Today’s Gourmet Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce

Today’s Gourmet Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce

Satay sauce is generally popular in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other places.

Its color is orange, and its texture is delicate. It usually has a spicy and salty flavor, which has the effect of appetizing and digesting. The sand tea sauce produced in Chaoshan and other places evolved from satay sauce.

The recommended “Satay Chicken with Coconut Sauce” is a piece of food that the author has tasted when he is looking for food.

  Ingredients: 400g of light chicken, 200g of potato, 30g of satay sauce, 30ml of coconut juice, 15g of ginger flakes, 15g of spring onion, 15g of garlic (striped and peeled), salt, sugar, chicken, soup, Rice wine, peanut oil each amount.

  Method: Wash the light chicken and cut the pieces for later use; wash and peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and steam for later use; open the pan and add oil, sauté the garlic, ginger slices, shallot segments and satay sauce, stir fry the chicken pieces for a while, stirRice wine, potatoes and chicken broth, coconut milk, simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat until the chicken is fully cooked, then season the sauce.

Stay up late to work like this to maintain tenderness

Stay up late to work like this to maintain tenderness

A lot of work has come to the summary and sprint stage, and the work has to be piled up until the night is finished.

Huarong Yuemei was destroyed because of rushing to work?

not worth it!

Do everything you can to stay up late and not lose your good looks.

  ● Before staying up all night, in order to minimize the damage to your body and appearance, stay up all night.

  First, light dinner.

When you plan to stay up late, do not eat too greasy dinner, you should be lighter, eat more vegetables, and ensure that there are enough high-quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins.

  Second, remove makeup and wash your face.

In order to avoid the thick powder or the oil stains accumulated during the day, let the pretty face become full of acne through the torment of staying up all night, you must remove your makeup and wash your face before staying up all night.

  Third, supplement vitamin B group.

Vitamin B can relieve fatigue and strengthen the body’s immunity.

  ● When staying up late, staying up late will increase the “fire”, so it is not appropriate to eat potato chips, biscuits and other foods that are easy to get angry while staying up late.

  First, drink more green tea.

Green tea not only refreshes, but also eliminates excess free radicals in the body, refreshing.

However, for those who are uncomfortable drinking green tea, it is better to drink wolfberry tea or chrysanthemum tea, which can dispel the fire and catch your eyesight.

  Second, eat fruit for supper.

At this time, you should never eat high-calorie or fried foods. You should not eat instant noodles to fill your stomach, so as not to be too hot; you should not eat salty foods, otherwise your face and body will become swollen after staying up late. It is best to use fruits.Porridge, bread to hunger.

  ● After staying up late, people who are not used to staying up late are tired and weak after staying up late. In addition to tonic, it is more important to gradually restore the original sleeping habits.

  First, drink soup or sugar water that has a tonic effect.

The fish soup, bone soup, and chicken soup are all good. The red dates and black chicken soup are also very good, which nourish the skin through internal tonic.

  Second, massage the lymph.

After staying up late, your metabolism will slow down and you will not be able to absorb skin care products.

May wish to stimulate the lymph nodes behind the ears to the jaw, the scapula depression and the armpit by massage, promote lymph circulation, and promote skin metabolism.

  Third, sleep at noon.

After staying up all night, remember to take a nap at noon the next day.

  Fourth, restore the original sleeping habits.

Changing the regular sleep time will disrupt the physiological clock. When restoring your original sleeping habits, you should sleep as much as the night before. You must get up at the same time as usual the next day. When you are tired during the day, you will be able to gradually recover from sleep.habit.
  Fifth, go outdoors more.

After staying up late, more walking and exercise can change the state of weakness.

The more men make money, the more likely they are to bald!

The more men make money, the more likely they are to bald!

According to a recent study published by Hong Kong scientists, the more men earn, the more likely they become bald.

Studies have found that 95% of men earning more than $ 5,000 a month often repeat that their hair is too much.

  At the same time, of those men earning less than $ 650 a month, only one-third have thinning hair.

The study also found that the people most likely to enter the bald ranks in Hong Kong are mainly lawyers and economists, followed by some industry experts in the information technology field, national civil servants, law enforcement agencies and medical staff.
  Researchers say that hair loss is caused by increasing work stress, inability to rest adequately, incorrect diet and lack of sleep.

Among those surveyed, 41% of those threatened by baldness said they slept less than 4 hours a day.

Exercise waist muscles

Exercise waist muscles

(1) Lie on your back with your arms straight.

Scroll 1-1.5 meters in succession, and then scroll left.

Can be repeated 3-4 times.

