard, like a mature Jacky Cheung, but it moved me more than before.

  I was not clear about what moved me, and I was probably a bit guilty. After all, I hated him. Although he didn’t say anything, I knew he was waiting for me.

I asked him why he wasn’t married yet, and he said, “You know I’m not a married man, so don’t you want me?”

I have never loved anyone but you.

“Listening to my tears, why can’t he treat me like this?

When I have tried to forget him.

Does he ask me to be happy?

I answered loudly, “I am so happy to die!

“But he burst into his arms and wept for a minute.

That night, I was with him, I betrayed my husband, but loyal to love.

  It’s easy for me, isn’t it going to fool me?Why can I spend the happiest time with my first love except for love and sex, but ca n’t cooperate in life?

This is the biggest regret in my life.

But all I can do is to return to his heart and secretly seize the joy of being threatened and threatened without him, but unable to return to him.

  He is incapable of satisfying me, and I cannot bear him.
Living together, before and now are heavy without hope.

  In this way, I began to carry my husband and first love lover stealth.

  It ‘s been a year since I lived a heavy life and could n’t stop my first love. I used to go out with my husband when I was on a business trip, usually near his house, and sometimes even took him to Qingdao or Hangzhou to make honeymoon love, Also had an abortion for him.

At that time, he accompanied me to a hospital in another city. Because he was afraid of being met by an acquaintance, my husband’s interpersonal relationship was extensive and I was really afraid of getting in trouble.

He waited outside the door and said that when he heard my cry, he was so distressed that he vowed to treat me well and take care of me. Afterwards, I felt painful and said, “If you would have worked hard for me, we would haveA baby, you are all bad, you are a coward!

“I know I hurt him, but why didn’t he hurt me?

We cried with headache for one afternoon, and returned to Beijing at dusk, suffering from limb pain once again playing the stranger.

  Unfortunately, my husband started to check my whereabouts, because someone made a small report and it was the young female secretary who had a crush on him.

I also checked her and her husband to see if they were innocent.

Women love to do small moves, and I’m not a mess.

In the end, I used power and tactics to make her husband guilty to fire her, and he felt sorry for me.

  I feel extremely uncomfortable, every time I cheat, every time I feel guilty, and I am very worried.

To my husband, I should never have to, and I did n’t want to be found by my husband. I was afraid of not being able to withstand the storm that I was about to face, and I did n’t want to hurt him. After all, he was a very good man, he loved me very muchWilling to do anything.

I blamed myself for dying!

I just ca n’t figure it out. The love between me and the first love is so sincere and pure, and I think it ‘s guilty. My love with him is destined. This is also God ‘s providence. Is it wrong?

Wandering on the edge of morality and true love, I ca n’t live without a heavy desire, without a lover, I ca n’t live without her husband, what a failure, is n’t it?

Please tell me, what else can I do?

  Plain black heart sex therapy: Sabina, like many urban women in China, has a high education, pursues personal career, achievement and marriage, and hopes to seize the ideal love, material desires, fame and fortune, lust, sexuality, actuality, greed, desireDistracted and insecure, I would rather rely on the previous generation to dominate the marriage and sacrifice purer love.

Compromising in the conflict of leading economy and autonomy, it is empty and naive in heart, instead of mature and self-deprecating, self-deception, and self-made psychological wounds.

  Betrayal is moral, and love is immoral. This is Sabina’s biggest emotional tipping point.

Her biggest problem is her inability to balance the contradiction between fame and fortune needs and affective needs. She was not the one who puts life first and now is love. She was the first to abandon love.

  Ask yourself, who is the first to give up love and run to the door of fame and fortune?

  Ashamed of the old love, but at the same time created a new moral sin: betrayed her husband.

Sabina is selfish. She is obsessed with the substitution of eroticism, but in fact just to compensate her greed, and not really regret the old love.

She also used power and relationships to fire the female secretary who had the potential to seduce her husband, and executed the unfaithfulness that had not yet occurred, but she enjoyed the thrill of cheating herself.

No wonder she couldn’t balance her mind and lived in the shadows of restlessness and guilt, which was tortured to her.

What she can do is to be responsible for her actions and stop associating with her old love, because since she cannot live with him, she will only become more disoriented, more guilty, and unable to enjoy every moment easily.Tenderly.

The road is chosen by you, and you must go down competently to learn the responsibility of love.

Love is not only about eating and making love, but also giving and being responsible. Love is broken and has nothing to do with providence.

Slimming with heels

Slimming with heels

Who can’t walk?

But do you know that if you change the way you walk, you are not far from the beautiful legs you dream of.

  If you have the opportunity to take a walk in the park, but walking is too wasteful.

Now just by slightly adjusting the walking style, you can achieve the opportunity to walk and exercise.

  When walking, you can increase the kicking and flattening movements, and try to make large moves, enlarge the pace, and take small steps after walking for a while. When you feel a hurry, slowly change back to large steps, so alternately.You can increase the endurance of walking. If you walk in the park for more than half an hour, you will use a lot of calories. The focus is still on the lower abdomen.
And you can also slim down!

  Slimming on heels Every day after getting up or before going to bed, the slimming exercise on the heels is very short. It is especially suitable for busy office workers who only need one minute at a time.

And this kind of exercise is also good for health. At the same time, you can also play a march or just the music to enhance the walking speed and increase the fun, even if you do not feel tired at all.

