Strong man’s favorite leg training

Strong man’s favorite leg training

Many strength enthusiasts either don’t realize the nature of leg training or are afraid of suffering, they always consciously or unintentionally avoid leg training.

But did you know that leg training is the favorite of real strong men!

  In the power world, squats are recognized as the standard for ultimate strength, and leg strength is recognized as a sign of longitudinal full body strength.

This is because leg strength accounts for the largest proportion of total body strength and is the most practical.

  The Squat world record holder is often called the King of Hercules and is the highest honor in the field of strength.

The current copyright award is Israeli Hercules Vladislav Alhazov, who can squat 1,250 pounds and 950 pounds 5 times.

Even more amazing is Hercules Paul Anderson, who squatted up 1,206 pounds as early as 1955.

There are now 32 Hercules worldwide squatting more than 1,100 pounds, of which five are squatting more than 1,200 pounds.

  What is more powerful than extreme squats is relative squat performance, which is the ratio of squat weight to weight.

The first-class Hercules can squat more than 5 times their own weight. At present, there are 23 Hercules in the world squatting more than 5 times their own weight, including Polish Hercules Andrzej Stanaszek who squat 6 times.

1 times!

  In addition to squats, other leg training is also well recognized.

Front squats are almost as important for weightlifters as squats.

Many weightlifters can squat more than 300 kilograms, of which Paul Anderson is 350 kilograms. The current world heavyweight champion Rezazadeh Hossein squats 340 kilograms.

Small-level weightlifters are also very good at squatting forward.

Dabaya, a 69 kg weightlifter, can squat 200 kg five times.

  Many Hercules love leg lifts because it can use extra large weights.

Bodybuilding champion Ronnie Cullman can lift 2,300 pounds eight times.

Even more amazing is the old Hercules Pat Robertson, who is nearly 70 years old and can lift 2000 pounds!

  Many gyms have shoulder-rest squat trainers. Training with this equipment does not require mastery of balance.

Although the barbell squat world record is 1,250 pounds, many strong men can squat more than 1,300 pounds with a shoulder rest.

  In addition to extreme strength, Hercules also has super power endurance.

Everyone is familiar with the leg king Tom Platz squatting 500 pounds 23 times, there are even more powerful.

Weightlifting champion Joe Dube squats 710 pounds 17 times, and strong man Kevin Tolbert squats 600 pounds 30 times.

Paul Anderson squats 900 pounds 10 times, Vladislav Alhazov squats 950 pounds 5 times, Kirk Karwoski and O.


Wilson squats 1,000 pounds twice.

  Strong leg strength is, of course, created by intensive training.

Weightlifters are best at squats and front squats. Many people practice 20 or 30 groups every day.

In addition to the strength of the quadriceps, biceps femoris, buttocks, and calf, the Hercules should consider training sessions separately.

  Common exercises for quadriceps strength, shoulder support squat, Smith squat, box squat, leg lift, leg flexion and extension, lunge squat, weight-bearing steps, lunge walk, squat jump

  Common exercises for biceps femoris strength, prone leg curls, seated leg curls, deadlift straight legs, flexion and extension of the prone biceps femoris, kneeling forward.

  Common exercises for chest strength, side leg lifts.

  Common exercises for calf strength, seated lift, rider lift.

  Following the overall development of the strength of each part, the squat weight should be close to a pair of bench press, deadlift.


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  Leg circumference of famous Hercules: Paul Anderson thigh 91 cm Chad Ahaz thigh 91 cm Sean Harman thigh 91 cm, calf 57 cm man Mark Henry thigh 97 cm, calf 61 cmHenry’s thigh 107 cm leg O.

Wilson’s thigh 112 cm, Jeff Lewis’ thigh 145 cm, the famous Hercules track and field results Shane Hamman jumped in place 91 cm, Petrov made long jump 3.

7 meters Aleksev 100 meters 11 seconds 5