  (2) Lie on your back with your arms raised sideways and your legs flexed slightly to raise your knees.

Turn your legs to the left at the same time, try to get your knees on the ground, and change direction again.

  (3) Straighten your legs, first transfer your knees to the left, and change direction again.

  (4) Place the abdomen on a square bench, prone, with both feet fixed, elbows bent, and both arms placed behind the head.

The body turned to the sides and his elbows tried to lean back.

  (5) The preparation moves upward, paying attention to the torso and head to sag.

Lifting your body and turning left, your eyes try to look at the ceiling.

After the restoration, change direction and do it again.

  (6) The preparatory action is the same as above, and the head-to-head movement is performed.

  (7) Sit on a stool with both feet fixed, and insert both hands behind your head.

Sit back, sit up, sit back, and repeat 5-6 times.

  (8) Stand against the back door or wall, and fit the shoulder-width rubber band on the wooden board.

First hold the right side of the rubber band with your right hand, turn your body to the left, and then change hands.

  (9) Lie on your back with both hands stretched forward, and try to lift your legs forward.

Do it 4-6 times.

  (10) Stand on the back of the chair with both feet, support the back of the chair with both hands, and do body-side exercise.

Look at your eyebrows to see if you have hidden pain

Look at your eyebrows to see if you have hidden pain

The defense function of the human body is accomplished through various tissues, and the thin eyebrows also play a defensive role. It can prevent dust or sweat beads from flowing into the eyes and ensure that vision is not disturbed.

Some women, for thin eyebrows, often pull out many “unsatisfactory” eyebrows.

  Unless otherwise, plucking out the entire eyebrows, and then painstakingly frowning, this is very obstacle to health.

It should be noted that eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are clear without eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritate the cornea and conjunctiva, cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and can cause corneal ulcers in severe cases.

  Because the nerve blood vessels around the eyebrows are abundant, if the eyebrows are often pulled out, it will easily cause bad stimulation to the nerve blood vessels and cause facial muscle movement disorders, which may cause symptoms such as pain, blurred vision or double vision, and may cause dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often pulling eyebrows will cause eyelids to relax, increase wrinkles and affect aesthetics.

Therefore, remind those ladies who love beauty that nature is naturally beautiful, and you must not pluck your eyebrows easily.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.

If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), resulting in higher raised eyebrows.

  Obese eyebrows: Those with thin and light eyebrows are more common in those with weak blood, weak and sick people. Such patients are prone to cold hands and feet and weak kidney qi.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the outer skin is hypertrophic and the eyebrows are displaced in the early and early stages.

Patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia can also cause eyebrow replacement. Some anticancer or antimetabolite drugs also have this alternative.

  Drooping eyebrows: mostly paralysis of the facial nerve.
If some of the sides of the eyebrows hang down, it means that there is facial nerve paralysis on that side, so that the eyebrows cannot be lifted upwards.

Some are drooping unilateral upper eyelids (such as myasthenia gravis), resulting in higher raised eyebrows.

  Dry eyebrows: Those with straight and dry eyebrow tips, if they are menstrual, they may have abnormal menstruation, and men are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases.

Some children or malnourished people have yellow and scorched eyebrows, which is also a sign of lung deficiency.

  Thick eyebrows: Those with thick eyebrows have deteriorated physiques and have ample metabolism.

However, if women’s eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to hyperadrenal function.

Those with short eyebrows are anxious and irritable. Beware of emergencies.


hzh{display:none;}  眉毛冲竖:眉毛冲竖而起,则是病情危急的征兆,此种患者应抓紧时间救治。  Eyebrows falling down: indicates severe illness, especially biliary palpitations.

  Eyebrows grow lush: This is often a sign of the elderly’s strength. Two eyebrows look beautiful and long, and some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

Old eyebrows are said to have a long life, so some people call this long eyebrows “shoumei”.

  However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the emergence of “shoumei” is not a good sign.

The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in young and middle-aged people may include early external manifestations of some diseases that are in the latent stage, including tumors and immune diseases.

  The sooner Shoumei occurs, it is suggested that the earlier the body offset imbalance occurs, the faster the pace of aging, the higher the probability of tumors, so it is believed that 45?
The appearance of Shoumei after 50 years old accords with the laws of physiological aging earlier, but it should be mainly single.

For young and middle-aged adults, especially those with plexiform and bundle-shaped distributions, they should undergo regular physical examinations and follow-up observations in order to detect and treat early.