The advantage of this exercise is that walking on the hind heel can raise hips, thin belly, thin calves, exercise the muscles of the thigh, reduce excess meat inside the thigh, etc. If you have some waste, you can try this exercise, And make yourself have a perfect curve.

  The exercise method is: first put your hands on the back of your head, lift your chest, and use your heels to touch the ground. At this time, try to lift your toes forward. Avoid stepping on the heels. The heels may be stinging at first., Especially for women who often wear high heels.

In addition, walking with heels can also improve the circulation in the body.

Easy health in the morning

Easy health in the morning

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a method called “Tunjin Exercise and Invigorating Health”.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, the great medical scientist Sun Simiao summarized this method.

In the Ming Dynasty, Gong Juzhong also had new insights on the method of swallowing and refining invigorating health. He pointed out that “Jin is swallowing, in the heart, blood, eyes in the liver, spleen, and vitality in the lungs, and vitality in the kidneys.Bone is smooth, and all diseases are not born.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fluid is mainly used to nourish and nourish.

Swallowing the body fluid secreted by oneself has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach of the “born nature” to protect the kidneys of the “innate nature”.

  Modern medical research also proves that 90% of saliva is water, concentrated, and also contains globulin, mucin, amino acids, amylase, lysozyme and various immunoglobulins.

Swallowing a certain amount of cleaner saliva at one time can improve the effect of promoting digestion.

  The specific method is that, starting from the morning, the lips are slightly closed, and the tongue is against the palate. When the saliva in the mouth increases to a certain amount, slowly swallow it at random and repeat it 3-4 times.

Long-term adherence must be ethical.

Menstrual Skin Care Collection


Menstrual Skin Care Collection

Menstruation is a characteristic sign of female physiology.

In daily life, there are often people with large changes in the skin during menstruation.

The main manifestations are greasy skin, enlarged pores, scattered acne, acne and folliculitis, obvious skin capillaries, dark circles and so on.

At this special time every month, how should skin care be performed?

  Due to changes in hormones in the body during menstruation, progesterone metabolism disorder, increased blood supply to the skin and sebum secretion, resulting in oily skin and telangiectasias, the skin becomes very sensitive and resistance is reduced, resulting in rashes and hair follicle infections.

If you have insufficient sleep and excessive fatigue during this cycle, short-term pigmentation can occur around the eyes. These changes usually disappear naturally after the menstrual period.

  One or two days before the menstrual period, due to the effects of hormones in the receptor, whether it is skin or hair, the secretion of sebaceous glands will be more vigorous, resulting in excessive lipids, heavier head oil, skin loss of transparency, and prone to acne, so thisSkin care procedures and skin care products should be reduced.

Cleansing products are best for degreasing. You can apply an extra layer of serum to balance the secretion of oil on the T-shaped part of the oil, or ask the doctor to prescribe a small amount of medicine a week before menstruation to adjust the hormone balance.
If you find that the oil has been particularly strong in the past few days, you should consider menstrual issues and change the robes you use.

In addition, when menstruation comes.

Emotions can also become depressed or easily cause constipation and rough skin.

Strong sebum secretion will not only lead to double pores in sebum, but also easily form melanin pigment, which will increase the dark spots.

During this time, the skin is easily affected by ultraviolet rays, so the sun protection, spot removal and whitening work are also very important.

  During menstruation, pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep.

Clean the skin with warm water 2-3 times a day and use some cleansing cream as appropriate to prevent skin infections.

Due to the increased sensitivity of menstrual skin, prone to allergic reactions, you should avoid using too many cosmetics, try to use cosmetics that are not likely to cause allergic reactions, or that have been used without allergic reactions.

The skin should be massaged properly to improve the blood circulation of the skin around the eye circles and eliminate dark circles.

Because the look of menstruation is not good, you can’t ignore makeup.

The foundation should be enhanced with a softening effect, while lipsticks are alternated with pink, pink and other pink hue, which will make the complexion cause earlier rosy and energetic.

Rebellious, cold colors will make the complexion look more haggard, should not be used during this period.

  In addition, there will be odors in the body during menstruation. To enhance cleaning, it is best to take a bath twice a day during menstruation.

It is not advisable to take a bath during menstruation, because the bath can easily cause sewage to enter the vagina and breed bacteria.

During the menstrual period, the lower body is most susceptible to infections and infections, so cleaning and care during this period is very important.

Clean the vagina with an acid cleanser.

The vaginal pH value of women on weekdays is about 3 to 5. The slightly acidic vagina can effectively prevent bacterial growth, but the vagina will be alkaline during menstruation. At this time, a pH of 3 should be used.
5 lotions.

  During menstruation, you should take a rich and balanced diet and drink plenty of water to supplement the body’s nutrition and blood volume. At the same time, you need to maintain a stable mood and a good mood to reduce skin changes during menstruation.

  In the 10 days after the end of the menstrual period, it is a period of strong estrogen secretion in the body. It is also the time when the skin’s metabolism is fastest and nutrients are absorbed. It does not hinder grasping these 10 days to give the skin a deeper moisture. Use bold high qualityNutrition to increase skin’s moisturization and smoothness.

The skin cell regeneration ability of mature skin has weakened, and more special care products that stimulate the production of elastic fibers are needed to maintain it.

You can use low-irritation massage products to make the skin a natural protective film to prevent skin dryness.

For people with oily skin, the essence of applying a face is better than massage. In this period, you should choose care products more carefully and make appropriate adjustments according to your skin texture.