Expert: Give you the most professional weight loss advice

Giving you the most professional weight loss advice, whether it is to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight, is not a complicated thing.

If we are willing to learn some healthy eating methods and are willing to exercise regularly, then we can train ourselves to be people who live in a “healthy way”.

In addition, dieting from time to time can help us eliminate body toxins and make us healthier.

  When we start dieting, we should take good feelings as our standard.

After the diet begins, in order to get a healthier lifestyle and stay in shape, just doing exercise is not enough, you need to do other things.

For example, the food should be in moderation, and the food should contain nutrients, vitamins, etc. that the body must ingest.

Also, make sure that the food is free of harmful substances or toxins.

This is a healthy habit that must be sustained.

  The more nutrients you need for your body, the better.

Avoiding the wrong food is something you must pay attention to.

In fact, there must be certain rules in doing exercise so that you can get exercise regularly.

If you feel that your body is changing, especially if your appearance has changed, don’t be too happy to change it at will, or complicate your diet plan.

  If you plan to lose weight, you must have faith – you will be successful!

If you don’t have enough confidence, you often fail.

You have to think like this: I want to lose weight!

I am going to lose weight!

I am going to lose weight right now!

What kind of weight loss motivation you have is entirely up to you for those who want to lose weight or want to have a healthy life.

You want to lose a few pounds before the high school classmates, or want to lose a few pounds at a time to become a lady, this has to give yourself a motive to achieve.

  We all need to pay attention to and consider the “food pyramid”, which is the nutrition distribution map.

This is necessary!

We don’t have to doubt and fear it.

This form is very simple, so we should pay attention to it every day: 1.

Hey, oil and sugar – a small amount.


Milk, yogurt and cheese – 2?
3 copies 3.

Pork, poultry, fish, dried beans, nuts and eggs – 2?
3 copies of 4.

Vegetables – 3?
5 copies of 5.

Fruit – 2?
3 copies of 6.

Cereals, bread, cereals, rice, pasta – 6?
11 copies of 6?
11 is a large range, and the amount we absorb every day depends on our daily activities or special circumstances. For example, for a woman who is breastfeeding a child, she has to take more – 3 servings of milk and cheese.3 servings of meat; for middle-aged women working in the office, the amount of food needed – 6 servings of cereals, bread, and 2 servings of meat.

Although 6 grains seem to be many, we must pay attention to what the weight is.

For example, a bowl of noodles in a noodle shop is equivalent to the 6 pastas we have mentioned here.
Note that the amount of food is just as important as the type of food you pay attention to.

  Exercise is the foundation for building a healthy body.

Exercise must be the most basic and routine part of our lives.

Every day we have to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

The sports involved are not complicated, simple sports such as swimming, jogging, and even cycling.

In addition, it is necessary to do weightlifting every two weeks.
Weightlifting can effectively build muscles and burn adults, try to stick to it!

People who can average 20 times a minute and who can lift 100 times every five minutes can achieve incredible weight loss.