The laziest fitness trick in the history of lying subtraction

The laziest fitness trick in the history of lying subtraction

Hold a cushion or pillow with both hands, stick the face side to the cushion, keep your shoulders horizontal, do not place the hips on the cushion, and the back should be perpendicular to the bed. Keep the upper legs straight and stretch the leg muscles as much as possible.His legs are naturally bent.

Watching TV or sleeping in this position is the most comfortable.

  First, lie on your back with your hands on your upper body, put your legs together, then stretch your arms and shoulders on top of your head, stretch your arms and shoulder muscles, stretch your feet and stretch your leg muscles for 2 minutes.
  Two, hold a cushion or pillow with both hands, stick the face on the cushion, keep your shoulders horizontal, buttocks should not be placed on the cushion, the back should be perpendicular to the bed, keep the upper leg horizontal and straight, try to stretch the leg muscle, The lower leg naturally bends.
Watching TV or sleeping in this position is the most comfortable.
  3. Lie on your back with a rolling pin and roll it 20 times in the order of up and down from the chest to the pelvis (about three inches below the umbilicus). You can beat the stacked aunt by the force of rolling.Broken and metabolized.

Learn from Tang Can and hang up to practice yoga

Learn from Tang Can and hang up to practice yoga

Yoga, a method of soothing and meditation, is more and more loved by urban white-collar workers, and has become an important way to shape the body and relieve stress.

The movements and forms of yoga are also getting richer.

In addition to meditation, aerobic yoga, and high-temperature yoga, a few days ago, reporters discovered a new type of yoga in China—Tianjin Yoga.

  Coach Zhu, who promotes this type of yoga, said that plastic rope yoga is a new word abroad, in fact, it is not young.

Plastic rope yoga is called lyengar in English, and was born in India in 1918.

Founder B.



When Dr. Lyengar founded this method of yoga, he pursued the balance of the body from the inside out and the clarity of the mind.

Coach Zhu said that the so-called plastic rope yoga focuses on a “hanging” character, hanging hands, hanging feet, hanging waist . In short, as long as you have confidence in your physical strength, different parts of the body can be hoisted skillfully.

“It may seem difficult and thrilling. In fact, plastic rope yoga is most suitable for people with poor constitutions.

Even people who have never learned yoga can practice.

People who have never practiced yoga or beginner yoga practice traditional yoga, each movement can only last for 30 seconds to one minute, but with the help of a rope, the maintenance time can be extended to about 5 minutes,The fitness effect will increase several times.

  Since it is called plastic rope yoga, as the name suggests, rope is an indispensable auxiliary device.

Coach Zhu said that the rope uses high-strength rope for climbing, which can bear more than 200 kilograms of weight to ensure safety.

In order to prevent the body from touching the rope, you should use two thick and soft rubber sponge tubes to cover the rope.

  In addition to ropes, bricks and chairs are auxiliary devices for plastic rope yoga.

Bricks, with the help of pads, waist and feet.

“Someone can hold the bricks with both hands or head against the bricks when practicing the forward bend, making it easier for beginners to feel the movements”; the chair is used to assist the movement of the feet and waist.

  The movements of plastic rope yoga are not very different from those of traditional yoga, and each lesson is one hour.

Coach Zhu said that it is usually enough for a junior class scholar to have 5-6 styles.

Because some difficult movements are the whole body is equipped with ropes, you must have a professional teacher to guide and help.

“A coach can only take up to nine people to take classes at the same time. Do not practice by yourself, otherwise it will be easy to strain.

Coach Zhu finally said, “Although there are many benefits to plastic rope yoga, it also varies from person to person.

People with heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, pregnant women are best not to practice. People after surgery should also consult a doctor before practice.

For women, some handstands during menstruation cannot be practiced.

“A lot of celebrities are also yoga practitioners. The following yoga poses are tailor-made for her by Tang Can’s coach Kuang Xuemei.

Do it with Tang Can now, and you will become tall and straight.

  Dove-style action: sit with your right leg bent on the ground, your right heel close to your thigh, your left leg extended, lift your calf, and hook your instep with your elbow.

Hold your hands behind your head.

Hold 5 deep breaths.

Do it again.

  Effect: Strengthen thigh and calf muscles, beautify arm lines, and increase the flexibility of waist and shoulder joints.

  Camel-style movements: kneel on the floor, inhale, upper body and head aligned back, exhale, grasp the heels with both hands, inhale, chest, hips, thighs try to stand forward, relax shoulders.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
  Effect: Corrects bad postures such as humpback, prevents back pain, beautifies the chest, prevents bronchitis, tonsillitis and constipation.

  Kneeling posture: Sit on your knees, with your left elbow folded over your right elbow, your wrists around, holding your hands together, raising your elbows and inhaling.

