[Position most prone for women]_Pregnancy

[Position most prone for women]_Pregnancy

When women are in the same room, some sexual positions are easy for semen to enter the body and they will become pregnant easily. There are many types of sexual positions, which can be said to be ever-changing. Generally, the most susceptible positions are male and female. Although these positions are a bit old, butThe male genitals tend to go deeper in the posture, and it is easier to get pregnant.

The posterior position can indeed ensure that the sperm of the lover is reset to the sacred place of the new life, the uterus, because this is an angle that can extend the depth.

But one thing you may not be happy about is that if the man has finished ejaculating while having sex, and the woman is still in the original position or kneeling position, the semen will fall directly along the same path.

This result is definitely not what you want to see.

You can take a posterior position while having sex, but if you feel he has ejaculated, don’t hesitate to drive him away and lie down on your own!

I believe he will be willing to accept such an arrangement if he is eager to be a father.

The combination is high, but it reduces female pleasure.

The disadvantage of the flexion position is that the female’s vaginal opening is distanced, so the clitoris can hardly receive stimulation and reduce the enjoyment of female orgasm.It can be said to accelerate the ideal posture.

The flexion position is to make the woman’s vagina and the bed at a vertical angle and widen the vaginal opening, while men and women maintain a non-parallel posture and try to perform sexual intercourse in a vertical manner.

At this time, women can hook their feet on the shoulders of men to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Because the vagina and the bed are at a 90-degree angle, the semen ejected by men is not easy to replicate the vagina, so it is the best position for conception.

The degree of combination changes greatly, can caress each other.

There are two ways for women to have sexual intercourse in a riding position. One is to sit directly on the other half with the buttocks, and the other is to support the body with wrists and elbows.

Because it is a posture where the female is on during sexual intercourse, the depth of penis insertion will vary with the angle of the female’s sitting position. When the female’s upper body is upright, it will be inserted deeper. At the same time, the male can also appreciate the female’s breasts.Sexy area soothing female body.

And if women beat up and down excitedly, and use their time to caress a male’s penis, there will be quite pleasant sexual behavior.

If you are worried that the female sitting position will fall because of intense exercise and can’t maintain the center of gravity, the male can help her by raising her knees thoughtfully.

Satisfy men’s desire to conquer and stimulate women.

The female ass is lifted, the sexual organs appear, and then the male embraces the female waist from the back, and the penis is inserted from the rear. This is the back position.

From the perspective of causing female sexy, because the penis and vagina are in the same direction, the two sexes can be smoothly combined together, and the male testicles also have the opportunity to stimulate the female’s clitoris and cause female pleasure.

Although some people feel that this method is similar to animal sexual intercourse and feels uncomfortable, this posture can satisfy male desire to conquer and is also suitable for pregnant women.

Men and women can caress each other and soothe each other’s sexy area. The woman lies down with her face up and her legs open. The man puts one foot into the woman’s thigh to place it, and presses the female sexual organ with the force of the leg, so that the other half achieves sexual stimulation.Satisfied, while the men who adopt this sex position, the women’s hands are quite comfortable, and they can caress each other’s body.