[How to save ginger for half a year]_How to save_How to save

[How to save ginger for half a year]_How to save_How to save

Ginger is a more commonly used condiment. When cooking many foods, especially when cooking meat, ginger is definitely used, because ginger has the effect of eliminating fishy smell and can improve the quality of various foods.Taste.

Ginger is generally well-preserved, but fresh ginger still needs a certain method to continue its preservation time.

Below, I will introduce several methods that can save ginger for a long time.

1. The better way to preserve the freshness and tenderness of ginger by sand-storage ginger method is to wash the ginger and bury it in a pot of salt, which can keep the ginger juice dry for a long time, and keep the rich ginger fragrance.

Put a layer of semi-wet sand on the bottom of the pot, put a layer of fresh ginger on it, and bury it with sand.

Sprinkle some water on the sand to keep the sand for a while, so that ginger can be kept fresh for more than half a year.

Note: (1) Don’t make the sand too dry, otherwise the ginger will dry up, and it should not be too wet, otherwise it will germinate easily.

(2) Fresh ginger to be stored should be purchased without any damage to the outer skin and thick ginger with large stems.

2. Ginger salt storage method Put fresh ginger in a pot, jar or jar, covered with 3 cm thick fine sand, and then cover it to keep it fresh 1?
2 months.

Wash and dry the fresh ginger, slice it, put it into a clean, dry canned bottle prepared in advance, and then pour into the white wine. The amount of wine should be just submerged in the fresh ginger slices. Finally, seal and seal it.Can be kept fresh for a long time.

Wash, put some salt in a small plastic bag, do not seal it, take it with you, and keep it for about 10 days.

Soak the ginger in salt water for 1 hour, then take it out to dry and put it in the refrigerator to store the dish. It can be kept continuously and maintain its freshness.

3. The buried pits are built with bricks, stones, etc. in the warehouse or basement, and the height is about 0.

8 meters wide, about 1 meter wide and unlimited length. When storing, first lay a layer of sediment about 5 cm thick and about 10% in length at the bottom of the pit, then put it into several ventilation tubes, and then put the selected gingerOn the sand in the pit, a layer of ginger (three or five thick ginger) and a layer of mud are piled up to about 5 cm from the pit entrance.

Finally, cover it with mud and sand so that the ginger is not exposed to the air.

4. One layer of sand and one layer of ginger in the storage layer of the air-raid shelter, the panel library is 1 meter high and 1 meter wide, each warehouse is 1250-2500 kg, and a ventilation beam with a diameter of about 10 cm is formed by a thin bamboo pole in the middle of the partition.Put the thermometer in the well, and measure the temperature.

The periphery of the lib is sealed with wet sand. After the lib is sealed, cover the door of the hole, leaving air holes in the hole to prevent cold wind from blowing in.