Exhale, head, chest back.Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: Slender arms, increase complications of wrist, elbow, shoulder joints, prevent shoulder and back pain, correct humpback, beautify thoracolumbar lines.

  Wheeled movements: supine, knees bent, heels close to arms, hands on ears.

Inhale, support your hands with your hands, your thighs, and feet lift your arms, back, and exhale.

Inhale, straighten your elbows, lift your heels, hips, and back up.

Exhale, slowly bend your elbows, lower your hips and knees, and return to the starting position.

  Effect: Contraction of shoulder, back, abdominal and thigh muscles, soft waist and back.

  Dog-style single leg lift: Touch your knees on the ground, hold your hands on the ground, press your hands tightly on the ground, raise your head, and your body will be inverted V.

Lift your left leg slowly so that your left leg is in a straight line with your arms, shoulders, back, and buttocks.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: shrink shoulders, back, thighs, increase back muscle strength, and have anti-fatigue effect.

  Side lunge spread back movement: side lunge, calf vertical to the ground, thigh parallel to the ground, right leg straight.

Expand your chest, stretch your back, taper the cervical spine, hold your hands under your thighs, and hold 3 to 5 deep breaths.

  Effect: Correct hump, including chest posture.

Prevent cervical spondylosis, improve blood circulation to the pelvis, increase thigh and calf muscle strength.

  Dance-style movements: Right leg is upright, left leg is raised, right hand is holding the left instep, left leg is trying to stretch back, right arm is straightened, and the whole body is stretched.

Hold 5 deep breaths.
Do it again.
  Effect: tighten waist, hips, back, stretch thighs, arms, shoulders, chest, exercise balance ability.

Ten factors that can cause infertility in life

Ten factors that can cause infertility in life

There are several factors for female infertility: 1, ovarian obesity, hypothalamic pituitary disorders, anovulation caused by systemic diseases.

  2. Fallopian tubes are the most common cause of infertility.

  3, uterine cervix, vagina and other factors, such as congenital malformations of the uterus, uterine submucosal fibroids and so on.

  4. Infertility caused by alloimmunity and autoimmunity.

  Male factors include: 1. Azoospermia or too few sperm counts, weakened motility, and abnormal morphology.

  2. Sperm transport is blocked.

  3. Immune factors.

  4, endocrine dysfunction such as hypothyroidism.

Infertility is often the result of multiple factors affecting both men and women, so infertile couples should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

  Ten factors in life that are prone to infertility1, detergents are commonly used.

Experts have discovered that chemicals contained in detergents enter the body through the skin, deforming fertilized egg cells and dying.

Therefore, the bride should be less exposed to various detergents when planning to have children, and wear rubber gloves when necessary.

  2. Improper diet.

Women who are keen to pursue a slim figure will cause infertility when they lose their weight below the standard weight due to dieting.

People with a partial eclipse are also prone to certain nutritional deficiencies.

  3, mental depression.

If a person’s spirit is in a state of depression, tension, pessimism, and anxiety for a long time, and the central regulating function of the cerebral cortex does not function properly, the reproductive function of the ovaries or retinal pills will also follow, and the risk of infertility may increase.

  4, mental depression and excessive fatigue.

Depression and fatigue can affect sexual and spermatogenic functions.

  5. Over-frequency hot water bath.

Antimony pellets need to be 1 ° C-1 lower than normal body temperature at 37 ° C.

5 ° C environment.

Some data indicate that for 3 consecutive days of immersion in warm water at 43 ° C-44 ° C for 20 minutes, people with a normal sperm density can drop the sperm density to less than 10 million / ml, which can last for 3 weeks.

  6. Wear tight pants.

Wearing tights is also the most common life factor that causes the temperature of anesthetics to increase and the pressure to increase.

  7, alcohol and tobacco stimulation.

Harmful substances in tobacco can reduce the secretion of sex hormones and kill sperm.

  8. Improper sexual life.

Sexual life is frequent, reducing the sperm contained in the semen ejected during each sexual intercourse, thereby reducing the chance of conception.

Abnormal sexual life or frequent interruption of cross-linking can easily lead to aseptic prostatitis, affecting semen composition, quantity, viscosity, pH, etc., leading to infertility.

  9, long-distance running.

Excessive running (jogging for more than 19 kilometers per week) may cause the normal secretion of hormones in women, and their menstrual cycle may be disturbed.

Women who are infertile due to jogging will reduce their jogging for 3 to 6 months, and then their menstrual cycle will return to normal and become pregnant.

  10. Excessive cycling, motorcycle, tricycle and horse riding etc.

This often causes chronic strain and congestion of the prostate and other accessory gonads, affects its function and aggravates chronic inflammation, and affects productivity.

