[Can’t eat mung beans with what]_ diet taboo _ diet conditioning

[Can’t eat mung beans with what]_ diet taboo _ diet conditioning

In the summer, mung beans are compared by households. It has a detoxifying effect and quenches thirst. It is a very good food. So why can’t mung beans be eaten together?

This problem is worth knowing. Tomatoes and apples are also very common. They will cause adverse reactions when they are eaten with mung beans, so they must be deeply impressed, just as apples and mung beans may cause poisoning.

Mung beans are cool and have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects. Especially in the summer, elders who have a little health knowledge and awareness will cook mung bean soup for family members, which will relieve the heat and taste good.

However, is mung bean really harmless?

In fact, it is not necessarily, then, what can’t mung beans be eaten with?

Mung Bean + Gardenia: The sweet cilantro is warm, and it is easy to get angry if you eat more. Mung beans are hot. According to the theory, they complement each other, but they are also grams.

Mung beans and citron are eaten together. After eating, they are easy to poison and even cause death.

Mung beans + tomatoes: Tomatoes have a lot of vitamins, and mung beans are also rich in multivitamins. There is no problem in separating them separately, but if tomatoes and mung beans are eaten together, it will hurt your vitality. Be careful.

Mung Bean + Carp: Carp soup is very nutritious, and braised fish is also delicious, but mung beans and carp must not be eaten together, otherwise it will cause wind and disease.

Mung beans + dog meat: Dog meat eats special warm supplements in winter, after all, dog meat is warm.

However, dog meat is not suitable to be eaten with mung beans, otherwise it will cause stomach discomfort and other discomforts, and even vomiting and poisoning.

Mung beans should be eaten with oats, cowpeas, rice, purslane and pumpkin.

Mung beans + oats: Oats are coarse grains. A large number of health care professionals will choose oats as their staple food, which shows the nutritional value of oats.

The combination of mung beans and oats as a coarse grain can at least meet the daily dietary fiber intake, smooth defecation, and control blood sugar levels.

It is a very good diet combination.