Exercise waist muscles

Exercise waist muscles

(1) Lie on your back with your arms straight.

Scroll 1-1.5 meters in succession, and then scroll left.

Can be repeated 3-4 times.

  (2) Lie on your back with your arms raised sideways and your legs flexed slightly to raise your knees.

Turn your legs to the left at the same time, try to get your knees on the ground, and change direction again.

  (3) Straighten your legs, first transfer your knees to the left, and change direction again.

  (4) Place the abdomen on a square bench, prone, with both feet fixed, elbows bent, and both arms placed behind the head.

The body turned to the sides and his elbows tried to lean back.

  (5) The preparation moves upward, paying attention to the torso and head to sag.

Lifting your body and turning left, your eyes try to look at the ceiling.

After the restoration, change direction and do it again.

  (6) The preparatory action is the same as above, and the head-to-head movement is performed.

  (7) Sit on a stool with both feet fixed, and insert both hands behind your head.

Sit back, sit up, sit back, and repeat 5-6 times.

  (8) Stand against the back door or wall, and fit the shoulder-width rubber band on the wooden board.

First hold the right side of the rubber band with your right hand, turn your body to the left, and then change hands.

  (9) Lie on your back with both hands stretched forward, and try to lift your legs forward.

Do it 4-6 times.

  (10) Stand on the back of the chair with both feet, support the back of the chair with both hands, and do body-side exercise.