  What should we pay attention to in the life of infertile couples?

  Director Liu pointed out that infertility patients, in addition to identifying the cause and targeted treatment, should pay attention to the following points in life, so as to make the icing on the cake and receive better results.

  (1) Be psychologically calm and not be overly anxious and anxious.  (2) Avoid bad life and environmental factors.

Proper attention should be paid to some work that may affect fertility, such as avoiding exposure to radiation and substances harmful to the body, such as certain chemicals and heavy metals, and avoiding high-temperature operations.

Patients with infertility should try to avoid smoking and drinking.

  (3) Increase nutrition and exercise.

Eating more internal organs of the liver, brain and other animals is conducive to the synthesis of sex hormones, and vitamins are also essential nutrients. Therefore, taking a variety of vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, and E often helps increase the chance of conception.

Toddler urination: the harm you don’t know!

Toddler urination: the harm you don’t know!

Does your child often urinate?

From now on, let him get rid of this bad habit!

The consequences of long-term urination in young children are unpredictable.

  Because urination is a conditioned reflex controlled by the central nervous system, infantile urination can cause pediatric restlessness, mental stress, easy dispersal, and disordered thinking activities, which affects children’s learning and activities.

When infants hold their urine, temporary disturbances in hypertension and sympathetic nerves occur, and blood pressure rises significantly.

  Modern medical research indicates that people can inhibit the discharge of urine, which is the result of the coordinated action of the inner bladder sphincter and detrusor muscle under the innervation of the brain. Under the influence of young children’s urination idea, artificial urine retention is formed.

After urinating, the urine stays in the bladder for too long, and the toxic substances in the urine are reabsorbed by the renal tubules, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

  If you frequently urinate, the frequency of urination will be reduced, and the clearance effect will be weakened, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Especially girls, it is more likely to cause sphincter system infection. If the time is too long, the peripheral nerves will become paralyzed due to excessive tension and cause people to loseUrination.

Over time, bladder neck obstruction may occur, and dysuria, leakage, and incontinence may occur.

In addition, children often urinate, and the bladder sphincter and detrusor muscles are often in a tense state. For example, if the urination time is too long, the bladder is overfilled, and external force will cause the bladder to rupture and cause hemorrhagic shock.

  Therefore, parents and nurses in the nursery should not care about the infants holding urine, they should educate the children to develop a good habit of urinating.

Before the activity, the child should urinate first. After the activity, the child should urinate in time.

When young children raise their hands to urinate, consent should be given.

Parents should also recognize and teach their children to develop good drinking and urination habits at home.

The degree of self-control depends on whether you often lie

The degree of self-control depends on whether you often lie

Self-control is a concept often used in social psychology, which refers to a person’s ability to quickly control his impulses and change his reaction to something.

  We often say that people are selfish. For their own benefit, some people will deceive others. Such examples are endless; but not everyone will deceive others for the immediate benefit, because the cost of lying is often long-term.And far-reaching, it may cause mistrust of others, leading to the loss of more potential benefits.

  But, assuming such a dilemma, do people choose to lie or tell the truth?

The answer to this question is pointed out in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Researchers have found that the amount of self-control resources determines whether people will lie under certain circumstances.

  We often see on television that sophisticated politicians are always “hidden and angry”. This is a manifestation of strong self-control ability, although they will also have ordinary people like joy, anger, panic, sadness, etc.Have emotions, but in social situations, they control these emotions from being discovered by others.

  Although people’s self-control ability is different, everyone’s self-control resources are limited, and this limited self-control resource restricts us to do the “right” thing.

When self-control resources are consumed by some things, we are easily controlled by impulses and cause irrational things. Lying is a typical example.

  The researchers invited some college students to participate in this research. They were interned in stages. Before the research, they used some experimental tasks to consume the experimental group’s self-control resources.

Then ask them to answer some questions, and finally determine their compensation based on the number of questions answered correctly.

  After they answered the questions, the researchers asked them to put the answers on the paper, but in fact some of the answer sheets had written the correct answers in pencil, but the researchers lied that this was because the answer sheets were not enough.College students can draw their own choices regardless of the spots on the answer sheet.

As a result, those students who did not consume self-control resources were basically filled in according to their answers, while those who consumed self-control resources had more lies and changed their wrong answers to the correct choice.

  Such a small experiment illustrates an interesting truth.

In the past, we thought that a person was lying because the person was of bad moral character, and we could easily deny the person because of seeing a little lie of others.

It now appears that they are just at the moment, unable to control their lies.